Crypt of Resting Thoughts

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A secretive place of the Ahibs at which only those chosen by the queen may enter after going through a special ritual.

The Ahibs who guard the underground prisons are extremely powerful, as they are under a dark spell, so you must not make a sound as you explore these grounds.

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Category Summary Description
Recommended Level Lv. 65+
Distance Efficiency ★★★☆☆ Near O'draxxia.
User Density ★☆☆☆☆ Not crowded with adventurers, due to the presence of very powerful monsters.

Give it a try!

Difficulty ★★★★★ Highest difficulty level.
Hunting Sensation ★★★★☆ Blink an eye, and you might just die.
Unique Drops Ah'krad
Mount Parking Recommended to park mount outside the cave, due to the many monsters which appear right inside the cave.

Monster Types and Levels

Basic Information

Mostly Lv. 65 monsters
Melee: <Abyssal> Ahib Beast Trainer, <Abyssal> Ahib Dark Chaser, <Abyssal> Ahib Condemner, <Abyssal> Ahib Fiendish Warrior, <Possessed> Baby Rock Gargoyle, <Possessed> Rock Gargoyle, <Abyssal> Ahib Grizzly Rider, <Abyssal> Ahib Kagtum Rider, <Possessed> Rock Gargoyle, <Possessed> Baby Rock Gargoyle, <Possessed> Khalk of Darkness, <Possessed> Bloodthirsty Khalk
Ranged: <Abyssal> Ahib Dark Mage
Others: Eye of Wrath, Eye of Agony, Eye of Despair


- Monsters have very high AP and DP.
- Monsters are distributed in groups.
- Many monsters use crowd control skills.
- You can obtain Ah'krad, a material used to create the Ah'krad Crystal which can be equipped on Awakening Weapons.

Level/Gear Requirements

Beware! Monsters here are very strong.

Level AP DP
Minimum Lv. 63 310+ 400+
Recommended Lv. 65 320+ 410+



Lv. 65 monsters will appear.

The place is crowded with monsters, so you must be prepared with the appropriate amount of AP and DP.

Key Locations and Routes

Monsters are found in groups within the centers of each Thornwood prison cave.

Major Item Drops


Caphras Stone

Ancient Spirit Dust

Black Stone (Armor)

Black Stone (Weapon)

User Density

This is where the strongest monsters of O'dyllita dwell.

Just like Thornwood Forest, you can obtain Ah'krad, the material used to create the Ah'krad Crystal for Awakening Weapons. However, only a very few dare to challenge the place.

▶ You can find yourself in grave danger if you get hit with a crowd control skill from a monster here, so it's recommended that you make sure your DP and resistance are high.

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