Hystria Ruins

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The artifacts of the ancient Valencia civilization are buried in Hystria Ruins. A special location that can only be entered through the Ancient Artifact Device that appears throughout the desert.


Category Summary Description
Recommended Level Lv. ~ 60
Distance Efficiency ☆☆☆☆☆ Can only enter using a special device.
User Density ★☆☆☆☆ Maybe it’s not yet ready to be conquered…?
Difficulty ★★★★★ Defeat or be defeated.
Hunting Sensation ★★★★★ Best of the best if one can handle the difficulty.
Unique Drop Various Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Earring, Ancient Power – Black Shard, Red Shard
Mount Parking None
Area Classification Part of the desert region, but no threat of desert ailments.

Monster Types and Level

Basic Information

Mostly Lv. 64 ~ Lv. 65 monsters
Melee/Ranged: Kalqueesh, Vodkhan, Tanco, Tutuka, Tukar Balten, Elten, Tukar Burmol, Tukar Demol.
Others: Hystria Guard Tower, Hystria Watchtower.


- It's a dungeon that can only be entered through a special device that randomly appears in various locations throughout the desert.
- Adventurers must also leave the dungeon by using the gap that can be seen inside the dungeon.
- All monsters use both melee and ranged attacks. Thanks to this, the difficulty skyrockets.

Level/Gear Requirements

If you broadly classify the Monster Zones of Valencia into Level 1, 2, and 3, Hystria Ruins would be classified as level 3. It is that much difficult. Well, to be honest, it’s beyond something that can be described as difficult. It’s hellishly hard: this is why the minimum and recommended requirements are the same, and it is better for players to exceed these requirements.

If your character has not been Awakened, then it is best to add +10 to the minimum/recommended requirements.

Level AP DP
Minimum 60 ~ 250 ~ 280
Recommended 60 ~ 250 ~ 280



Of the areas in Valencia, this is the only place where monsters from Lv. 64 to Lv. 65 can be found. Their attacks have no mercy, and their extremely high resistance means they will not be affected by any debuff. There’s nowhere to hide since they all use both melee and ranged attacks, which is made even more threatening by how the ranged attacks decrease attack and movement speed. Prepared adventurers need to form a party and completely trust and rely on one another. Fighting here will be a true test of your survival and combat abilities.

Key Locations and Routes

Stay alert at all times. Take one wrong step and monsters will relentlessly chase after you.


Search for the travel device that randomly appears throughout the great desert to enter either the Aakman Temple or the Hystria Ruins.

Major Item Drops

Tungrad Necklace

Ancient Power - Red Shard

Ancient Power - Black Shard ★ (Combine both shards to create a Tungrad Earring)

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)

Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine

Black Magic Crystal - Armor

Black Magic Crystal - Assault

Black Magic Crystal - Precision

Black Magic Crystal - Valor

Black Magic Crystal - Vigor

Power Engine of Ancient Weapons (Daily Quest Item)

Pure Forest Breath

Scroll Written in Ancient Language

Traveler's Map

Part for Explorer's Compass

Upgraded Compass Parts

User Density

One of the most vicious dungeons that no one has yet been able to properly clear. However, it is anticipated that as more adventurers obtain higher levels and better gear, they will be able to form a party and start to clear it. It is also likely that the number of adventurers that seek this dungeon will increase with time as they can acquire the materials for the Tungrad Earring and the Upgraded Compass Parts from the monsters here. Having a challenge to look forward to is always fun!


This dungeon will be cleared one day. Challenges are always fun!

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