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Δ Guild Ranking can be accessed via "ESC" menu.

Guilds are a vital part of Black Desert, not only a social tool. They offer many benefits, silver generation, and access to end game content.

Guild Creation

To form a guild you need to visit the Guild Manager in a city, it will cost 20,000 silver. To disband the the guild, the guild leader simply clicks the disband button from the guild management window. Your guild name can be up to ten characters and may not use special characters.

You can upload an image for your guild every Monday. The image must be 60x60 pixels, in png format and saved in your My Documents/Black Desert/ folder. Once the image is ready buy the registration item from the Guild Manager NPC and apply the image from your Guild Management window.

Guild Contract

Guild invitations must be done face to face in game. When the contract is made the guild can set certain values: duration, subsidy, and penalty. Members of the guild who have expired contracts are considered free agents, they may leave the guild with no penalty, they do not receive any of the guild perks or a subsidy.


When a guild controls a node or a region they can receive a subsidy. This is a sum of silver deposited directly into the guild bank which can be used for guild purchases, wars, etc.

Guild Operations

Once your guild reaches a certain level their will be a daily cost, withdrawn from the guild bank. You can not down level your guild so it is not advised to level your guild higher than needed or you will quickly over draw your guild bank.

Guild Missions


Guild missions are accepted from the guild management window. These quests are timed, and you have a limited selection. To initiate a quest you will pay an upfront fee, and if you complete the quest before the time runs out your guild bank will receive additional silver.

Guild missions also give your guild experience that allows it to level up and learn new skills. You are limited to 5 guild quests per day, and the available guild quests are listed for the entire server, this means that you will need to monitor the guild quests if you want to participate in the better one.

Guild Wars

Δ This is the war menu located inside the guild window.

Your guild can declare war on another guild via the guild management window. This will allow you to kill the other guild without suffering karma loss. However guild wars cost silver from your guild bank. The price of declaring a guild war is one million silver, and if the receiving guild does not also declare you will have to pay an additional three hundred thousand silver ever two hours. If the war is mutual, as in both guild declare, there will be no ongoing cost, but keep in mind you can only have four declarations at a time.

Guild Occupation

Guilds can participate in sieges to claim nodes and regions. Owning nodes will offer minor benefits, and you can claim up to ten nodes. Owning a region provides a large amount of silver, including a portion of the auction house revenue. A guild cannot own both nodes and regions, this is a preventive measure to ensure all guilds, both large and small have access to siege content.

Guild Skills


As your guild levels you will receive skill points, these can be spent to unlock guild skills. Guild skills offer a wide variety of bonuses such as additional damage, accuracy, improved exp gain and more. For your guild members to receive these buffs they must have an active contract.