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Contribution is a point based currency acquired by completing quests. These points have multiple uses from purchasing houses, to renting items. Contribution is a finite resource, unlike Energy, and will not regenerate over time. If you uninvest in anything that has used contribution, the contribution will be returned to you as available contribution points, to spend on something else.

How to obtain contribution

  • Quests - Most quests will offer contribution as a reward. Some of these are repeatable and typically require you kill a set number of monsters in the vicinity.
  • Crafting/Gathering Byproducts - Cooking, alchemy and farming produce byproducts, which can be turned in, to specific NPC’s, for contribution exp.
  • Local Guardian - When monsters attack towns at night you can kill them and collect tokens as proof of your work defending the area. Turning in these tokens will consume energy, but they also reward contribution.

Contribution Recovery


  • Invested Contribution - If you invested your contribution in a node all you have to do it open the world map, click the node you invested in and click the withdraw button.
  • Rental Items - When the rented item is returned to the NPC who rented it out, you will regain the contribution spent to acquire it.
  • Houses - If you have purchased a house, navigate your map to the specific town, then click on the house you have rented. You will find a button to sell the house. Selling the house will remove the benefits the house granted you but restore the contribution invested.