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This is the menu window that you use when you’re shutting down the client or changing to another character. You can access it by pressing ESC and selecting 'Disconnect'.

It takes 10 seconds to change to another character or to end the game, and if you get attacked during this time, this command will get canceled.

There is no waiting time in Safe Zone such as towns.


Exit Menu

  • Character Selection - It goes back to the character selection window. It is used when you’re connecting to another character or when you are creating a new character.
  • Server Change - It changes the server of the character you are currently logged in with. You need to wait 15 minutes to change to another character after changing server.


  • Tray - You can hide the game display to the system tray. Press LMB on the Black Desert Online icon in your computer's system tray to unhide the game. You can assign quick hotkeys by holding ALT + LMB.
  • End Game- Exits the game. The confirmation window will notify you of the next attendance reward you will receive the next day you log in.

Character Window

In the middle of the Exit window you'll see your list of characters and various icons and buttons.

  • Energy - This icon and the number next to it show you the available energy that character currently has.
  • Enhancement Chance - This icon shows you the total amount of enhancement chance that character has for its next enhancement. If you hover the mouse over it, the various amounts of each type of enhancement type will be shown: Enhancement Chance, Valks Enhancement Chance (max 10) and Permanent Enhancement Chance.
  • Take Portrait - The first button with the picture of a camera will take you to the customizing window. Once in the customizing window, press the Take Portrait button at the upper left or press Space Bar to take a picture.


  • Transport - It transports the character that is currently online to another town that it has visited before. You have to change to a different character when you’re transporting a character, and if you connect to a character that is transporting while you’re not done transporting, it gets cancelled. Read more on it in the Remote Transport page.


Quests & Journal

The bottom part of the Exit window will show you the last completed quest, the first quest in progress and the last major events that character has experienced.

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