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The UI is one of the most important aspects of your gaming experience, and in Black Desert Online, you have several options for customizing it to suit your needs. The Edit UI function can be found in the Main Menu (Default ESC).

04 EditUI.jpg

Once you have opened the Edit UI menu, you will notice a few things immediately. First, there are 5 UI elements marked as red boxes. These include the Level/Paint Information, Game Tips, Minimap, Location/Time and Menu Buttons. These elements are red because you cannot move or hide them. They are considered static and unchangeable.

03 EditUI.jpg
♦Red UI elements are extremely important and cannot be hidden.

There are a multitude of other UI Elements to move and customize. Some Elements are also turned off by default, and can be enabled via Edit UI. If an Element is disabled, it will be gray, and the eye icon in the top right corner will be empty. Enabled Elements are white, with a filled eye icon.

To move an element around, simply click and drag it across the screen. Drop it where you want it to go and you’re all set. When placing your elements, please note that most do not have a snap or auto align function. The only element that possesses this function is the Quick Slot. You can enable it on the Edit UI window, located in the middle of your screen.

02 EditUI.jpg

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The Edit UI window has a few other functions besides allowing you to align Quick Slots. You can change the scale of your UI, making all elements larger or smaller, apply presets and enable a grid to help you more precisely place UI elements. (Changing you screen resolution in Display Settings will also alter the scale of your UI, so it is recommended that you make sure it is set to the optimal resolution before using the Scale UI function.) You have 3 Presets you can use to save and quickly apply your favorite UI arrangements. This is also a great way to test new layouts.

Selecting the Save button will bring up a new window, where you can save your current layout ot one of your Presets, while selecting the Reset button will return the layout of your UI to the default layout.