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There are various boss encounters you can challenge with your guild. Summonable Guild Bosses include Khan, Ancient Puturum, Ferrid, and the Giant Mudster.

These bosses can be summoned by obtaining summon scroll pieces by completing guild boss subjugation quests.

Guild Boss.png

Check the Guild Boss Subjugation tab in the Guild window to see the requirements and information to summon each boss.

Once you collect the required summon scroll pieces, you can summon them. Go to Guild window, then the Guild Boss Subjugation tab and you will see that the "Find Location" and "Summon" buttons have appeared. Once you press the "Find Location" button and go to the location where the boss can be summoned, you could select the difficulty level.

Guild Boss 2.png

We suggest that you select the difficulty level appropriate for the size of your guild.


- You can only summon each type of guild boss via the Guild Boss Subjugation tab once a week, and there are a limited number of guild bosses which can be summoned per server at a time.

- If too many guild bosses have already been summoned in your current server, a system message will tell you that too many have already been summoned. In this case, you can either wait a while, or you can move to another server and summon a guild boss there.

- The number of guild boss summons and summon scroll piece items reset on Monday at 00:00 UTC, so don't forget to go on a guild boss raid with your guild on the weekends!

Khan, Eye of the Great Ocean

Can be summoned once a week and only once per server. Khan will disappear 30 minutes after being summoned, regardless of battle progress.

To defeat Khan, you need the [Guild] Monsterbane Cannon Assembly Kit and the [Guild] Monsterbane Cannonball. This equipment can be obtained from a Guild Manager by exchanging Old Moon Combat/Life Seals, or purchased with guild funds at the guild shop.

Each seal can be exchanged for one assembly kit or 10 cannonballs.

Note: The cannon assembly kit will be destroyed 30 minutes after being installed. When the assembly kit is destroyed, all cannonballs inside will be deleted.

The [Guild] Monsterbane Cannon Assembly Kit is different from other types of cannons. You can use stacks to use rapid fire or overcharge cannon skills.

Stacks are obtained by firing the cannon.

Overcharged Fire: Charge time and cooldown is longer than a normal cannon fire, but has higher damage. More stacks result in higher damage output.

Rapid Fire: Press X to enter Rapid Fire mode when you have stacks built up. Rapid Fire gives you faster reload speed and fire time. Using normal fire during Rapid Fire mode will give you stacks.


When Khan <Eye of the Great Ocean> is summoned, not only the guild members who summoned it will take damage from its attacks, but also other unaffiliated adventurers nearby.

You will receive damage when you step into the eye when Khan is summoned, so beware!

Khan's lightning attacks will preferentially target the adventurer who did the most damage to Khan.

During the encounter, Khan summons Black Crystal Seaweed. If you don't kill them, the battle can turn against you, as it will continue to summon Protties until it is destroyed.

Destroying the Black Crystal Seaweed will also destroy the monsters it summoned. You can acquire the Black Crystal Cannon, which is more powerful than the Monster Cannon by destroying Black Crystal Seaweed.

Using the Black Crystal Cannon will make the battle a lot easier.

When Khan prepares a strong attack, a caution message will be displayed. Use the surrounding landscape features to protect yourself from it!

There is no penalty for dying from Khan's attack and you will be able to revive in Oquilla's Eye via the "Resurrect at the closest Safe Zone" option if you've discovered the topography of Oquilla's Eye. ("Resurrect at the closest Town" will revive you in Port Ratt or the nearest town.)

Guild Boss Khan.jpg

Protties will appear to protect the Black Crystal Seaweed.

Khan prepares to heal itself once it loses a certain amount of HP.

To stop its healing, you can either destroy the Black Crystal Seaweed or hit it with enough Overcharged Fire shots.

When you successfully defeat Khan, swim out to the center of Oquilla's Eye to receive your loot.

You will be able to acquire items to upgrade your ships and valuable treasures of the Great Ocean.

In particular, you can receive Khan's Concentrated Magic, which can be used to craft any of the three types of Khan's Heart, one of the most powerful alchemy stones available!

Ancient Puturum

Ancient Puturum can be summoned near Kisleev Canyon.

It flies through the sky and attacks adventurers, being untargetable when in the air.

Guild Boss Puturum.png

A common strategy used against Puturum is to move to its back and attack whenever it spreads its wings.

Additionally, Hystria Power Towers will appear during the encounter.

These towers must be destroyed as quickly as possible, because if not, after a while Puturum will use a large area of effect attack that not even adventurers with some of the best equipment available can survive.


Ring of Crescent Guardian, Black Spirit's Claw Piece, Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power, Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine, Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility, Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Resonance, Yona's Fragment, Soiled Ring of Crescent Guardian, Black Stone (Armor), Black Stone (Weapon), Hunter's Seal, Gold Bar 10G.


Ferrid can be summoned at Omar Lava Cave.

Its attack patterns include an area stun, ranged knockdowns and the ability to summon lava monsters.

Guild Boss Ferrid.png

To get rid of Ferrid comfortably, it is recommended to attack its back, due to Ferrid being able to stun you if you attack it from the front.

Beware of the lava monsters summoned after Ferrid punches the ground!


Energy of All Creations, Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine, Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Agility, Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Ancient Silver Coin, Ancient Iron Coin, Black Stone (Armor), Black Stone (Weapon), Hunter's Seal, Gold Bar 10G.

Giant Mudster

The Giant Mudster can be summoned at Glish Ruins.

It is slow, but its attacks are powerful and affect a wide area, slowing the movement and attack speed of all adventurers in range. Be careful to not be hit too much!

Guild Boss Giant Mudster.png

If you see the Giant Mudster scattering mud around, it's a signal that it's summoning smaller mudsters.

These mudsters will explode after some time, so it's advised to kill them or avoid their area.

One of the most powerful of its attacks is when the Guant Mudster becomes smaller and thorns rise from the ground, dealing great damage to all those hit by them.


Stone of Malice, Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine, Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power, Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Resonance, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Ancient Silver Coin, Ancient Iron Coin, Black Stone (Armor), Black Stone (Weapon), Hunter's Seal, Gold Bar 10G.

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