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Dying within the world of Black Desert like many games is designed to incur a form of penalty to provide players with a sense of concern over risking death. Should a player fall on the battlefield there are a series of potential risks depending on the circumstances in which the death occurred.

Dying falls into a few categories with their own set of penalties:

PvE - Deaths as a result of PvE incur a loss of Combat EXP and the potential for magic crystals to break.

PvP - Deaths as a result of PvP do not incur neither Combat EXP loss nor the potential for magic crystals to break, unless you have negative Karma.

Evil Explorers - Known as Outlaws in the desert, player characters who have negative Karma and become evil suffer the biggest penalties: Combat EXP loss and shattering of magic crystals from both being defeated by both monsters and players, dropping gear enhancement level by dying to monsters, and randomized respawn location (within region of death).

Remember, there is always a chance of losing trade items regardless of Karma or location.



When defeated by a monster, the combat EXP goes down, and magic crystals might get destroyed.

Should you succumb to death in combat, you are presented with several options in which you can choose to resurrect:

Instant Resurrection - If you posses Elion's Tear you may utilize this option to resurrect exactly where you have fallen, except in occupied areas such as sieges, and underwater. When Combat EXP is decreased from death, the use of Elion's Tear instantly restore the lost Combat EXP.

Resurrect at the closest Node - Often the easiest method to returning to where you died, is selecting the nearest node to your death point that you've unlocked. A character with negative karma can be resurrected in an unexplored node, or randomly resurrected in 1 out of the 3 closest nodes. If there are no nodes nearby, this menu might not become available.

Resurrect at the closest Town - This method will place you at the nearest town to your death point, in some cases this is best when you've died in a difficult location. If there is no town that has been discovered in the territory, you will be resurrected from the closest town possible.

Note: If you don’t choose a location within 1 minute, which is the resurrection waiting time, it resurrects you automatically depending on the situation.


If there is no nearby town or node, you will resurrect from a far area so be careful.

Negative Karma Penalties

The player character karma goes down if you do some actions such as stealing, PK (Player Killing) other adventurers with PvP deactivated, or kill protected fauna such as horses. Karma goes up if you defeat monsters.

If you are attacked while PvP is activated and attack them back and defeat them, it is considered self-defense so it does not influence your karma. But if not, it’s considered PK, and a penalty of decreased karma happens.

If you attack someone first, while your PvP is activated the karma will be decreased by 10,000, and if you defeat that person 200,000 more karma will decrease.

If you defeat someone who doesn’t attack back (doesn't activate PvP), 210,000 karma decreases, and if you counterattack someone who attacked you, there is no penalty on your karma.

You can’t bring up your karma to above 300,000, so if you defeat 2 players continuously, your karma goes below 0 and you can get big penalties.

If your karma falls into the negative, the chance of death penalties become more severe:

Attacked in Safe Zone - An adventurer with negative karma can be attacked within Safe Zones such as towns, and gets death penalty upon dying.

Intensified Death Penalty - If a character with negative karma dies then even more EXP will be decreased. More crystals of equipment get destroyed and enhancement level may go down (only by dying to monsters). Note: Remember that while in the desert, negative karma characters won't lose magic crystals and their Combat EXP won't decrease after being defeated by other players, and their gear enhancement level won't go down from dying to monsters.

Resurrection area - When a negative karma character resurrects and selects ‘Resurrect at the closest Node’, it resurrects randomly from one of the three nearest nodes whether it has been found or not.

Attacks from NPCs - Guard NPCs will attack a negative karma character right away when it comes nearby. The guards walk around the town border as well as inside, so it will be difficult to use the town normally. The guards won't attack you in Muiquun.

Negative Karma.JPG

You'll get attacked by the guards if you become evil because your karma went down.

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