Houses and Residences

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Houses are the centerpiece of your daily life in the world of Black Desert.

While it serves various functions, houses can also show off your creativity and style.

A house is considered as an individual space separate from the common game areas, and it is possible for each Adventurer to each own all houses in the world. If you have the money and the necessary Contribution Points, you could have hundreds of houses (however, the number of houses available for residential purposes are limited).

Houses are mainly used for production activities, however, you can use them for different purposes. The interior of the residences can be decorated with wallpapers and furniture, and they can be a place where you can play with your pets. You can rest in your house, repair your equipment yourself, or read books. You can also host your friends and guild members.

Buying and Selling Houses

Open the World Map and click on a town to view the houses available for purchase.

You can identify the houses you can buy easily because they are colored in blue.

Once you buy a house, adjacent houses become available for purchase, and the list of houses available for purchase becomes larger.

In simpler terms, if you want to buy a gray house instead of a blue one, you must buy adjacent houses first.

You need to spend Contribution Points to purchase a house. The larger and more functional the house is, the more Contribution Points will be needed.

Therefore, you may want to check the strategic value of a house before you decide to buy it.

You can sell houses at any time to retrieve the Contribution Points you invested, but you won’t receive the time and silver invested on improving the house and changing its functions.

01 House bluehouse.jpg

The houses in blue are available for purchase immediately. In order to buy a gray house, you must buy all adjacent houses first.

Setting up House Function (Usage)

Each house has a function (usage) that can be set up.

You must assign a usage when you purchase a house. If you don’t select one, the house will automatically be assigned as storage.

Although you can change usage at any time, it costs time and money to do so, and you cannot use the house while it is being changed.

A house can be set as a Residence, Lodging, Storage, Refinery, Workshop, Workbench, Factory, Mill and so on.

02 House housebuy.jpg

It costs time and silver to change the usage of a house, so decide carefully.


You can place production equipment such as tools used for Alchemy or Cooking as well as various kinds of furniture inside of your residence. You can set up to 5 houses as residences throughout the world.

If you change the usage of a house from a residence to something else, any furniture that was in it will be automatically transferred to that town's storage.

My Residence List

Click on the Residence icon in the top left of the screen to view the list of residences you currently own. You can own up to 5 residences regardless of territory.

Open your Residence List and click on the 'Location' button to see the travel route to the Residence selected.

Residence List.png


This is where workers dwell. You can register one worker without a room per town, but additional lodging must be purchased for any additional workers.

You can send a worker to a production node to gather various materials or a workshop to craft various items.

The items your worker has gathered or crafted will be stored at the town storage. The worker will use the ingredients stored in the storage as well when crafting.


If you set a house as Storage, it increases the slot numbers of the town storage. If you upgrade the storage level, the slot numbers will increase accordingly.


With a refinery, you can craft Black Stone Powder that will be used as a base ingredient for all items you can craft at workshop.

You can craft Black Stones and Reform Stones.


You can send a worker to a workshop to craft an item. The higher the level of the workshop, the better grade of items you can craft.

The items you can create for each type of Workshop are listed below.

(Other than the ones below, there are more kinds of Workshops available depending on the specific town)

Workshop Type Item Type
Weapon Workshop Sharp-edge weapons such as long swords and axes
Armor Workshop Armor, helmets, shoes and gloves
Carpentry Workshop Different types of bows, shields and florangs
Handcraft Workshop Weapons such as amulets, ornamental knot, talismans, etc.
Tool Workshop Gathering tools, fishing rods, cooking & alchemy utensils, etc.
Siege Weapon Workshop Weapons used for sieges such as cannonballs, traps or flares
Wagon Workshop Craft a wagon for use in trading or horse training
Wagon Part Workshop Wagon equipment
Furniture Workshop Furniture you can place in residences
Jeweler All kinds of accessories
Horse Gear Workshop Horse, donkey and miniature elephant equipment
Ship Part Workshop Boat equipment

In addition to these, some towns have specialized workshops.

Factory & Workbench

With a factory / workbench, you can process gathered materials into trade goods or crafting materials.

Depending on the materials used, the factory / workbench can process different types of products such as fish, mushrooms, crops, wood, and minerals.

Costume Mill

With a costume mill, you can craft costumes.


With a shipyard, you can craft a boat.

Once you succeed in crafting, you can obtain a Registration Emblem which you can exchange for a ship through the Wharf Manager NPC.

Unlike other productions, shipbuilding requires numbers of different processes. You can send multiple workers at once to build a ship.

