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The desert is a wide area that occupies all of Valencia. It is a bleak desert and vast land that is so inhospitable that travelers might end up getting sick while traveling! There are limitations on the speed and skill of your mounts such as horses and wagons in the desert. You will also be unable to check your direction via the map. Despite these risks, adventurers will travel through the desert looking for excitement and loot.

Desert Illness and Sandstorms

It is easy to get sunstroke during the day of due to the high temperatures in the desert. At night, hypothermia comes with the cold, so adventurers must be prepared When you are sick, you can recover your HP until the disease heals naturally, but quick treatment will help you to have a better adventure.

  • Star Anise Tea

This tea is an item that heals the hypothermia that happens at night. You can obtain this tea by gathering from the star anise tree, and it can be produced by combining purified water or distilled water.

  • Purified Water

Purified water can cure sunstroke that can be taken in the desert at daytime. You can obtain this by collecting river water in bottles and filtering them. Empty bottles can be purchased from the material vendor in each village.

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We recommend you to bring plenty of supplies when traveling in the desert. 

In the desert, sandstorms can also blow without notice.

When you recognize that a sandstorm is approaching, you should avoid or hide in safe areas by placing a tent. Sandstorm can do a lot of damage huge damage to adventurers.

You can purchase a tent from a stable master, and right-click to install it. Once a tent is placed you cannot pick it back up to make sure you purchase multiple tents. This tent can only be used in the desert.

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