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All of the armor in Black Desert can be used by any class, although primary and secondary weapons are class specific. This means your best in slot armor for your level 50 wizard can be traded via the warehouse to your level one giant, which in turn makes leveling alts very easy.

Your equipment is a crucial factor in your progression through the game, affecting everything from Vitality to Killing speed.

Equipment Durability

All equipment has durability, including jewelry. Durability decreases as items are used, for example, as armor absorbs damage, the durability decreases. The appearance of items will be affected by the durability loss, growing tattered or worn the lower the durability gets.

So long as an item has 1 durability the beneficial effects will persist while equipped. If the durability is reduced to 0 it is the same as not having the item equipped. You can repair your items at Blacksmiths and Armor Merchants, for silver.

Special Equipment


Some equipment offers special bonuses to professions such as cooking, fishing, gathering or even luck. Other equipment sets will add bonuses to your attack speed, HP, or movement speed. Pay close attention to these bonuses when selecting your equipment so it is tailored to your play style.

Gathering Tools

Gathering Tools include Butcher and Skinning knives, Pickaxes, Lumbering Axes, Hoes and Fluid Collectors. These items have durability, however, that durability is only consumed when using them to collect their respective resources. The higher the quality of tool, the faster you will gather resources, and the higher the durability of the tool will be.

In addition to gathering tools, you can equip a lantern. Instead of having a limited durability, lanterns last for a specific amount of time, which can be found in the lantern’s description. Once the time runs out, you can restore it in three hour increments with oil, which is purchased from vendors.