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Fishing in Black Desert Online is an activity that can be enjoyed actively or passively. If you followed our guide earlier you will also know that fish can be delivered through the Imperial Delivery System

Getting Ready to Fish

Fishing is incredible simple. All you need is a Fishing Rod and you’re ready to go! But there are some other things you can gather to make sure your fishing goes well


  • Floats are equipped in your secondary and will increase the size and rarity of fish. They can be enchanted and repaired.


  • Bait doesn't last very long, but it will increase the speed at which you find fish.


  • Consumables will temporarily provide buffs to make wishing easier or even extra EXP.

How to Fish

The action of fishing is fairly simple, once close to a source of water press <Spacebar> to throw the hook. The longer you hold the spacebar the more energy you will use when throwing your line up to a maximum of 10 energy. This will also give you the chance to find better fish.

When you hook a fish you will see a fish icon above your characters head, press space to play the fishing minigame. Once you properly time your hook you will then be prompted to press the four movement buttons W,A,S, and D in sequence within a certain amount of time. The better the fish the more difficult the sequence will be.

01 Fishing.jpg
02 Fishing.jpg

Once you hook the fish, you will receive EXP. You typically get much higher EXP per attempt since fishing requires energy and time.

As your level increases the rarer and more lucrative the fish you will get.

The Species that are fished are different depending on the region. Fish are generally used as materials for cooking or alchemy, but they are also good for trading.

Fish will eventually expire so if you wish to store them for longer a day or so, you will need to process them by Drying. However, the value of dried fish is decreased. If youre not going to cook or process them yourself you can sell the fish as trading goods.

03 Fishing.jpg

Auto Fishing

When you hook a fish and do not manually catch them, you will begin to Auto Fish. This is great when you have to leave for a little bit, but still wish to make some extra money. The type of fish and speed at which you fish will depend on your current stats.

You do not need to enter the command as you progress auto fishing. Not everything you catch will be useful, so if you're worried about your inventory space you can always click the ‘throw away useless items caught during auto-fishing’ tick box to put you at ease.

04 Fishing.jpg

Fish Guide

The fish guide contains an information about fish species that you could obtain through fishing.

You can only see the information of fish species you have caught, as well the rank and the maximum size of fishes you captured. The fish guide will be updated when you catch a bigger fish than before. It may take a second for fish to be updated so don't close your game right away if you're hunting for fishing ranks.

In the fish guide, the ranking of the adventurer will be marked according to the size of each fish.

05 Fishing.jpg
 You can find Fish Guide on the Menu by pressing ESC.