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When venturing through the vast world of <Black Desert>, horses are the key to traveling. Their swiftness and stamina are specialized for traveling long distances, and the thrill of riding through the wind is even addictive. The ability to utilize the horse’s skills in various situations as well as Horseback Combat has made horses an integral part to a player’s adventure.

Horses are a necessity for adventuring. Through this guide, we will look at how to tame horses as well as how to raise and breed them into magnificent steeds.

Δ You can travel to nearly any part of the world with just the aid of a horse.

Taming a Wild Horse

Materials: Capturing Rope, several Lump of Raw Sugar

You can acquire a horse by purchasing a horse emblem from the stable merchant. However, these are only Tier 1 horses, so they aren’t a good enough option for the long term. If you tame a wile horse that is roaming freely about, you can acquire a horse between Tier 1 to Tier 5, making it a much better choice than getting one from the stable merchant. You will be able to get a rough idea of the wild horse’s tier through its appearance. The ones that are more extravagant with more muscles are of a higher Tier than the plain looking horses.

In order to tame a wild horse, you first need to prepare a Capturing Rope and some Lumps of Raw Sugar. The former can be purchased from the stable merchant NPC, while the latter needs to be made by processing and heating 10 Raw Sugars and 1 Mineral Water. All of these ingredients can be purchased from the cooking ingredient merchant, so get a few ready.

Horse Taming Mini-game

The mini-game will be started when you right-click the Capturing Rope inside your inventory.

Δ Aim at the horse and press <Space Bar>, then press <Space Bar> once again when the gauge is at its mark to start the test of strength.

Δ Your character will move forward and wind up the rope. The actual test of strength will begin when the horse raises its feet (the actual horse, not the horse picture being shown for reference).

Δ In order to win the test of strength against the horse that has raised its feet, you must quickly press the <Space Bar> repeatedly so the red gauge is at least half full.

Δ As you get closer to the horse while repeating the test of strength, the Interaction menu will become active. Don’t ride on the horse right away, but select the Use Item menu and feed the Lump of Raw Sugar to the horse. The success rate will be higher as you give more Lumps of Raw Sugar.

Tips on Winning the Horse Taming Mini-game
  1. Don’t throw the rope at a horse that is not on the ground, but on top of a rock or some sort of other geographic feature. There is a higher chance of failing to mount the horse.
  2. Some players get confused between the picture of the horse shown for reference and the actual horse they’ll encounter. The picture of the horse is shown as a reference only. If you repeatedly press the <Space Bar> because the reference horse raises its feet, then you will end up failing the mini-game.
  3. Sometimes the horse will raise its feet, even when you’ve come near it and the Interaction menu has become activated. In these cases, calmly continue to press the <Space Bar> and win the test of strength first.
  4. Although the success rate is increased by feeding more Lumps of Raw Sugar to the horse, there is a limit. Ideally, only a maximum of 4 ~ 5 should be fed.
  5. The wild horse that has been tamed must be registered at the Stable before it can be properly used. Make sure to check your slot availability at a nearby stable before you begin to tame a horse. If you reconnect to the game before registering the horse, the horse will disappear.
  6. Traveling on the tamed horse is slow, so switch back to your normal horse to travel. The tamed horse will automatically follow you.

Locations of Wild Horses

Wild horses can be found in many locations throughout the world. Most of the wild horses are of the low 1 ~ 2 tier, but it’s a good way to acquire your first ‘personal horse’ and can even become the foundation to breeding higher tier horses if you dedicate your efforts to raise and breed these horses. And of course, if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to get your hands on a Tier 5 wild horse as mentioned above. So take these into consideration when you go out to try and tame a wild horse. The below pictures show some of the locations where wild horses can be found, and those introduced here have been selected based on those that are easy to find and their proximity to a town.

Balenos - Marino Farm


Serendia - Lynch Farm Ruins


Calpheon - Epheria Valley


Calpheon - Karanda Ridge


Calpheon - Oberen Farm


Trent - Treant Forest


Mediah - Tungrad Forest


Serendia - Near Serendia Shrine


Basic Stats

As the player travels while riding a horse, the horse will gain EXP based on the distance traveled. When the horse has gained a certain amount of EXP, it will level up and its inherent stats will be slightly increased. The stats for each type of horse have a specific range which it can increase by, and the actual increase is determined randomly. This is why even the exact same horse can have different stats. The significance of each stat is explained below.

