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The Head’s-Up Display, or HUD, is your main source of information about character progression in many forms. To get to know it better, we will break it into segments and examine them one by one.

Top Left

07 level.jpg


The first thing to note about the UI elements in the Top Left corner of the screen is the long progress bar that stretches across the top, and the number beneath it. This is your Character Level Progress bar, which is represented with numbers beneath. You can also see your percentage below the numerical value for your level, which can be very helpful when comparing the efficiency of grind spots.

Skill Level

The next bar you will see is much shorter than the Character Level Progress Bar, and has a small crossed sword and axe icon. This is how you track your progress in Skill Point levels. Much like your character level, you gain exp towards your next skill points from various activities. The numerical representation is above the progress bar, and also shows percentage.


This bar shows you your current energy, along with max energy. As you consume energy, via various activities, the bar will slowly empty, while energy regen will cause it to fill up again. The numerical representation for your current and maximum energy is above the indicator bar.


This bar shows you your current and maximum Contribution Points. As you invest Contribution Points in Nodes, items and housing, the status bar fills, while removing investments will empty it again. The numerical representations of your current and max Contribution Points are above the status bar.

Static Buffs and Notifications

This section not only houses notifications for knowledge acquisition and available skills ,but also shows account wide buffs, such as the Value Package, or Serverwide Event EXP boosts. Mousing over each icon will show you what it is, and any duration timer it might have.


These icons are only visible if you have the item they represent, and are specifically tailored for interaction or convenience associated with said item.

  • The first, represented by a horse’s head, is the Mount icon. This is specific to Wagons, Donkeys, Camels, Horses and Elephants. Left clicking this icon will whistle for your mount, while right click will set a waypoint at your mount.
  • The House is to track your Residences, specifically the “My Residence” housing option, that allows you to visit and decorate your own house. Clicking this icon will open a small window that shows you the Residences you own, their addresses, and allow you to autopath to them.
  • The Pickaxe is your Worker Icon. Clicking this will open the task management menu for your Workers, allowing you to feed them, repeat their previous task, fire them, or prepare them for the promotion test.
  • The paw print is your Pet Icon. This menu allows you to summon or put away your loot pets, feed them, track their bonuses and set up pet groups. You can also exchange pets via this menu.
  • The Portrait is for your Maid list. Any maids that you might have, whether they be transaction or storage maids, will be displayed on this list. You can interact with them via the pop up window, see their current location, purpose and status.
  • The tent is for your Camping Tool. Left clicking this icon will bring up the interaction menu to place a tent, or if you already have one down, allow you to use the shop, storage and repair functions. If you right click the icon instead, it will set a waypoint at your campsite.

Bottom Left

06 chat.jpg


Your chat window not only shows conversations between yourself and others via private messages, but also displays global channels, general chat which is specific to your current location, guild chat and system messages.

You can add multiple tabs to your chat window, customize text color and size, and even filter chat so that only specific types of messages show up on a particular tab. Other functions of chat include Timestamp display, chat window transparency, and chat filtering, to block offensive words, phrases, or messages you are not interested in seeing from other players, that contain key words set by you.


Below your chat box, there is a small window with scrolling text. You can learn more about the game and even pick up a few tips and tricks by reading the displayed text.

Bottom Center

03 HPbarsboosthotkeys.jpg

Health bars

The orange and green bars represent your HP and MP (WP/EP/etc). They update in real time, allowing you to always be aware of when you are in danger of dying, or running out of mana to use skills. As your Health or Mana drains, the bars will empty, while regeneration will cause them to fill again. You can also see the numerical representation on the top right of the bar for health, and bottom right for mana..


When you use consumables, such as food, elixirs or combat books, they will provide your character with some form of beneficial status. You can see this on the buff bar. Buffs are displayed in a static location, and cannot be moved with the edit UI function. Hovering your cursor over the buff will show you what benefit it is providing you, if you are unfamiliar with the icon.


Once your character has passed level 35, they will begin to accrue Black Spirit’s Rage each time they take damage. You can see this meter to the right of the Health and Mana Bars. Once this meter fills to 100%, you can perform special versions of specific skills, or absorb it for a short buff. Left Clicking this icon will lock your Rage, so you do not automatically use the alternate versions of your Rage Skills.

Bottom Right

05 menurightcorner.jpg

The bottom right corner of your UI is for main menu keys. You can hover your cursor over each one to see what it does, and what shortcut will activate it.

  • Black Spirit - This menu is activated with “,” and it opens the Black Spirit interface. If the icon is glowing, your Black Spirit wants to talk with you.
  • Friends - This menu is activated with “N” and opens your friends list. This will show you who your friends are, who wants to be your friend and any chats you might have going on. If this icon is flashing, you have new friend requests.
  • Mail - This menu is activated with “B”, and opens your mail. Items or silver stored in mail cannot be accepted unless you are in a Safe Zone, however, you can read your mail at any time. There is a mass delete function, as well as a mass accept function, or you can use the checkboxes next to each mail.
  • Pearl Shop - This menu is activated with “F3”, and will open up the Cash Shop where you can purchase Pearls with Kakao Cash, and spend those Pearls on fun outfits, cute pets and a wide variety of other items.
  • Beauty Shop - This menu is activated with “F4”, and opens the Character Customization interface. If you have a Value Package, or Character Customization Coupon, you can use this to redesign your character. Names, Horoscopes and Classes cannot be changed from this menu.
  • Game Menu - This menu can be activated with “Esc” and is your portal to a large quantity of activities, information and options in BDO.
  • Settings - This menu has no activation key. It can be used to change your game settings, language and more.
  • Disconnect - This menu has no activation key. You can exit the game, change characters or channels, and return to character selection from this screen.

Top Right

08 level.jpg

Mini Map

Your minimap shows the area around you, with miniaturized icons to show specific NPC or PC types, colorized icons to differentiate between quest mobs and normal monsters, and much more. You can zoom in and out, or grab the corner with your cursor and drag it down and to the left to expand the minimap. The placement of the minimap cannot be altered via the Edit UI options.

Quest Tracker

The Quest Tracker is below the mini map, and helps you keep track of the myriad of objectives the citizens of Black Desert Online would like you to complete. Clicking on an objective will automatically open your Quest Journal to the appropriate quest. You can also use the icons on the right side of the quest tracker to abandon, mark waypoints or autopath to quest markers. The Quest Tracker even has a filter, much like the Quest Journal filter, so you can see only the tasks you are interested in completing.

Information, Search and Help

To the left of the minimap are several icons that can be useful during your time in game.

  • Show Node Installation Area - This will show you the possible building sites for Fortresses.
  • Hunting Spotted - This will notify you when special hunting mobs, such as Whales, are spotted.
  • Voice Chat Status - You can use this to see if your ability to hear and speak to others in the in-game voice chat is on or off.
  • Guide - Use this to open up the Black Desert Guide Videos
  • NPC - You can use this function to search for specific NPC’s, via the search field, or use the icons to point you to the nearest NPC of a specific type.


There are several things that will show up in the top center of your screen. These are triggered and are not always visible. They include Quest Updates, Notifications of Enhancement Failures or Successes, High Value items entering the marketplace, notifications of Level, Skill, Profession and Contribution increasers, and much more.

♦When mounts level, or gain skills, this will display at the top center of your screen.
10 learnedskill.jpg

♦Quest Notifications and Contribution Point increases will display in the top center of the screen.
01 ContributionTitle.jpg