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Housing in Black Desert Online serves a variety of functions as well as space for you to express your own personality. Players can purchase a house or even hundreds of houses (However, the number of houses that can be purchased for residence is limited). Although the housing is used primarily for Life Skills or Crafting, you can also purchase a house as a Residence and decorate the interior with furniture and wallpaper or have a space for your pets to play.

Purchasing and Selling

Houses that are available to buy appear in blue so that it can be easily recognized. When you purchase one house, the next one will become available. In other words, if you want to buy a house marked as gray, you will need to purchase a house adjacent to it. Its important to check what functions a house has available so you can plan accordingly. Houses can be sold at any time, but the time you contributed and the money you invested does not return.

01 House bluehouse.jpg
The house that is marked with blue is ready to be purchased. You need to buy an adjacent house first to buy a gray house.

Housing Functions

Each house has a set of available types or “functions” and you must decide the function during purchase. The function of a house can be changed at any time, but this will cost time and money. Furthermore, the function of a house will not be available while you are changing said function. The function of the house is largely divided into residential, storage, refineries, workshops, etc

02 House housebuy.jpg
Plan ahead so you don’t waste time and money


In addition to placement of processing tools, you can arrange and decorate a variety of furniture such as cooking utensils. If you change the house settlements for other purposes, the furniture that has been placed is moved to your storage.

Click the residence icon on the top left of the screen, there you can see a list of current residences. Regardless of the region, it is possible to own up to five. The moving path to its residences will be marked by opening the residence list and clicking on the “Location” button.


This is where workers stay. You can register one worker without a room, additional lodging must be purchased for any additional workers. Workers are sent to gathering nodes, or are used to craft items from your housing. The items that workers produce or gather are stored in storage, and they use materials that are also stored in your storage.


Storage is used to increase the storage of the city they are located in.


A place to make items such as blackstone powder, armor and weapon blackstones, and reform gems.


This is where you send workers to create items. The higher the level, the better grade of items you can create. Here are the types of items that can be produced by the workshop. (Depending on each town, there are various workshops).

Below are the types of workshops and what kinds of items they can produce

Workshop Type Item Type
Armor Workshop Armor, helmets, shoes, gloves
Carpentry Workshop Bows and Shields
Tool Workshop Life Skill and Gathering tools
Siege Weapons Workshop Weapons used for Sieges
Wagon Workshop Craft a wagon for use in trade or horse training
Furniture Workshop Producing furniture that can be placed in a residence
Jeweler Accessory Production
Horse gear Workshop Producing various horse gear
Ceramics Workshop Craft Pottery for residences
Ship Part Workshop Craft ship parts

There are also a variety of other functions for housing such workbenches and a horse ranch among others. Do some exploring and find out what they are!

Residence Expanded

The Residence is one of the functions of housing that allows you to show off your personality. In the following section you will learn how to decorate your personal residence.

Furniture Placement

You can customize your residence with a variety of furniture in addition to functional items such as alchemy tools and cooking utensils. For example, you can place a bed that will recover your energy, a bookshelf that allows you to read and gain knowledge, handcrafted furniture that will award special effects by interacting each other, and decorations.

Furniture placed in a residence can be divided into six placement categories based on where it goes in your residence.

Floor Placement

Furniture placed on the floor. These are most types of furniture including bed, couch, table, desk, chair, bookshelves, and many kinds of tools.

Wall Placement

Anything placed on a wall such as a painting or trophy

Table Accessories

Any item that can go on top of a table such as a vases, pots, and food dishes.

Ceiling Placement

Items such as chandeliers


This one time use item can be placed to decorate your walls. Wallpaper cannot be collected so if you wish to switch make sure you are fine with losing your current wallpaper


Flooring has the same properties as wallpaper. Once placed, it cannot be picked up again.

Guide:Let’s Start Furniture Arrangement

03 House residencedoor.jpg

First, enter into a purchased residence (Door Open (R)) to start arranging furniture.

04 House name.jpg

Click the [Place Mode] at the top to enter the screen to layout furniture.

05 House bed.jpg

After selecting the desired furniture, specify the place by moving the mouse to place the furniture. At this point, press “[“ or “]” to rotate the furniture left or right. At the bottom of the place mode, there is an option to purchase furniture in the Pearl shop in addition to the items you own, so you can try to select the desired furniture and arrange them

06 House bedset.jpg

When you finish specifying the position, press [Spacebar] to complete the installation.

07 House hottub.jpg

If you are installing furniture that has not been purchased, the “Buy” message will pop up, and the goods will be stored in your cart.

08 House esckey.jpg

You can exit by pressing the [ESC] key to see the installed furniture.

11 House.jpg

Select the wallpaper in the [Place Mode] and move the mouse toward the wall, here you can preview the wallpaper. Press the [Spacebar] to complete the installation. If you have a second-floor house, the wallpaper applies to both first and second floor of the wall. Remember, once you place flooring and wallpaper, you cannot pick it back up.

09 House done.jpg

Now you can relax!

Visiting Friends

10 House visit.jpg

Visit any house you’d like by pressing (F5). Press the [enter] button to enter.. Earn enough housing points by decorating your house. The points value next to player housing is a ranking system based on how much you've been decorating. Be the top ranked player and earn special rewards

Acquiring Furniture

There are various ways to obtain furniture. In general, you can easily buy furniture from shops in game, from the market, or from the Pearl Shop. Below are some of the other ways you can earn furniture.

Buy from a furniture vendor: In large towns, you can easily find a furniture merchant. There are several types of merchants according to the furniture types such as carpet traders, candlestick traders, and painting traders. Some of the better furniture items are unlocked by playing the amity game.

A product at a furniture workshop: You can create your own furniture from sending workers to the furniture factory after purchasing a house and setting it as a furniture workshop. Handcraft workshops can also craft furniture.

Fishing: Sometimes, you can get items floating on the water.

Stealing: You can steal a household with low probability from a NPC.

Monster drop: Sometimes, you can loot furniture from monsters, but these will look a little weird.

Quest reward: Some NPCs give furniture as a quest reward.

Pearl shop: In the Pearl shop, you can buy high-quality furniture.

* The contents of this wiki may differ with in-game content depending on updates and content changes.