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Black Desert's armor system has many methods of getting the most potential power out of your gear. One such method is available for most armor types within the game comes in the form Gem sockets, and the variety of gems utilized in custom tuning gear.

Δ Please note the "Socket" button.

Accessing the Gem menu is done via the black spirit (default "," on the keyboard) and clicking on the corresponding green colored button titled "Socket".

This option is only unlocked upon progressing your black spirit quests up to the "Signs of Edina" quest.

Gem Menu

Prior to accessing the Gem menu, check to see if your armor meets the following requirements:

  • Is located in your inventory (not on your body)
  • Has available gem slots (indicated in the tool tip when mousing over the item)
  • Has a gem also stored within your inventory that slots into a matching armor location (Helmet, Chest, Legs, etc...)

Δ The Above image is 3 of the "Gem Menu" steps cut together into one picture.

Once you have confirmed the above requirements, you can open the black spirit screen and from there open the Gem menu (Socket button). Go ahead and mouse over to your inventory window and right click the piece of armor (it will likely be glowing and as well as the gems that can socket into it) to place it into gem window. Now do the same with the gem(s) that you wish to socket into it and click the "Yes" button to apply the effect.

Some powerful armor may have up to a maximum of 3 gem sockets available, and you can simply repeat the process till you reach the desired amount.

Be Advised! Gems can potentially break upon death!

Gem Removal & Reclaiming

Should you desire to remove a gem from a socket, you may do so by making use of a npc blacksmith, and their extraction menu. There are three available options in regards to gems:

  1. Black Spirit Removal
    • Accessed through the Black Spirit menu (/),use the socket option and right click the gem on your gear. This destroys the gem but leaves the armor in tack.
  2. Reclaiming
    • This destroys the armor but places the gem back within your inventory.
  3. Mileage Shop Reclaiming
    • This method will remove the crystal safely and prevents armor destruction as well at the cost of a mileage "Extraction Tool", and is done via the blacksmith.
Please note this is only a brief overview of the Gem extraction method, and more details for other types are available in the Extraction page.