Speed Determines how fast the horse will run. The horse will run faster with higher Speed.
Acceleration The horse will reach its maximum speed faster with higher Acceleration
Turn Affects how the horse turns while running. Higher Turn will reduce the turning radius of the horse.
Brake Affects how quickly the horse can stop. Higher Brake will allow the horse to stop faster.

You can anticipate the growth direction of the horse by its basic stats at Lv. 1. The classifications are as follows.

  • Agile Type: Horse with high Speed and Acceleration with high growth rate of these stats
  • Control Type: Horse with high Turn and Brake with high growth rate of these stats
  • Balance Type: Horse with an equal spread of all stats with all-around growth

The Agile type has fast movement speed and is adequate for traveling long distances, while the Control type is good for use in horseback combat due to its deft and spatial movements. You will also need the relevant skills that suit your purpose.


Value that shows the status of the horse. The significance of these are as follows

Deaths Number of times this horse has died. Lower death count increases the chance to acquire a higher tier horse when breeding and combining horses.
Breeding Count Amount of times this horse can breed. The normal count is 2 for a male horse and 1 for a female horse. You can reset the breeding count once by using the Horse Breeding Reset item.
Time Remaining Event horses have a set period for the duration that they can be used.
Brand You can ‘Brand’ a horse by using the Mount Brand Spell Stone, and a horse that has been branded has a higher chance to learn a skill upon leveling up.


When a horse levels up, it has a chance to learn a skill. The skills available are different, depending on the tier and type of horse. You can check the available list of skills for a horse by first storing it in the stable, and then clicking on the horse and opening the skill window that appears at the top right hand of the screen. In order to learn the enhanced skills exclusive to Tier 8, the horse must have learned the original skill.

Horse Skill Types and Effects
Front Leg Kick Press <F> for a front leg kick
Back Leg Kick Press <↓> + <F> for a back leg kick
Drift Press <←> or <→> + <↓> while running to rotate towards the desired direction
Sprint Press <↑> + <Shift> while running to sprint and run faster (requires saddle to be equipped)
Start Acceleration Raise the front legs by pressing <Space Bar>, and then press <↑> to burst forward
High Jump While running quickly, press <Space Bar> to jump over an obstacle
Emergency Stop Press <↓> while running. The horse will stop with minimal braking distance
Instant Acceleration Press <F> while running for the horse to suddenly accelerate and burst forward
Charge Press to suddenly charge forward and attack the enemy or enemy building ahead (requires champron to be equipped)
Sideways Movement Press <←> or <→>. Move sideways without the horse changing direction
Quick Backward Step Press <↓> to quickly move backwards
Continuous Jump Can jump again after landing from the previous jump.
Roar of the Horse Press <Space Bar> while standing still to make your horse neigh and give a buff to players that recovers HP and MP (requires stirrups to be equipped)
Caution Automatically walk backwards from a place you could fall off
Quick Ride Able to mount the horse much quicker
S: Front Leg Kick <F>. Perform a more powerful front leg kick. Exclusive skill for Tier 8
S: Back Leg Kick <↓> + <F>. Perform a more powerful back leg kick. Exclusive skill for Tier 8
S: Instant Acceleration Press <F> during Instant Acceleration, to use Instant Acceleration again consecutively. Exclusive skill for Tier 8
S: Sideways Movement Perform Sideways Movement more quickly. Exclusive skill for Tier 8
Two-Person Mount Can let a guild or party member ride behind you. Exclusive skill for Tier 6 ~ 8 (limited)

  • Skill Proficiency Mini-game

When you use the horse’s skill after learning it, there is a chance for a mini-game to be started. Completing the mini-game will increase the proficiency of the skill. You will be thrust off your horse if you fail the mini-game, but earn comparatively more proficiency to successfully completing the mini-game. When you have acquired 100% proficiency of the skill, the mini-games will no longer appear.

