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Guild Missions are based on guild size, with scaling rewards as well as challenges. However, missions are not unique to each guild and you must compete for them. Additionally, guilds can only complete 5 missions in a day, so choosing missions wisely is extremely important.
Guild Missions are based on guild size, with scaling rewards as well as challenges. However, missions are not unique to each guild and you must compete for them. Additionally, guilds can only complete 10 missions in a day, so choosing missions wisely is extremely important.

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There are two options for binding larger groups together in the world of Black Desert. The first of these is called a Clan, while the second is a Guild.


Clans can be created by players who wish to keep connected with one another, exchange information and socialize. It supports up to 15 unique players, however, there are some restrictions.

  • A guild supports up to 100 adventurers, while a clan can only have 15.
  • If you are in a guild, you cannot join a clan.
  • Clans cannot participate in Node & Conquest War.
  • Clans cannot register insignias.
  • Clans cannot take part in Guild Wars, guild missions, or use guild skills, and have no history.
  • Clans cannot use guild stables & wharfs.


Anyone can create a clan by talking to the Guild Manager NPC.

Once a clan has been created, you can pull up the clan window by pressing G. This will show you all of the clan members, their Family and Character Names, classes, levels, positions, and whether or not they are online. To invite another member to join your clan, you must be in the same channel, and standing near one another. Then you can use the interaction menu to send the invite.

Disbanding a clan is also easy. You just need to press the ‘Disband clan’ button while there is no one in the clan.


If you find your circle of companions growing, or want to participate in more group oriented activities, you can spend 100,000 silver coins to convert your clan into a guild by talking with a Guild Manager.

If promoted to a guild, the original clan name is kept.


A guild is a group of people who have gathered together for a particular purpose.

There is a lot of exclusive content that can only be conducted if you are a member of a guild, and the reward for the various activities can be shared by all the guild members.


In order to form a guild, you must visit a Guild Manager NPC, which can be found in most large cities. You can either convert a clan into a guild, for a fee of 100,000 silver, or create a guild from scratch for the same price. Out of this amount of money, 20,000 silver coins are used for the commission fee and you will keep the other 80,000 silver coins as guild funds. These funds cannot be accessed directly, however, they can be used to provide members with a daily pay out, purchase guild specific items, and pay for missions.

All guilds begin as small, can only house 15 unique players, and are limited to taking small guild missions.


Tips: Conditions to creating a clan/guild

  • You have no clan or guild that you’ve already registered to.
  • 24 hours must have passed after leaving clan/guild.
  • You can make guild name only in English/numbers, and you can’t use blank or special characters.

Guilds, unlike clans, can participate in Node & Conquest Wars, Guild Wars and guild missions. Guilds can also host Arena of Arsha matches. High ranking guild members can purchase items from the Guild Store, such as structures for Conquest Wars, or supplies for naval combat. Any items purchased from the guild shop are paid for directly from the guild funds, so discretion should be used when selecting higher ranking guild members, as well as which items to purchase.

If guild funds drop too low, the guild leader can deposit a small amount of silver, or purchases may be taken from high ranking members’ own silver. Fund depletion can cause no end of disruptions in a guild, so it is wise to maintain funds with missions.



Registering Guild Emblem

In order to register your guild's insignia which serves as the guild’s face, you need to buy '[Guild] Emblem Certificate' item from the guild manager.

You can register the guild emblem in the guild window (G) after making a 60X60 pixel ‘Gmark.png’ picture file into the ‘My documents/Black Desert’ folder.


But keep in mind you can only register and change the guild emblem on Monday.


You can click the guild window's Register/Change Guild Emblem while holding a '[Guild] Emblem Certificate' item.


A confirmation window like the above will appear.

Guild Contract

To invite a player to a guild, you must be in the same channel. Use the radial interaction menu to send an invitation to that player, or use the Recruit Guild Member tab of the guild information window (default G).

When you invite a new player to the guild, you offer them a contract with certain terms. You can set the duration of the contract (contract terms are 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days), their daily allotment of funds (within a certain range), and the fee for member termination (within a certain range). If a contracted player leaves your guild, they automatically pay that fee directly to the guild funds, whereas a member kicked from the guild will be paid 3 times the daily pay from the guild funds.


In order for a player to receive the benefits of being a part of the guild, such as any EXP bonus, HP increase, or Damage Increase from Guild Skills, they must have an active contract. You can check this by going to the Members Tab of the Guild Information Window. In the last column of that tab, you will see a status symbol for each member, indicating the status of their contract.

Once a player’s contract has expired, you must renew their contract for them to contribute to the guild, or receive guild benefits. As with guild invitations, they must be in the same channel for their contract to be renewed.

When renewing the contract, you can increase 1% of current pay for 100 points of current activity level, and the increase can be limited to 100% for each contract.

For example if your current pay is 30,000 silver coins and activity level is 10,000, you can renewal the contract at a maximum of 60,000 silver coins.

Renewal can be done at least once a day, and it is renewed on midnight (24 o’clock) real time.

