Helms Post

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Home of the barbaric Helm tribe native to Mediah. They usually aren’t particularly friendly to others. It is said that they used to be the Dwarves who lived in South Dragan. Some suspect the reason they came up here is that some internal conflict within the tribe, but only those of the Helm tribe know the truth and they really dislike outsiders.

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Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 51 ~ 54Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★★☆☆ It is possible to repair near node manager
User Density ★★★☆☆ Deserted one day, congested the other...
Difficulty ★★★☆☆ Need to always watch out for the Golem
Hunting Sensation ★★★★☆ Thrill of mass hunting the sturdy Helm tribe monsters
Unique Drop Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring, Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring, Scarla Necklace
Mount Parking Necklace, Earring, Ring NPC Bolero in front of the Helms Post
Type of Monster Zone Hunting for growth When a character’s AP is above a certain level, the efficiency does not increase. It is recommended to visit more efficient hunting ground.

Monster Types and Level

  • Basic Information
    • Mostly 50~59Lv monsters (human type)
    • Melee: Helm Miner, Helm Two-Axe Warrior, Helm Hammer, Helm Angry Hammer, Helm Big Mace, Helm Small Mace, Helm Big Axe, Helm Iron Shield
    • Ranged: Helm Hunter, Helm Golem
    • Others: Helm Tribe Mine, Helm Tribe Forge, Helm Tribe Mineral Wagon
    • Violent (Star): Helm Golem
  • Features
    • The monster density is moderate, and all locations have similar hunting efficiency.
    • The area is quite large, so effects that increase movement speed could be a great asset.
    • It will be difficult beat the hidden Helm Golem easily even though you meet the recommended requirements.
    • This is where you can obtain Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring and Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring.

Level/Equipment Requirements

DP is more efficient compared to AP due to the characteristics of the hunting ground.

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 52Lv 90~100 125~135
Recommended Stats 52Lv 100~110 140~150



Most of the monsters have low defense, but they have high attack. Therefore, the most effective way to hunt these monsters is to learn how to negate their attacks (good use of status effect skills, acquiring more DP). However, the most important point is the Helm Golem (Lv. 59) throughout the hunting ground. They have extremely high HP and AP and use attacks from a distance using magic skills, so even an adventurer with the recommended requirements could die in the blink of an eye. If you think it is going to be impossible to win after a short encounter with it, the wise choice would be to put your pride aside and take the nearest exit.

Key Locations and Hunting Route

The congested area to the Northwest is the most popular, but the other locations aren’t too bad either. The Helms Post has various loot that can be acquired, and the occasional ‘Scarla Necklace’ can be sold for a hefty sum of silver coins. It could be a very efficient place for gaining EXP if you have recommended stats of AP and high movement speed.

02 helms.jpg

Major Drop Items

  • Broken Helmet Ornament - Miscellaneous
  • Shattered Golem Fragment - Miscellaneous
  • Grunil Helmet
  • Grunil Armor
  • Grunit Shoes
  • Mediah Merchants Union Helm
  • Ancient Magic Crystal - Viper
  • Black Stone(Weapon)
  • Black Stone(Armor)
  • Forbidden Book
  • Scarla Necklace
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring

User Density

Although not as popular as the Sausan Garrison or the Elric Shrine, there is a consistent number of adventurers that visit Helms Post. It’s generally not too congested unless there’s a Combat EXP event in progress, so think of it as everyone’s Helms Post that is open to anyone.