Raising a Horse

Training Level Effect

At a higher training level, your horse will gain more EXP and your chance to tame a wild horse will be increased. Don’t worry about it too much as your training level will naturally increase as you raise your horses.

Leveling up a horse

The quickest way to raising your horse is to travel around using manual control, but it is also recommended that you set auto-move during periods when you’re not playing the game. Auto move can be set in the world map by right-clicking a location while holding down <Alt> to set the destination, and then by clicking your current location to set a route to travel back and forth. The auto-move route is indicated in green, so check the color to make sure it has been set up properly. Next, press <T> while you’ve mounted the horse to set the auto feed carrot function. If you have enough carrots in your inventory, you will find yourself automatically moving back and forth the set route and using carrots to recover stamina automatically until you run out of carrots.

Straight paths are the best for setting up the auto-move route, and it would be wise to set a short distance between towns to go back and forth if there is the potential threat of PK (such as when a guild war has been declared).


Items that help the growth process

Trainer's Clothes: Horse EXP Gain +10% (Cannot be enhanced)

Silver Embroidered Trainer's Clothes: Movement Speed Level +1, Horse EXP Gain +5%. Enhancement increases the EXP gain.

Horse Trainer’s Clothes: Movement Speed Level +1, Horse EXP Gain +7%. Item can be exchanged with ‘Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Cuisine]’. Enhancement increases the EXP gain.

Venia Riding Attire: Horse EXP Gain +20%. A Pearl clothes with the advantage of being able be worn together with the above Trainer’s Clothes.

Value Pack: Pearl item that increases horse EXP gain by +30%

You can also increase the EXP gain by using elixirs such as the Elixir of Training, but these have a short duration and the EXP gain is not too great, so only use it when necessary.

Horse Gear

Horse Gear are composed of five parts, and each part increases various stats of the horse, as well as sometimes fulfilling a requirement to use a skill. Just like normal equipment, the Horse Gear can also be enhanced, but only up to +10 enhancement. Of all the Horse Gear, the horseshoe has a direct effect on the speed of the horse, so it is best to enhance this part first.

Horse Gear can be purchased from the stable NPC, but it is better to craft it yourself or purchase it from the Marketplace, considering the difference in stats between the two. The Storm and Fighting Spirit set of horse gear, which are among the best horse gear, can be obtained by exchanging <Shiny Golden Seals>. The currently available horse gear are as follows.

Shabby Horse Gear Set: Purchase from Stable NPC
Part Name Basic +10 Enhancement
Shabby Leather Barding All DP +10 All DP +30
Shabby Leather Saddle Max HP +75, Max Stamina +1000, Turn +1% Max HP +120, Max Stamina +3000, Turn +3%
0Shabby Hide Stirrups All Evasion +5, Brake +1% All Evasion +15, Brake +3%

Light Horse Gear Set: Crafted from the Horse Gear Workshop
Part Name Basic +10 Enhancement
Light Red Plumed Champron Max HP +113, Acceleration +2% Max HP +180, Acceleration +4%
Light Hide Barding All DP +14 All DP +42
Light Hide Saddle Max HP +113, Max Stamina +2000, Turn +2% Max HP +180, Max Stamina +6000, Turn +4%
Light Hide Stirrups All Evasion +10, Brake +2% All Evasion +30, Brake +4%
Light Hide Stirrups Movement Speed +2% Movement Speed +6%

Battle Horse Gear Set: Crafted from the Horse Gear Workshop
Part Name Basic +10 Enhancement
Combat Steel Champron Movement Speed -1%, Max HP +143, Acceleration +1.5% Movement Speed -1%, Max HP +228, Acceleration +3.5%
Combat Steel Barding Movement Speed -2% All DP +20 Movement Speed -2% All DP +60
Combat Hide Saddle Max HP +143, Max Stamina +1400, All DP +5, Turn +1.5% Max HP +228, Max Stamina +4200, All DP +15, Turn +3.5%
Combat Hide Saddle All Evasion +5, All DP +5, Brake +1.5% All Evasion +15, All DP +15, Brake +3.5%
Steel Battle Horseshoe Movement Speed +1.5%, All DP +5 Movement Speed +5%, All DP +15

