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Field Bosses will occasionally make an appearance in different areas of the world. You don’t have to worry about making a party since the Field Boss encounter is open to any adventurer up for the challenge. This also means that the loot is available for any adventurer that participate in the Field Boss encounter.

Field Bosses have significantly higher AP and HP compared to the regular monsters you see roaming the fields. For this reason, it is a good idea to come up with a strategy before you fight them. The Field Bosses also drop exclusive rare loot. If a Field Boss spawns on your server, assemble a team and head out to claim your reward!

Note: Remember that Field Bosses have a fixed spawn location but function with a timer schedule.

Introduction to Field Bosses

The Field Bosses currently available are Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Giant Mudster, Dim Tree Spirit and Katzvariak. You may have encountered some of these bosses at least once when you were doing your quests with the Black Spirit. They are unimaginably stronger this time, so don't let your guard down!

Red Nose

Red Nose will use its cleaver for a melee attack or charge towards a target. If you’re not the main target, move behind Red Nose to deal damage. Red Nose will also use its giant mass to body slam targets and perform shockwave attacks once its HP drops to a certain level.

When you see Red Nose inhaling, that's your cue to disengage. After Red Nose finishes inhaling, it will perform two shockwave attacks followed by a body slam attack. These series of area of effect attacks deal a lot of damage, so it’s a good idea to back off before you re-engage.

Red Nose.png

Dastard Bheg

Dastard Bheg swings a giant hook to perform ranged attacks that deal high damage. It will let out a roar and glow in red before it swings the hook for a basic ranged attack. Because of Bheg’s attack dealing splash damage, it's recommended you move out of the attack radius to avoid taking damage.

Like Red Nose, Dastard Bheg will perform a special area of effect attack once its HP drops to a certain level. After its basic ranged attack, Dastard Bheg will consecutively swing the hook around dealing area of effect damage. Dastard Bheg's area of effect attack deals high damage, so keep that in mind when you approach this Field Boss.

Dastard Bheg.png

Giant Mudster

The Gant Mudster is slow, but deals massive damage with its area of effect attack.

There are several things you need to watch out for when you fight the Giant Mudster. Its attack applies a slow debuff effect on its target. Any unlucky adventurer hit by the Giant Mudster’s attack will experience a drastic reduction in movement speed and attack speed.

Most of Giant Mudster’s attack will begin when it suddenly shrinks. When the Giant Mudster shrinks it’ll follow up with a charge attack or summon small Mudsters. The small Mudsters will explode dealing damage to anything nearby. If you see them, prioritize on taking them out first.

The most important thing to watch out for is the Giant Mudster's underground thorn attack.

The Giant Mudster will first apply a stiffness debuff to its target before it shrinks. Once the debuff is applied, it will follow up with an underground thorn attack. You’ll have to either evade or block the incoming attack. Stay calm if you’re unable to break free from the stiffness debuff. In this case, you can use the Emergency Escape (press V) to evade the attack.

Giant Mudster.png

Dim Tree Spirit

Don’t be fooled by its name. The Dim Tree Spirit is an agile, powerful Field Boss.

The Dim Tree Spirit's basic melee attack applies a knockback effect. Because of it, you can get caught in a continuous flurry of melee attack if you're not careful.

If you thought you were safe playing a ranged character, think again.

You'll notice a red glow appearing when you fight the Dim Tree Spirit. The red glow means that the Dim Tree Spirit is preparing for a ranged attack. Once the Dim Tree Spirit gathers enough strength, it’ll hurl a boulder at its target three times. The ranged attack is difficult to evade and deals high damage. To avoid damage, it is recommend you try to get out of range before the Dim Tree Spirit starts its ranged attack.

Another thing you have to watch out for is the Dim Tree Spirit's area of effect attack. At one point, the Dim Tree Spirit will hide in the ground to gather energy. Once it finishes gathering energy, the Dim Tree Spirit will inflict massive area of effect damage as it resurfaces.

Dim Tree Spirit.png


A huge monster that appears in the Tshira Ruins, Katzvariak, Chief of the Kvariak, can freely submerge underground and threaten adventurers with poisonous attacks.

During combat it will create poison areas in the ground. Stepping in these will hurt your character. It's best to avoid the areas that show green poisonous smoke rising from the ground.

When there are eight poisonous areas, Katzvariak will make them explode, dealing great damage to everyone near them. These poisonous attacks are much more powerful than all others, so you need to pay attention to the location of every poison area.


Where are the Field Bosses?

Field bosses appear in random servers and on average once per day.

If a Field Boss appears, a system message will appear only in the server it spawned.

Move to its spawn location and partake in the battle.


▲ 1. Red Nose (North of Western Guard Camp) / 2. Dim Tree Spirit (Forest of Seclusion)


▲ 3. Dastard Bheg (Northern Plain of Serendia)


▲ 4. Giant Mudster (Northeast of Glish Ruins)


▲ Katzvariak (Top left of the Tshira Ruins, west of Forgotten Gateway)


Name Drop Item
Red Nose Red Nose's Armor, Liverto Weapon Bundle
Dastard Bheg Bheg's Gloves, Liverto Weapon Bundle
Giant Mudster Mark of Shadow, Liverto Weapon Bundle
Dim Tree Spirit Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Tree Spirit Belt, Liverto Weapon Bundle
Katzvariak Eye of the Ruins Ring, Akum Armor, Combined Magic Crystal - Macalod, Combined Magic Crystal - Gervish

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