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Pathfinding is a feature that allows you to autopath from your current location to a chosen destination. Once you've obtained your path, press the T key to begin travel to your destination automatically.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your character while autopathing, as mobs near the road may attack you or your horse en route!

  • Right clicking your Quest Tracker

If you right click the quest description in your quest tracker appearing on the right side of the screen, you will create a path to your quest target. Once you complete the quest, right click again to pathfind to the completion point.

  • Through Quest Log

Through your Quest Log(O key), select a quest and then press the Autoroute button beneath the quest description.

  • Right clicking the World Map

Right click anywhere on your World Map to pathfind to your target.

  • Through Nodes on World Map

If you click on a node you've discovered but haven't connected to, you can select the "Show Connected Nodes" button to highlight all connected nodes, whether or not you've discovered them. It will also autopath you to the closest one - look for pings on the map elsewhere to see node locations for the other nodes. This is a great way to fill out your world map.

  • Collection Items

If an item can be turned in to an NPC, you can right click the item and select the "Locate NPC" option to pathfind you to the nearest turn-in NPC for the item.

  • NPC Location

Using the Magnifying Glass button next to your Minimap gives you an NPC name list sorted by locations. Find the NPC's name you wish to pathfind to and right click it to pathfind.

Using the Magnifying Glass button on your World Map allows you to pathfind to the nearest NPC based on the services they provide.