Storm Horse Gear Set: Exchange with Shiny Golden Seal
Part Name Basic +10 Enhancement
Feathered Storm Champron Max HP +150, Acceleration +2% Max HP +240, Acceleration +5%
Light Leather Storm Barding All DP +18 All DP +54
Light Leather Storm Saddle Max HP +150, Max Stamina +2400, Turn +2% Max HP +240, Max Stamina +7200, Turn +5%
Light Storm Hide Stirrups All Evasion +20, Brake +2% All Evasion +40, Brake +5%
Light Storm Hide Stirrups Movement Speed +2.5%, Turn +2% Movement Speed +6.5%, Turn +2%

Fighting Spirit Gear Set: Exchange with Shiny Golden Seal
Part Name Basic +10 Enhancement
Steel Fighting Spirit Champron Movement Speed -1%, Max HP +180, Acceleration +1.5% Movement Speed -1%, Max HP +288, Acceleration +4.5%
Steel Fighting Spirit Barding Movement Speed -2%, All DP +24 Movement Speed -2%, All DP +72
Hide Fighting Spirit Saddle Max HP +180, Max Stamina +1800, All DP +5, Turn +1.5% Max HP +288, Max Stamina +5400, All DP +15, Turn +4.5%
Fighting Spirit Hide Stirrups All Evasion +10, All DP +10, Brake +1.5% All Evasion +20, All DP +20, Brake +4.5%
Steel Fighting Spirit Horseshoe Movement Speed +2%, Turn +2%, All DP +5 Movement Speed +5.5%, Turn +2%, All DP +15

Horse Market

You can tame a wild horse and nurture it, but the quickest way to acquire a great horse is to use the Horse Market. You can access the Horse Market through the stable NPC in each of the major cities. Unlike the Marketplace, the horses sold on the Horse Market have a fixed price that is automatically calculated based on tier, level, and acquired skills.

When purchasing a horse, it is important to make wise decisions based on your purpose. If you want to raise a horse for breeding purposes, then you must check the remaining breeding count and get a Lv. 1 horse of a reasonable tier. If raising a horse yourself is too bothersome, then it is essential to check the stats and skills of the horse.

This is also the same when you want to sell your horse. You will be able to receive more money for selling a higher-level horse, but there is the risk of it not being sold if the horse doesn’t have a good selection of skills. So it’s better to first think about who your sales target is before you register the horse, or try and supply the horse to the Imperial Horse Delivery NPC.

Δ You can access the Horse Market by talking to the Stable NPC in the major cities.

Breeding Market

Breeding can only be carried out through the Breeding Market, and players can only register a male horse that has at least one breeding count remaining. In order to breed your horse, first select the female horse you want to breed, and then choose a registered male horse you want it to breed with. The owner of the female horse will have to pay a breeding cost to the owner of the male horse. You can also choose to breed two of your own horses by checking the ‘Personal Use Only’ option when you register the male horse on the Breeding Market. This way, the male horse will only be visible to you in the My Registration List, and you can carry out breeding as normal using this list. This method is often used as it is very cheap and cannot be disrupted by other players.

When a set amount of time has passed after breeding, you will be able to obtain a foal. However, note that you need to have a space available in the stable in order to receive the foal. The stats of the foal are affected by the tier and level of the parents, so it is best to use high level horses for breeding purposes.

※ The quality of the foal is not only affected by the levels of the parent horses, but also by their skill to some extent. If the parent horses had good skills (Sprint, Instant Acceleration, etc.), then there is a higher chance that the foal will be a good quality horse. If you are extremely lucky, you could even breed two Lv. 30 Tier 6 horses and obtain a Tier 8 foal.

The breeding system is one of the greatest aspects to raising a horse. Currently (as of March, 2016), the Tier 8 horses are the best in game, and many players spend a lot of effort in raising and breeding horses to acquire a Tier 8 horse.

