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Δ The extraction button is available at the "Blacksmith" NPC.

Players looking to retrieve their invested black stones from armor or weapons may utilize a method known as Extraction to reacquire them. However the cost of doing so can be quite heavy, and should not be done on a whim. In order to regain invested stones, you will need to visit a black smith and open their extraction menu.

From there players can place the armor or weapon they intend to retrieve the stones from, with the cost being the destruction of the item.

Please bear in mind that any item past it's safe level of Enchantment (+5 for armor, +7 for weapons) is not guaranteed to return all black stones used in the Enchantment. There is only a randomized chance of being returned some amount of the stones used in this piece of equipment.

Costume Extraction

Costumes may also be Extracted from armor, which is also accomplished via the blacksmith Extraction menu.