Tips: Conditions for joining a Guild

  • A guild is sharing across your family so you can only register into 1 guild per account.
  • You can’t register to a different / same guild within 24 hours of leaving a guild.

Guild Activity

Every contracted member of a guild, regardless of level, contributes to the guild’s EXP. This contribution is listed as guild activity, and can include participating in guild missions, leveling characters' Life Skills, participating in Guild Wars and much more.

To see a guild member’s overall activity, as well as how much they have earned during their current contract period, check the Activity column of the Members Tab. The first number, in white, is their overall activity, while the second, in green, is their current contribution.


Guild activity impacts the range of silver that can be offered as a daily allotment, as well as the fee for leaving or being kicked, however, it caps out at a maximum of 10000 activity per contract period.

Guild Duties and Rights

Unlike in a clan, you can appoint a commander and a quartermaster in a guild.

The commander supports the master and has the guild management authority.

There is no limit on the number of commanders.

The guild master can appoint all the guild members as commanders or appoint no one.

Guild Master

The person in charge of the guild. Since it holds a lot of authority, it has many responsibilities as well.

If a guild is a company, the guild master is the president.

If the master is unavailable for a long period of time, there is a big possibility that the guild won’t function very well.


Can get part of the guild authority and help the Guild Master to manage a guild.

If it’s a company, it is the role of an administrator.


Is in charge of supplying war supplies.

Can buy and use most of the war supplies at guild shop.

Guild member

If you register to a guild, you automatically become a guild member.

You can use the guild contents, but do not have the right to operate the guild.


Guild Window


1. Notice

Can write down the guild notice to be shared with guild members (Only available to guild master and commander/s).

2. Guild Description

Can write down a description of the guild. It is visible to all the guild members. (Only available to guild master and commander/s)

3. Saying of the Day

It serves the function of writing down the contents that all the guild members want to share, and is only shared within the guild.

4. Increasing Member Capacity

You can increase the guild members capacity to a maximum of 100 people.

As the size of the guild gets bigger, the maximum capacity of the guild member and protection capacity increases as well.

The size of the guild is decided by the number of people who joined, apart from the maximum member capacity.

5. Increasing Guild Protection Capacity

Other than the protection capacity that is provided, the maximum protection capacity can be increased by using guild scores. Can increase up to 10% of the current member capacity, and if the maximum capacity is 100 people, upon the basic protection capacity of 10 people, additional 10 people can be added so 20 people can be set as protection capacity. Every time the protection capacity increases by one person, 1 guild score is spent. The guild member that is set as protection capacity can’t be attacked by an enemy guild member, but if the enemy guild member activates forced attack (ALT+C), can be attacked.

6. Declaration of War

Can declare war towards other guild. (Only available to guild master and commander/s)

7. Guild Storage

Opens the guiild storage that can only be used in shops.

8. Guild Information

Guild information page is activated, and can use guestbook.

9. Guild War

From the left there are buttons for penalty applicability / request to end the war / withdraw from war.

Guild Communication

Guild members can exchange information and communicate through guild communication. You can use chat conversation by entering /G key into the chat window or activating the input window and then pressing ALT+5.

If you add !(exclamation mark) in front of the chat sentence, you can show your message on the top center of the game screen to all the guild members who are connected.

If a guild member in the same server channel collapses during a Guild War, the location is shown as a skull on the World Map.

It is the easiest way to check in which area your guild members are having a fight.

Also, the guild members from the same guild are displayed as green marks on the Minimap and World Map.

Guild Funds

Guild fund starts with a minimum of 80,000 silver coins at the moment of creating a guild.

No one can withdraw the guild fund and it is used only for the operation of a guild.

How to Obtain Guild Funds

1. Guild Mission

The most basic way to obtain guild funds is to complete guild missions.

Depending on the size and the type of guild mission, the fund differs.

2. Conquest & Node War

If there are many guild members who like PvP and you want to earn more guild funds, you can participate in Conquest and Node Wars.

If you win, you will able to obtain a part of the territory tax as guild fund.

You can earn guild fund up to hundred millions even if you conquer level 1 nodes.

The tax that was earned from winning Conquest or Node Wars can only be collected in the server where the war happened. For example, if you want to collect the tax from the Southern Guard Camp that is included in the Serendia Territory, you have to move to Serendia 1 server. If you don’t collect it until 15 minutes before the next Conquest or Node War starts, the tax gets collected automatically, and it automatically collects again 5 minutes before the Conquest or Node War.

Guild Bonus

Any guild with at least 30 members can distribute guild bonus.

Guild bonus can be distributed once every seven days, and can be up to 40% of your guild funds.

Guild bonus can be distributed only by the Guild Master.

Gaining Guild Score

1. Guild Missions

The most basic method to gain guild score is to complete guild missions.

Depending on the size of guild and type of the guild, from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 24000 guild skill EXP can be obtained. If the guild accomplishes 100% of the guild skill EXP, the guild can earn 2 guild points.

As the size of the guild mission gets bigger and the time limit is higher, the guild can earn more guild skill scores.