In terms of tips for breeding, there is nothing to say except ‘full hearted devotion’. If you raise each horse with love and affection and continue to breed them, then someone who had started with Tier 1 ~ 3 horses will find themselves as the proud owner of a Tier 8 horse. However, there is definitely no need to be too obsessed about trying to acquire a Tier 8 horse. Even a Tier 6 horse is perfectly fine, as long as they have the “3 Great” skills which are Sprint, Instant Acceleration, and Drift. So don’t get overly impatient, and just take your time when raising and breeding horses.

Through these processes, you will finally be able to get the so-called ‘Dream Horse”. The fruits of one’s labor are always ever so sweet.

Δ Only male horses can be registered onto the Breeding Market, while only female horses can use it.

Δ When the breeding process is finished, the female horse will give birth to a foal.

Δ When you collect the breeding reward (foal), it will automatically be sent to your stable.


Exchange is somewhat similar to breeding, but it can only be done at your stable, and the horses used for exchange will disappear. Like the foal acquired through breeding, the horse that result from exchange will also be affected by both the parent horses. As there is a breeding count limit for the horses, those that have used up all their available breeding count are usually used for exchanging for a new horse.

Δ Remember that the two horses used for Exchange Horse will disappear.

Imperial Horse Delivery

When you’re above Lv. 26, you can supply a horse to the Imperial Horse Delivery at your stable. Although you receive less money compared to selling it through the Marketplace, there is the benefit of receiving the money instantly and being able to acquire the <Shiny Golden Seal - Imperial Training>, depending on the tier of the horses that are supplied. These seals can be used to exchange for various items.

Δ Supplying the horse to the Imperial Horse Delivery is your choice and you will be able to acquire the <Shiny Golden Seal - Imperial Training> if you choose to do so.

Horse Encyclopedia

Now let’s take a look at the details of all the horses currently available in <Black Desert> (as of April 1st, 2016). The Taming-s below show the list of skills the horse can learn and was described in detail above. There are common skills available per tier (i.e. skills any horse of the respective Tier can learn) as well as unique skills for each horse. Consider this as you set out to raise and breed the horse of your dreams.

※ The name beside the horse Tier number are ‘nicknames’ of the horses used by the players.

HorseSkill026.png Front Leg Kick HorseSkill028.png Back Leg Kick HorseSkill030.png Emergency Stop HorseSkill032.png High Jump
HorseSkill034.png Charge HorseSkill036.png Drift HorseSkill038.png Instant Acceleration HorseSkill040.png Sprint
HorseSkill042.png Roar of the Horse HorseSkill044.png Quick Backward Step HorseSkill046.png Quick Ride HorseSkill048.png Start Acceleration
HorseSkill050.png Continuous Jump HorseSkill052.png Caution HorseSkill054.png Sideways Movement HorseSkill056.png S:Front Leg Kick
HorseSkill058.png S:Back Leg Kick HorseSkill060.png S:Instant Acceleration HorseSkill062.png S:Sideways Movement HorseSkill064.png 2 Person Mount









Of the currently available horses, the Tier 8 horses are undoubtedly the best. Of these Tier 8 horses, the 8-2 is extremely popular for its appearance and speed, as well as the 8-1 for its exceptional turn and brake with reasonable speed. Add to that the skills that allow quick movement such as Sprint-Instant Acceleration-Drift-S:Instant Acceleration, and it will be difficult to find a horse that is better.

For these reasons, the players of <Black Desert> currently consider the Tier 8 horses with movement related skills as the top pick and do everything they can do get their hands on them. The high demand is one reason why it’s so enjoyable to raise and breed horses.

However, you might wear yourself out if you get too obsessed about it. Horses take a fair amount of time to reach Lv. 30, and if you’ve only just begun raising and breeding horses, there is a long road ahead of you until you reach Tier 8. So if you’re just starting off, try and put aside your lofty ambitions and take it step by step. As mentioned before, even a Tier 6 horse with movement related skills is enough for traveling long distances.

Training horses is a ‘game of patience’. If you take one step at a time until you finally obtain a Tier 8 horse, that achievement could mark one of the happiest days in your Black Desert life. So whatever the tier of the horse may be, nurture it with love and affection. They will definitely pay you back for it.