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Guild mounts are not owned by an individual but the actual guild.

Anyone that is a member of the guild can use the guild mount if their guild has them, although only the guild master and officers may retrieve them from stables & wharfs.

As such, they are useful to the guild as a whole.

One type of guild mounts are elephants, which play an important role in Node War and Conquest War.

They are great at destroying barricades and defensive structures.

Another type of guild mount is the galley, an impressive boat that lets you and your guildmates safely travel the seas.

Guild Mount1.png

A Valencian elephant.

Getting Guild Mounts

To get guild mounts you must either complete a special quest, or win a Guild House in an auction and have specific guild skills to raise them (in the case of elephants) or craft them (in the case of galleys).

Valencia Elephant & Cadria Elephant

Getting the Elephant I: Quests

One option is to start the quest ‘[Guild] Gathering everyone’s strength’ that only the guild master can complete. If you are the guild master, you can find the quest by opening the quest list using the hotkey ‘O’ and going to the ‘Suggested’ tab. This quest later continues onto ‘[Guild] Gathering strength once again’ and ‘[Guild] Our Guild’s Capability’. You will get the ‘[Guild] Registration: Valencia Elephant’ once you complete all of these quests. A guild can have up to 3 elephants.

Guild Mount2.png

You can start the quest for the elephant registration emblem by talking to Yan in Valencia City.

Getting the Elephant II: Guild House

The other option requires you to get a guild house through an auction and open an ‘Elephant Nursery’. You’ll need the guild skill ‘Monstrous Force’ to open the nursery. The guild house auctions in the Valencian territory are held at the capital city of Valencia and Sand Grain Bazaar. Check the Guild House page to learn how the auction works.

The guild master needs to open the ‘Elephant Nursery’ in the guild house to raise the elephant. Guild members can send their workers to the guild house to help raise it.

First, you will need to tame a baby elephant and raise it.

Baby elephants can be found on the plains and wild regions of Valencia.

You tame baby elephants the same way you tame horses.

Use a rope then left click to toss it towards the elephant and tie it. Then use the direction keys to move towards it. Also, continuously hit the Spacebar to calm the baby elephant if it raises its front legs.

Once you reach the baby elephant, open your inventory and feed it ‘[Guild] Desert Peanut’ until it‘s satisfied. You can purchase the peanuts through the Guild Stable Keeper using your guild funds. You will successfully tame the baby elephant as long as the baby elephant doesn’t kick you and runs away.

The baby elephant will follow you if you have successfully tamed it.

Bring it to the Guild Stable Keeper and click on the ‘Register’ button.

The baby elephant will be exchanged for an item used for guild crafting. The item will appear inside your inventory.

Guild Mount3.png

The baby elephant will try to resist you by doing wild movements.

Now you can place the baby elephant in your guild storage and send workers to raise it.

Please note that you cannot raise the tamed baby elephant before you register it.

The rest of the materials required can be bought from the Guild Shop.

You can craft the elephant using the special process called ‘Guild Manufacture’. It can only be done in the guild house.

Read the Crafting Notes (‘F2’) for more details.

Materials required to make the Valencia Elephant

[Guild] Clearance Request x250

[Guild] Baby Elephant x1

[Guild] Water for Elephant x400

[Guild] Elephant Food x850

[Guild] Elephant Cage Parts x800

[Guild] Timber for Fixing the Cage x600

Materials required to make the Cadria Elephant

[Guild] Clearance Request x450

[Guild] Registration: Valencia Elephant x1

[Guild] Cadria Elephant Drinking Water x480

[Guild] Cadria Elephant Food x960

[Guild] Restoration of Cadry’s Forbidden Book x700

[Guild] Old Moon Magic Neutralizer x700

Guild Mount4.png

You can watch the elephant actually grow in size in real time.

Guild Mount5.png

Some of the materials needed can only be made in the guild house through Guild Manufacturing.

The fully grown elephant will be placed in the guild storage as a registration emblem.

Take it to the Guild Stable Keeper and register it to complete the elephant. The elephant can make a big impact on the battlefield.

You need the ‘[Guild] Registration: Valencia Elephant’ to raise the Cadria Elephant (Tier 2).

That’s because you need to use special magic on the Valencia Elephant (Tier 1) for it to become a Cadria Elephant.

If you want a Cadria Elephant, do not register the Valencia Elephant when its made.

The registration is a material for the Cadria Elephant.

The registration must be completed before the other materials can be used.

It isn’t cheap to raise a Cadria Elephant. However, it is faster, has more HP, better acceleration, handling, brakes, and physical abilities. It is also born with a maximum of 3 skills that are useful on the battlefield. Of course, you could get unlucky and it could be born with only 1 skill.

Guild Mount5.png

Even the appearance of the tier 2 Cadria Elephant is intimidating.


Getting the Galley I: Quest

One option is to start the quest ‘[Guild] I Have a Dream’ that only the guild master can complete. If you are the guild master, you can find the quest by opening the quest list using the hotkey ‘O’ and going to the ‘Suggested’ tab. The NPC that gives you the quest is Yan, the Guild Manager of Valencia City.

The quest requires you to give Old Moon Combat Seal x150 and Old Moon Life Seal x150. Your guild can obtain these by doing Guild Missions.

You will get the ‘[Guild] Ship License: Galley’ once you complete the quest. A guild can have up to 3 elephants.

Getting the Galley II: Guild House

As with the elephant, you will be required to get a guild house through an auction and open an ‘Shipyard’. You’ll need the guild skill ‘Building Boat’ to open the shipyard.

Materials required to craft a Galley

[Guild] Clearance Permit x300

[Guild] Galley Plan x25

[Guild] Iron Core Timber Square x800

[Guild] Desert Alloy Ingot x600

[Guild] Spirit-laden Plywood x1500

[Guild] Wind-laden Flax Cloth x160

‘[Guild] Clearance Permit’ can be obtained through the daily quest ‘Redeeming the Good Name of Xian’ given by Isobelle Encarotia and is required to craft most of the other materials.

‘[Guild] Galley Plan’ can be bought from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria.

All the other materials can either be crafted or bought from Guild Wharf Manager NPCs.

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