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The beginning of every crafting activity is gathering material. There are various methods to collect materials. Among them, collecting materials directly in the world.

The natural environment of the Black Desert may look like a beautiful background, but it is actually a repository of resources!

Gathering Methods

When you approach the objects that you are able to gather, the interface wheel will give you the option to gather by pressing ‘R’. If the interaction interface does not appear, it is because the material has collected some time ago by the other adventurers. Time to find a new spot! If you require a gathering tool the action wheel will tell you what you need. For example, you need a lumbering axe or fluid collector to gather from a tree. With the lumbering axe, you can get materials such as logs or wood, and you can collect tree sap with the fluid collector.

01 Gathering.jpg
You need to be equipped with the appropriate tools for gathering. For example, you need to be equipped with a butcher knife to gather meat.
02 Gathering.jpg
To gather meat or hide from animals like wolves, you will need to press ‘R’. If a monster still has loot you will not be able to gather these items until they have been looted.
03 Gathering.jpg
Get that meat!

Types of Gathering

Depending on the object, gathering needs tools. You can then process the gathered items in to higher quality items for crafting or trade.

04 Gathering.jpg
Gathering tools can be purchased by merchants, through crafting, or quest rewards. 

Here are the objects you can gather from, the items you get, and the tools you need!

Object How To Gather Gathering Tool Gathered Resource Related Processing
Tree Lumbering Lumbering Axe Log, Timber Chopping
Sap Collected Fluid Collector Tree Sap Alchemy
Animal Sap Collected Fluid Collector Animal Blood Alchemy
Tanning Knives for Tanning Leather, Feather Drying
Slaughter Knives for Slaughtering Meat Drying, Cooking
Crops Bare Hands Hands Crops, Seeds Cooking
Bushes, Thickets, Fruit Trees, Shrubs Gathering Hoe Seed None
Wild Herb Gathering Bare hands collected Herb Alchemy
Herb Gathering Bare hands collected Herb, Seed Alchemy
Mushroom Gathering Hoe Mushroom, Hypha Alchemy
Water Near Water Empty Bottle Water Bottle Heating, Thinning
Mineral Mining Rock Pickaxe Ore Heating, Grinding
Desert Sand Digging Shovel Ore, Crystal, Bad of Muddy Water Heating, Grinding, Thinning

Gathering Levels

Life skills are akin to professions in other games. In the case of Black Desert Online we have 9 life skills including the act of processing, cooking, training, alchemy, fishing, hunting, trading, and farming. Each production activity has its own level. The higher the level, the more you can do with that life skill. You can take a look at these by pressing shortcut ‘P’.

In the case of gathering the higher level your gathering the better tools you can equip. These higher level gathering items can be crafted, purchased through the market, or received from quest rewards.

05 Gathering.jpg
Some items like the Gatherer’s Uniform will also have a gathering level requirement.
06 Gathering.jpg

The Gatherer’s uniform has a special item effect which will result in monsters not attacking while you are sitting or gathering. Additionally, you also get a +1 to your gathering ability and 10% extra gathering experience. You can acquire a lesser version of this item through the outfit workshop or from buying it from the market.

07 Gathering.jpg

Furthermore, there is no required level for wearing silver embroidered gatherer’s clothes, and you can do the enhancement with the same item. The effect will increase when you succeed to enhance.

Gathering Ability

15 gathering.JPG

Gathering ability can be found in the information (Shortcut P) window. Gathering ability can be raised with food, costumes, elixir, alchemy, and so on. When your gathering ability rises the time it takes to gather will decrease.

08 Gathering.jpg
These items will increase your abilities and allow you to get more done in less time.

Additional Items Obtained by Gathering

As you gather, you will start to obtain all kinds of items such as powders, Monk’s Branch, sharp black crystal shards, and hard black crystal shards. The type of items you receive are different depending on what kind of objects you gather and where you obtain them. If you decide to sell these items make sure your nodes are connected so you avoid the high taxes. These items you pick up might not be useful to you, but they might be to someone else. It’s always a good idea to check the market to see how much you can make for your efforts.

10 Gathering.jpg

Gathering Quests

In Black Desert, you can accept gathering quests that will yield extra experience from various NPCs. Some of these rewards will also include contribution point xp which will aid you if you ever decide to Since Velia is the first major town most people find themselves in, this is a good place to start. Make sure you have your quest preferences set if you are exclusively looking for these!

16 gathering.jpg

Just like with life skills every 10 levels the black spirit will offer you a quest, we recommend completing these quests as the rewards are very good for newer players. These quests start from beginner level 10. Bring up the black spirit by pressing hotkey ‘ , ’

11 Gathering.jpg