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Crafting is the method used to create new items, some of the best items in Black Desert Online are obtainable through crafting. You can create new items by using workshops with materials obtained through gathering and processing. There are many different kinds of items that can be created through crafting such as weapons, armor, wagons, boats, and so on.

There are two kinds of Crafting: Simple Crafting and Advanced Crafting. Simple Crafting pertains to items created with one set of materials in one step. Advanced Crafting requires multiple steps and many more materials. Simple crafting includes (but is not limited to) crafting of gathering tools and equipment. Crafting a ship or wagon registration are classified as advanced crafting.

What Do I Need in Order to Craft an Item

Crafting in a nutshell is simple. While it may seem difficult, you only need three things


Material are the basic elements needed to craft items which can be obtained through gathering and processing. If you want to know the materials that are necessary to make items, open your crafting notes and search for the name of the final product.

Prod notes.PNG
You can check the material from the workshop even if the item is not registered in the crafting notes

A Workshop

A workshop can be obtained by purchasing a house in any city and using them as a workshop. To purchase a house you will need contribution points. More information about housing and contribution points can be found in the (Housing and Residences) page. You can earn contribution points by completing quests, exploring new areas, and guarding towns at night.

Prod contrib.JPG
Contribution points can be used for housing and connecting nodes for trade


Crafting in Black Desert Online is done by workers who are contracted to work for you. You can hire these workers from the Work Supervisor from the city you wish to craft in. More information about workers can be found in the (Workers) page. Work orders for crafting can be completed by assigning a worker to a job from your workshop. The time to complete will depend on the workers stats such as Work Speed, Action Strength, Luck, and Move Speed.

Lets Learn About Simple Crafting by making a 'Lumbering Axe'

The 'Lumbering Axe' is a gathering tool that is required to harvest lumber for trade or crafting. Material Vendors will sell you a 'Dull Axe' for a small amount of silver, but these have low durability and will result in a broken tool very quickly so if you're serious about your lumberjack skills you're better off obtaining a crafted axe. Let’s learn how to craft an axe for yourself!

Purchase a Tool Workshop

You will need a tool workshop to craft a gathering tool. First, select Velia Village on the world map (left click). By using the search tab in the upper right corner, you can easily find a location for your tool workshop.

07 prod.jpg
 If there is a house for this purpose, a blue arrow will point to it.

When you click on the house with the arrow, you will have the option to choose its function. Click the tool workshop, and purchase it using contribution points and silver. After you finish with this tutorial, you can sell your house to retrieve your contribution points.

02 prod.jpg
Do not hesitate to use your contribution points because you can get them back later.


When your tool workshop is ready, click the manage crafting button to reveal the list of items required for crafting.

03 prod.jpg
The icon is colored in grey because there is not enough material in storage.  

To produce a lumbering axe, you will need a piece of ash wood and three copper ingots. As we mentioned before, crafting is done by your workers. Don't forget that all of your crafting materials need to be in your storage!

Below is the method for gathering all of these crafting materials. Note that those of you who are not monetarily challenged can purchase these materials through the marketplace to expedite the process.

  • Ash Timber - You can collect Ash Timber from trees that are commonly found near the town of Velia. You can obtain the Ash Timber by using a Dull Axe which can be purchased from a material vendor
  • Copper Ingot: You can craft a Copper Ingot through the Mineral Workbench which will will require 10 Molten Copper Shards
    • Molten Copper Shards will come from heating Copper Ore through the Processing Window (shortcut 'L')
    • Copper Ore can be obtained in a variety of ways such as looting from a dead enemy, physically mining from ore deposits, or sending a worker to mine at a node that produces copper. Copper is more commonly found in coastal caves
  • Note: When processing crafting materials, the amount you receive depends on your processing skill and a little bit of luck

Remember that you do not need to gather all of these materials yourself. You always have the option to purchase them from the marketplace. Depending on how you play the game and how you obtain your own personal fortune, this may be the better option.

Once you have all of the required materials remember to put them in the storage you wish to craft in.

