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Dying within the world of Black Desert like many games is designed to incur a form of penalty to provide players with a sense of concern over risking death. Should a player fall on the battlefield there are a series of potential risks depending on the circumstances in which the death occurred.

Δ Criminals we be killed on sight by NPC guards.

Dying falls into a few categories with their own set of penalties:

  1. PvE
    • Deaths as a result of PvE incur a loss of Experience and the potential for Gems to break.
  2. PvP
    • Deaths as a result of PvP incur the potential for Gems to break, but do not incur XP loss.
  3. Criminal
    • Players who have sustained negative Karma and become criminals suffer the biggest penalties, loss of Gems, dropping gear, destruction of gear (if severely negative Karma), and randomized respawn location (within region of death).


Δ Socketed Gems can be destroyed upon certain deaths (PvE/Criminals).

Should you succumb to death in combat, you are presented with several options in which you can choose to Resurrect:

  1. Immediate Resurrection
    • If you posses "Frozen Tears of Elion" you may utilize this option to resurrect exactly where you have fallen. (Except in occupied areas such as sieges, and water deaths)
  2. Node Resurrection
    • Often the easiest method to returning to where you died, is selecting the nearest node to your death point that you've unlocked.
  3. Town Resurrection
    • This method will place you at the nearest town to your death point, in some cases this is best when you've died in a difficult location.
Criminal players may be respawned at random locations due to their negative behavior as additional punishment, this is extremely risky due to the potential for gear to be dropped upon death making it difficult to re-aquire it.

City guards will also attack Criminal players on sight, making it nearly impossible to enter cities or retrieve dropped gear from within.