Horse Ranch

Horse ranches are only available in major towns. A horse ranch will increase the number of slots at the stable where you can check in mounts.

Your mount will roam freely in the ranch if you register it in the stable.

Residence Expanded

The Residence is one of the functions of housing that allows you to show off your personality. In the following section you will learn how to decorate your personal residences.

Placing Furniture

At a Residence, you can place not only functional furniture such as Alchemy and Cooking Utensils but also other various decorative furniture to customize your house and grant you buffs.

Some furniture types have special effects. A bed restores your Energy when you rest in it. Bookshelves allow you to read and gain knowledge, and a handmade furniture piece has bonus effects that you can interact with to receive buffs while some are just for decorating purposes.

The objects that you can put in your residence are classified by how you place them and there are six types.

Objects Installed on the Ground

There are many objects you can install on the ground.

A bed, a sofa, a table, a desk, a chair, a bookcase, and all kinds of tools, and so on. This category encompasses most types of objects.

Objects Installed on Walls

Anything placed on a wall such as a painting, a trophy, or a curtain.

Small Objects Placed on a Table

You can place small objects on the objects installed on ground.

Various dishes, flowerpots, and vases and so on.

Objects Installed on Ceilings

There are objects such as a chandeliers that you can install on the ceiling.


Wallpapers cover and decorate all parts of your residence’s walls A wallpaper can be used for only one time and cannot be restored if deleted.

If you want to change to another wallpaper, delete the existing one then install a new one. Or you can just overlay the new one on the existing one.

Flooring Material

You can change the floors of your residence.

Flooring has the same properties as wallpaper. Once placed, it cannot be picked up again.

Let’s try decorating your house with furniture!

03 House residencedoor.jpg

First, enter the residence you purchased by pressing R.

04 House name.jpg

After entering it, click on [Place Mode] at the top of the screen.

05 House bed.jpg

At the bottom of the Place Mode screen, select the furniture you want to install then drag the mouse to the place where you want to install the furniture.

Press “[“ or “]” key on the keyboard to rotate the furniture left or right.

At the bottom of the Place Mode screen, there are not only the furniture owned by you, but also the furniture you can buy from the Pearl Shop. You can select the furniture you want and place it in advance.

06 House bedset.jpg

If you found the right place to install, press [Space bar] to complete the installation.

07 House hottub.jpg

If you install furniture that you don’t own but have to pay for, a “BUY” icon will appear and the item will be listed on ‘My Cart’. If you want to buy, check the price and click on [Buy All] to complete purchasing your furniture.

08 House esckey.jpg

Press [ESC] key to exit Place Mode and you can see the furniture you’ve installed.

You may have finished installing the furniture, but what if you want to change the wallpaper and the flooring?

Let’s install wallpapers and floors to your house.

11 House.jpg

Select a wall paper at the [Place mode], and drag it to the wall to see the covered result in advance. Press [Space Bar] to complete the installation.

If your house is a two-story house, even if you select one wall paper, it will be applied to both the 1st floor and 2nd floor so you don’t need to buy two wallpapers.

However, wallpapers or flooring materials are one-time use only. So make sure you’ve selected the wallpaper or flooring you want before installing them since the purchase can’t be undone.

09 House done.jpg

Voila! Your house is complete!

If you install all kinds of furniture and place small objects, you can earn Interior Points, if you are ranked between 1st place to 15th place in points, other Adventurers can take a look around your interior for that house.

Visiting Friends

10 House visit.jpg

Move to a house that you want to look inside, press (F5) to visit. Click on [Enter] button to have a look around the house.

Earn enough housing points by decorating your house. The points value next to player housing is a ranking system based on how much you've been decorating. Be the top ranked player and earn special rewards!

Acquiring Furniture

There are various ways to obtain furniture. In general, you can easily buy furniture from NPC Shops, from the Central Market, or from the Pearl Shop.

Other than that, you can obtain furniture from the following methods:

Furniture Dealer NPC

You can easily find a Furniture Dealer NPC in any major town.

Depending on the kind of furniture, there are art dealers, carpet dealers, candlestick vendors and so on.

If you want to buy cheap but decent furniture, most of the time the NPC will require higher Amity points.

Crafting at furniture workshop

Purchase a house and set it as a furniture workshop. Then send a worker to craft furniture yourself.


You can fish small objects in the water by low chance.


You may steal furniture from some NPCs albeit with a slim chance of success.

Monster drop

As you defeat monsters, you may obtain furniture with a rare chance. Most of the furniture are of unusual shape.

Quest reward

Some NPCs give furniture as a quest reward.

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