Contracting Workers

Now that we have the Tool Workshop and required Materials, we can make a Lumbering Axe with the help of our trusty workers.Let's go to Santo Manzi, the Work Supervisor of Velia and contract some workers. To contract a worker you need 5 energy and a little bit of silver.

If there is not enough room for your worker, you can purchase a house in Velia and use it as lodging. Remember that the first worker in each city requires no lodging, any subsequent worker will require lodging in the city where they were contracted.

04 prod.jpg
Your workers can be contracted by a Work Supervisor

Beginning Crafting and Receiving Finished Goods

When the tool workshop, materials, and the workers are all ready, the icon will be colored in on the task list of the tool workshop.

05 prod.jpg
You are now ready to start crafting!

Before you start you will need to specify the number of items to be crafted in the estimated time tab on the right. Click the “Change” button to specify the number of items, and click the “Start Work” button. The number of items can be specified up to 50,000 times. When the work is completed, or you lack the material the work is terminated automatically.

When the work is started, the material in your storage will start to deplete. You must be careful because you cannot refund your crafting material if you cancel your crafting. After the work is finished, you can find the finished product in your storage.

06 prod.jpg
Your completed Lumbering Axe is waiting for you!

Let’s Learn About Advanced Crafting by Making ‘Ship license: Raft’

Shipyard Purchase

To craft a ship license you will need a Shipyard. Click the town of Velia on the world map and find the location of the shipyard with the search tool.

07 prod.jpg
There is a Shipyard on the second floor of Velia 3-2

Material Preparation

Generally, advanced crafting requires a lot of materials compared to simple crafting. Every item on the list is displayed as an icon in the tool workshop management screen, but advanced crafting shows steps one by one. Advanced crafting also takes place in multiple steps, click the arrow of the top right of the crafting menu for your shipyard to see the other.

08 prod.jpg
This work list may seem daunting at first, but we'll help you through the process! 


Advanced Crafting functions differently than Simple Crafting. The Raft requires both Logs and Blackstone Powder. The number on the right represents the number of work orders required to complete. Therefore, you need 25 logs and 3 black stone powder which means you need 28 total work orders to complete this raft.

Just like simple crafting, your materials need to be in storage before you can begin your work orders. The same goes for your workers. Make sure you have enough to complete the raft in a reasonable amount of time!

Contracting Workers

This step is the same as Simple Crafting, the only difference is because the raft requires 28 separate work orders you will want more workers than just the one you had for your Lumbering Axe. Because you will want to contract more than one worker, you will definitely be required to buy some housing in Velie and use them as housing. As you can see Advanced Crafting requires more of everything.

Once again we will head to Santo Manzi the Work Supervisor of Velia to contract our workers. While different types of workers do make a difference, for the purposes of this page just focus on having anywhere from 3-6 workers for your raft, just to make it quick

Beginning Crafting and Receiving Finished Goods

After you have acquired your material, workshop, and workers you may begin crafting the Ship License: Raft. Once you have selected the parts of the raft you wish to start crafting, select the worker you want to assign the work to and click the 'start work' button to begin your crafting.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you can not start crafting another item in this shipyard until the your current project is completed.

11 prod.jpg
You can not start another craft until the current project is completed.

Same as simple crafting, the material should be in the warehouse where the worker belongs to begin your crafting.

Simple crafting is available to start producing only when you collect all necessary materials to make the item. Advanced crafting is available to start with only the amount of material needed per one part of the item you are trying to craft.

For example, the total number of logs needed for the completion of the raft is 25, but each log required is one individual work order. You can begin your project with one log in your storage. Meaning if you have 1 out of 25 you can still begin your project. As with Simple Crafting if you cancel your crafting, you will not be refunded he material cost.

12 prod.jpg
The number of logs you need for the raft is 25, but you can start operating when you have a single log.

Once you have completed all work orders, you will receive your License in your town storage.

Crafting isn't limited to just tools or rafts. You can produce various items such as equipment clothing, or trade goods.

Why not give it a try?

* The contents of this wiki may differ with in-game content depending on updates and content changes.