Fairy Laila

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A new companion has fluttered into the world of Black Desert Online, the Fairy, Laila. She has a myriad of abilities that will help in your adventures, however, you must first prove yourself a friend to the fairies to gain her trust and loyalty.

01 Laila.jpg

In order to begin your adventure to find Laila, you must be level 53. Additionally, you must have completed the Black Spirit Quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting. (This is the last quest in a series, beginning with the quest A Familiar Aura, which is offered by the Black Spirit, once you have finished the Catfishman extermination quests.)

If you have met the prerequisites, the Black Spirit will offer you the quest Fairy Queen Theiah. This is the first of a series of quests. Each one will lead you one step closer to your Fairy, Laila.

  • Fairy Queen Theiah - Accept this quest from the Black Spirit, then travel to Kamasylve Temple, located in Mediah, north of Soldier’s Grave and east of Heidel. You will find the Fairy Queen next to Kamasylve Temple Chancellor Herawen, the node manager. Speak with her to complete the quest.

02 Laila.jpg

  • Sweet Honey, A Source of Power - Queen Theiah offers you this quest, after you have turned in Fairy Queen Theiah. The objective is to gather Cooking Honey and return it to Theia. There are a few ways you can acquire the honey she requests. The first of these is to purchase it from the Marketplace. You could also have your workers gather it from the node Alejandro Farm. The last way is to use a matchlock to shoot down beehives in the Balenos region.
If you do not own a matchlock, visit Daphne Delucci at the Balenos Forest node. She will offer you the option to rent a practice matchlock, which has low durability, for 2 Contribution Points. Equip it and speak to her again, to rent a second practice matchlock.
Beehives hand from the trees around Balenos Forest. They can be located quite high in the branches, or lower down, near the tree’s trunk. A good indication that you are in the right area is the presence of bears. Once you see a beehive, target it by lining your reticle with the hive, which should turn the reticle from white to red. Left click to fire. You have two shots before you need to reload. The reload animation is much longer than the firing animation and you will be locked in place.

06 Laila.jpg

The beehive will hit the ground and fall apart, allowing you to loot Wild Beehives. Practice matchlocks only have 10 durability, so once your matchlock has reached zero, return to Daphne Delucci and return it to her. This will also refund the Contribution Points you used to rent it.
In order to get cooking honey from Wild Beehives, you must grind 3 of them. Open the Processing window, default L, and select the Grinding Option. Right click Wild Beehive in your inventory, to place it in the processing window, then start the process.
Return to Theiah once you have 2 cooking honey, and turn them in to complete the quest.
  • Into the Sweet Honey Jar - Theiah gifted you a Special Honey Jar, as a reward for completing the previous quest. Now she would like you to place it at an Unstable Crevice nearby. The crevice is located beside the tree, between two priestesses. It is indicated by a subtle orange glow. Interact with the Crevice and place the jar, then return to Theiah to turn in the quest.
  • Laila’s Scattered Petals - Theiah wishes you to find Laila’s Scattered Petals. These blue grade items can be collected in several different ways. They can be looted from monsters all over the world, at a low rate, gathered or fished up. Additionally, you can craft or purchase a Special Honey Jar and place it at an Unstable Crevice. Speical Honey Jars can only be crafted at an Alchemy Utensil, in your Residence.

03 Laila.jpg

  • If you want to craft a Special Honey Jar, you will need 2 Top-Quality Honey, 5 Fruit of Abundance, 2 Purified Water and 1 Essence of Liquor.
  • Top Quality Honey can be purchased from the Marketplace, or created by grinding Wild Beehive with Processing.
  • Fruit of Abundance can be obtained via gathering or farming.
  • Purified Water can be crafted via Processing. Fill bottles with river water, then use the thinning option to turn them into Purified water.
  • Essence of Liquor can be crafted with a Cooking Utensil. It requires 1 Leavening Agent, 1 Grain Flour and 1 Fruit.

04 Laila.jpg

Once you have one Laila’s Petal, return to Theiah and turn it in to complete the quest.

  • Mysterious Companion - Theiah wants you to meet the fairy who will be your companion. Interact with the Young Kamasylve Tree and complete the quest to receive Sealed Fairy Wings.

