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Every night, a group of smugglers called the Black Market comes to town. These NPCs sell trading contraband, which has a high value even though the quantities are low. Not everyone can trade in these ill gotten goods. You will need to reach a certain Combat level and Trading level

01 illegaltrade.jpeg

Trading Conditions

Not everyone can trade in ill gotten goods

Smuggler Penalty

rading in illegal goods is high risk high reward. The payout value is greatly reduced at the time of the transaction. Furthermore, the familiarity with the NPC that you deal with will be severely degraded. As soon as you finish the deal, your karma will suffer a loss which will lead to the possibility of city guards attacking you.

While participating in illegal trading, you will get an icon appearing over your head to signify your actions to other players. If you move an item into your mounts inventory, the icon will appear over the mount’s head. You will be a target, so be wary. To add insult to injury, attackers will lose no karma while you are smuggling contraband.

02 illegaltrade.jpeg.png