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What is a Family Inventory?

The Valencian Mogul, Shakatu, discovered a special ancient artifact at Cantusa Desert and has called upon adventurers to visit Shakatu's Territory. After seeing the ancient artifact, adventurers began calling it the "Family Inventory". It's a convenient inventory which any character within the same Family can access.

Obtaining and Expanding the Family Inventory

Adventurers who are at Lv. 60 or above can obtain quests from the Black Spirit's Suggested quests to obtain the Family Inventory. The string of quests begins from the [Shakatu's Gift] Invitation quest. Upon completion, adventurers can obtain a Family Inventory Slot Coupon which adds two slots and a Family Inventory Weight Coupon which adds +100LT.

  • The quests can also be accessed through Quest (O) → Suggested → [Lv. 60] Bag of the Stars


Black Spirit's Suggested menu (Left) / Quest (O) - Suggested menu (Right)

The Family Inventory can be obtained through quests or through the Pearl Shop (Loyalties) by purchasing the Family Inventory Slot Coupon which creates a "Family Inventory" category within the Inventory upon use. The Family Inventory can be expanded up to 28 slots. The Family Inventory can only carry certain items. The type of items it can carry are the following:

1. Scrolls
2. Food
3. Elixirs
4. Pet Feed
5. Food for recovering Worker Stamina

The Family Inventory cannot carry the following:

1. Items bound to characters
2. Items purchased from Guild Shop
3. Content-specific items (such as Guild, Red Battlefield, Savage Rift items)
4. Certain event items
5. [Oasis] exclusive items

Family Inventory.png

You can check the items which can be carried by the Family Inventory by checking the "Move Items" button.

If an item's description does not mention that it "Can be placed in the Family Inventory", then it means it cannot be moved to the Family Inventory. Please make sure you check the descriptions!


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