Crafting Notes

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The Crafting Notes window shows all items and materials that can be produced, what they help make, and how to make them. The notes are divided into 7 categories and all items are shown with their description.

You can open Crafting Notes by pressing the hotkey ‘F2’ or via the button located at the bottom of the in-game Wiki window.

Crafting Notes1.png

You can open the Crafting Notes by pressing the hotkey ‘F2’.

Shows the available items that can be acquired through workers at nodes, and which node to obtain them from.

It shows the items that can be obtained by fishing, and what they can be used for.

It shows the items that can be created through alchemy, and their further uses in production.

Shows the available cooking recipes.
It shows key items and materials used to make the products with a detailed explanation of the items.

Shows what is made through processing as well as which materials are needed.

Housing Production
Shows which items are crafted at a house by workers, as well as showing which nodes to send workers to to obtain the materials.

Tells you what items you can gather, how, and where.

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