Grinding Griffons

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Grinding Griffons for Helmet and Elixir

Sitting at the top of the food chain in Kamasylvia, the Griffon is a nightmare to those who visit Kamasylvia for the first time. As one of the targets for Kamasylvia Part 1’s main quests, Griffons made a lot of players suffer with their powerful skills and attack patterns.

However, Kamasylvia’s main quests are not the only reason to go after Griffons. Griffons can give some useful items too. One item that Griffons give is a material for Griffon’s Elixir, an Elixir that increases damage against the Kamasylven race. This Elixir is very popular among players as it can increase the efficiency in grinding in the Kamasylvia region.

Another item is Griffon’s Helmet. Griffon’s Helmet is a new boss item added in Kamasylvia Part 1 with the same base DP as Giath’s Helmet. However, the two Helmets have different item effects, so you can choose between the two depending on how you want to play the game.

Kamasylvia part1 027.jpg
▲ Griffons stay near their nests and attack those who come close to them.

Things to get, depending on how skilled you are

You can still complete the main quests even when your AP/DP is low, as long as you get help from others. However, if you are trying to kill Griffons to farm items, you should aim for at least 230 AP and 280 DP. Also, try to fight one Griffon at a time rather than trying to kill multiple Griffons at once.

It’s recommended to use an Elixir that increases your DP. If you have enough DP without a DP Elixir, use Elixirs that increase CC Resistance instead. You will also want some Valencian Meal to add more survivability. The Griffon’s jump attack can deal massive damage, and will knock you down. Increasing CC Resistance with Prawn Salad and Butter-Roasted Lobster is also a good choice.

If Elixirs and Food Buffs are not enough, you can use Crystals for better survivability. As mentioned above, the Griffon’s attacks can knock you down so it is important to increase Knock Down/Bound Resistance. Adamantine Crystals (for Shoes) and Intimidation Crystals (for Helmets) will increase Knock Down/Bound Resistance.

If you are a skilled player and can kill Griffons without any problems, you can take it to the next step and try gathering from a Griffon’s dead body. You can get a Griffon’s Claw by tanning a Griffon, so bring a Tanning Knife with you if you want the item. If you have enough survivability without any defensive Elixirs and/or Foods, try using Worker’s Elixir and Balenos Meal instead to gather more items.

Kamasylvia part1 028.jpg
▲ These items will help you gather more Griffon’s Claws.

Griffon, the King of Navarn Steppe

Griffons dwell in Navarn Steppe. Navarn Steppe is located at the center of the Kamasylvia Part 1 region, past Kamasylvia Vicinity and Lemoria Guard Post and to the west of Old Wisdom Tree.

Different animal-type monsters like the Ferrina, Ferrica, Belladona Elephant, and Feather Wolf appear in Navarn Steppe. The Griffon is the strongest of them all, and is thus the King of Navarn Steppe.

Griffons appear nearly everywhere in Navarn Steppe. They usually wander alone, but more than two Griffons stay together near a Griffon’s Nest, to protect the Griffon Egg. In a nest near Old Wisdom Tree, three Griffons, including one King Griffon, are grouped together.

There are two possible safe parking spots. If you are going to grind near Old Wisdom Tree, park your horse inside Old Wisdom Tree just to be safe. If you want to go further into Navarn Steppe, park your horse near the pond at the center of Navarn Steppe. The Node Manager is to the left of Navarn Steppe, where there is a slight chance that your horse might be attacked.

Kamasylvia part1 029.jpg
▲ Navarn Steppe is at the center of the Kamasylvia Part 1 region.

Kamasylvia part1 030.jpg
▲ Location of Griffons (red dots) and King Griffon (blue dots) (Map credit: Inven KR 내말누가탐)

Kamasylvia part1 031.jpg
▲ Park your horse near the pond at the center.

Griffon’s Patterns: Be extra careful about knock back attacks.

Griffons have different patterns of attack. One common pattern is to jump forward and swing its paw. Griffons do not have a long animation before each attack, so expect attacks at anytime.

Another pattern, which is extremely hard to dodge, is where the Griffon will jump in a diagonal direction and then attack with its paw. To dodge this attack, you need to keep your eye on the Griffon’s movement and continue moving sideways.

In the third pattern, the Griffon will jump upward and drop down. This attack has a wide area of effect and can knock you down, making it the most threatening pattern. It is relatively easy to dodge, but getting hit by this prevents you from escaping the multiple chain attacks that follow.

The King Griffon has an additional pattern where he breathes out a devastating blue flame. It is a powerful attack, but is not hard to dodge, as the King Griffon will wave its wings before using this attack. Pay attention to the King Griffon’s movement, and you will easily dodge this attack.

Kamasylvia part1 101.gif
▲ Jumping forward and swinging its paws. This is the most common pattern.

Kamasylvia part1 102.gif
▲ Jumping diagonally and swinging its paws. This one is hard to dodge.

Kamasylvia part1 103.gif
▲ Griffon jumping diagonally and blocking the player.

Kamasylvia part1 104.gif
▲ Jumping upward and dropping down. This pattern has a wide area of effect and will knock you down.

Kamasylvia part1 105.gif
▲ Different patterns that Griffons use.

Kamasylvia part1 032.png
▲ King Griffon will breathe out a powerful blue flame.

Bring a Tanning Knife for more income, and for an occasional jackpot.

The common loot from Griffons are Griffon Beaks, which costs 21,000 silver if you sell them to NPC shops. If you grind for a long time this will make a good amount of money.

You can get two items from tanning Griffons: Griffon Feathers and Griffon Claws. The Griffon’s Claw is the item you want. It is an ingredient for Griffon’s Elixir, which is an Elixir that increases damage against the Kamasylven race.

Griffon’s Elixir will increase damage against the Kamasylven race by 12, and Strong Griffon’s Elixir will increase the damage by 17. The Elixir is widely used in different grind spots in Kamasylvia including Navarn Steppe, and will be used in many other spots that will be updated in the future.

The players who usually grind in Kamasylvia like to collect Griffon Claws. To make Griffon’s Elixir, you need 1 Griffon’s Claw, 2 Sinner’s Blood, 3 Purified Water, 6 Cedar Sap, and 3 Trace of Battle.

The last item you can loot from Griffons is the Griffon’s Helmet, a boss item. The Griffon’s Helmet has the same base DP as Giath’s Helmet, but has different item effects. Griffon’s Helmet has +5% all Resistance and +3 DR. Also, Griffon’s Helmet is gaining popularity for its unique look.

Kamasylvia part1 033.png Kamasylvia part1 034.png
▲ Griffon’s Elixir increases damage against Kamasylven monsters

Kamasylvia part1 035.jpg
▲ If you are lucky, you will make millions of silver at once

Kamasylvia part1 036.png
▲ Griffon’s Helmet, which of course looks like a Griffon’s head.