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The friend list in Black Desert is a great way to keep track of allies, especially if they are not in your guild. You can bring up the Friend List with the N key (default).


You can use this interface to add friends, remove friends, send messages, or simply check to see if your friend is online.

At the top of the window, you can toggle the message alert sound, along with the message alert display. Below this, any friends you have added to your friend list are displayed with their current status. If they are online, you will see (Online) next to their name. Should they be offline, however, you will see the time since they last connected.

On the bottom right of the window, you will see an Add friend Button. Select this if you want to add a player to your friend list. A new window will pop up, prompting you to enter a name. This can be either Family Name, or Character Name, which you can set via the top check box. Check it for Character Name, or uncheck it to use Family Name.


Once you have sent a Friend Request to another player, it will show up on their Request List. You can find your request list by selecting the left button on the bottom of the Friend window, causing another window to open. From this window, you can accept or decline friend requests. If you deny a friend request, the other user cannot add you to their friend list. If you accept, you will both be added to one another’s friend list.


If you remove a player from your friend list, you will also be removed from theirs. If you wish to re-add them, you must go through the friend request process again.

You can double tap a friend’s name to send them messages. Unlike normal whispers, this will show up as a new pop up on their friend list.