10 Laila.jpg
♦The young Kamasylve tree is standing in the middle of the Kamasylve Temple.

05 Laila.jpg

Open the Sealed Fairy wings to get one of the many versions of Laila. She has 4 Tiers, and 5 different personalities.

13 LailaTiers.jpg

13 Laila.jpg

The fairy’s tier determines her maximum level, as well as the potential level of skills she can gain. The tier also determines how many skills a fairy can learn.

12 Laila V2.jpg

In order to summon your new fairy with the Fairy Wings, you must be near the Young Kamasylve tree. If you are too far away, a path will be drawn to the tree. Once you have opened the item, you will be prompted to name your fairy, and a fairy wing icon will appear on the top left corner of the screen, near your mount and house icons. Left Click this icon to open the Fairy information page where you can summon your fairy, or raise its level with the Growth option. If you cannot see your summoned fairy, go the The Workers & Pets section of Performance Settings, and make sure you are showing your pets.

After you have completed Mysterious Companion, Theiah will offer you [Repeat] Mysterious Companion. Turn in 2 petals to receive Sealed Wings.

If you wish to release a fairy, open the Fairy Information Page. Make sure you have unsummoned Laila, and select the Release option, in the top right corner. Releasing a fairy will yield Fairy Powder. The higher the tier and/or level, the more Fairy Powder you will receive.

08 Laila.jpg
♦The option to release your fairy is located at the top right corner of the Fairy Information Page.

11 Laila.jpg

Unstable Crevice

Unstable Crevices are orange, glittering spots on the ground, which can be found in Kamasylvia, Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon. Only 100 Unstable Crevices spawn across those regions, and they reset on a 6 hour timer. In order to see them more distinctly, go to the Effects section of your Display Settings and ensure that Effect Opacity is set to 100.

01 UnstableC.jpg
♦This Unstable Crevice was located on the road, in the Calpheon region, near Catfishman Camp.

These Crevices can be seen from quite far away, however, they may take time to render on some PC’s. It is advised to use a slow mount/vehicle, or travel on foot to fine them more easily. Additionally, Unstable Crevices are much easier to spot during the night.

02 UnstableC.jpg
♦The render distance on Unstable Crevices is quite high, but it might take a few seconds for some computers to fully render it.

03 UnstableC.jpg
♦The unstable crevice in this image is shown at the lowest graphics settings, and effect opacity at maximum.

Once you have located an Unstable Crevice, walk up to it and interact to open the exchange dialogue. You can only exchange 1 Special Honey Jar, however, the exchange will give you a fairy at random. This will consume the Unstable Crevice and it will disapper.

04 UnstableC.jpg

As with all other Fairy Wings, in order to summon and register your new fairy, you will need to visit the Young Kamasylve tree, at Kamasylve Temple.

Leveling Laila

Fairies can be leveled to unlock more skills, however, each tier has a different max level. In order to level your Fairy, you must feed it weapons and armor, or use one of two special teas. Some quest gear cannot be fed to Laila, such as the Styd weapons, or Weapons of Magical Power.

The two teas you can feed to Laila are Sweet Honey Wine and Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine. Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine can be purchased from the Cash Shop at 150 pearls for 1, or 1,500 pearls for 11.

Sweet Honey Wine can be crafted in your home, with a Cooking Utensil. You will need 2 x High Quality Cooking Honey, 4 x Full-Bodied Exotic Herbal Wine, 10 x Sugar and 2 x Fruit.

  • Top Quality Honey can be purchased from the Marketplace, or created by grinding Wild Beehive with Processing.
  • Full-Bodied Exotic Herbal Wine is a rare proc from crafting Exotic Herbal Wine, or it can be purchased from the Marketplace. You will need 1 x Essence of Liquor, 3 x Grain Dough, 5 x Mineral Water, and 2 x Leavening Agent per craft.
  • Sugar can be purchased from a Cooking Merchant.
  • Fruit can be farmed, gathered by hand or with workers, or purchased from the marketplace.

14 Laila V2.jpg

When feeding your Laila, if you have multiples of the same item, you can check the Use Continuously option to have her consume all of those items at the same time. Additionally, if an item you wish to consume will grant more EXP than Laila needs to reach her maximum level, you will receive a warning, and prompt to verify that you still wish to feed it to her.