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Housing in Black Desert gives you the option to spend contribution on a home to either live in, or use as a manufacturing workshop for your workers. There are a massive amount of different workshops for your workers to use throughout the towns and cities in Black Desert. With instanced housing, you won't be forced to compete with other players to get a location. Although, if you set a unit to "My House", you will get ranked by interior scores for the entire playerbase to see.

Rental and Liquidation

You may access a city's housing grid from anywhere using the world map. All units are available for rent for your contribution, but the best housing will have to be unlocked through a chain-purchase. You must purchase each house before it in a chain to access the best housing units.

  • Houses available for purchase within a chain are colored blue.
  • Houses you own are colored white.
  • Houses you don't own and cannot access are colored grey.
  • Once a house is no longer wanted or needed, you can sell it to recover your contribution and lose the silver invested in the unit.
  • You can only sell the last house in each chain. For example: you have a chain of four houses and wish to sell the third house in the chain. You must first sell the fourth house before you can sell the third house.



Many types of houses can be rented for worker manufacturing. Most houses typically have at least 3 available options for building a unit into. Every unit can be purchased as a player house. You can repurpose one of your unit's available purposes to another choice in the unit for a cost of silver, and time to build the unit.