2. Increasing the level and skills of guild members

In case of a new adventurer who can’t help with guild missions because of their low level, the adventurer can contribute to the guild growth by increasing the character level and Life Skills levels.

Although smaller than guild missions, the new adventurer will be much faster in increasing its Character level and Life Skills levels, so they can earn more guild activity than you might expect.

Guild Mission

You can use guild missions to expand the guild funds, rapidly increase the guild’s level, and earn Boss scrolls for your guild members to fight. The Guild Missions tab can be used to see what type of missions are available, from subjugation missions where you defeat monsters, to trade missions where you must deliver a specific type of pack to Trade Managers.

Guild Missions are based on guild size, with scaling rewards as well as challenges. However, missions are not unique to each guild and you must compete for them. Additionally, guilds can only complete 10 missions in a day, so choosing missions wisely is extremely important.

The goal for most missions are to accomplish the goal within a limited time.

If the guild fails to accomplish the goal within the given time it must give up the mission. If the guild presses forfeit guild mission, guild point can’t be earned. (When forfeiting, the number of available mission doesn’t come back)

For the guild mission, the needed number of people differs depending on the size.

The recommended number of people are 1 ~ 5 people for small, 6 ~ 10 people for medium, 10 ~ 15 people for large, and 16 ~ 20 people for extra large. If there are guild members with high levels and great equipment, the required number of people decreases.


The guild mission can be checked by pressing its button in the list of tabs of the Guild window.

Once you have chosen the mission you want to attempt, you must pay the fee listed at the bottom right hand corner of its detail block and there must be at least 3 guild members online. Whatever mission you choose will be timed, and the fee to take the mission is non-refundable. If you complete the mission during the allotted time, a high ranking member of the guild must turn it in for the guild to collect the reward. If you fail, the guild earns nothing.

Combat Mission

Combat missions are mostly made up of defeating monsters in Monster Zones. So you can carry out a guild mission as well us level up.

When carrying out a combat mission, it is important to select not just the size but select the area depending on the level of the guild members.

The level of the monster differs depending on the area, so the level of guild mission differs as well. Also, even if the size and the area is the same, if the time limit is longer, it is a more difficult quest.

If the average level of the guild members is 45 ~ 50, Calpheon is recommended. The combat missions for Calpheon consists of defeating Rhutums, Manshas, Hexe skeletons, Treant spirits, Calpheon Shrine cultists and Cyclopes and one is selected randomly.

If the average level of the guild members is 51 ~ 55, Mediah is recommended. The combat missions for Mediah consists of cleaning out Wandering Rogue Den, defeating Helms, cleaning out the Elric Shrine of cultists, defeating Manes, defeating Sausans and defeating the Barbarians in the Abandoned Iron Mine, and one is selected randomly.

If the average level of the guild members is above level 55, Valencia is recommended.

The combat missions for Valencia consists of defeating Desert Fogans, Crescent cultists, Desert Naga, Gahaz bandits, Waragons, Cadry cultists, Bashims, Basilisks and Centaurus, and one is selected randomly.

Life & Trading Missions

Life missions are made up of gathering, fishing and trading, and have the advantage of leveling the various Life Skills while carrying on with a guild mission.

If the guild members levels is low and there are many guild members who enjoy Life Skill content, life missions are recommended. Gathering and fishing quests are displayed in green, and trade is displayed in brown icon.

Out of the life missions, trade missions are only suggested for guild with strong teamwork since the level of difficulty is high, having to spend the guild member’s fund and restricting skills as well as having the Guild Master join.

Guild Skills

As guild members contribute with guild activity, the guild will gain experience. This will grant the guild with Guild Points, which can be used to purchase Guild Skills. You can also use these points to increase the size of the guild.

Guild Skills grant bonuses to members of the guild, or unlock guild specific advancements, such as larger Guild Storage. Only the highest guild ranks can put points into skills, and there is currently no reset option available.

Out of the various guild skills, there are passive type of skills that can be applied right after learning them, and active types of skill that are applied for a certain period of time when used.


Available Skills are as follows:

  • Scale - Increase Guild Member Capacity
  • Protection - Increase Guild Protection Capacity
  • Furious Roar - Increase Accuracy
  • Battle Roar - Increase AP
  • Flame of Life - Increase HP
  • Flame of Protection - Increase Damage Reduction
  • Call of the Lord - Increase Guild Member HP during Conquest War
  • Command to Gather - Call all guild members to your location.
  • Nimble Fingers - Increase Gathering Level
  • Art of Fishing - Increase Fishing Level
  • Skilled Rider - Trade Item Protection Increase
  • Blessing - Siege Weapon Damage Resistance Increase
  • Experienced Cry - Increase Combat and Life EXP Gain for all members.
  • Money Maker - Increase guild member luck
  • Call to Battle - Increase Combat and Skill EXP for all members.
  • Fully Prepared - Opens a mount Part Workshop at the guild house.
  • Monstrous Force - Opens an elephant nursery at the guild house.
  • Building Boat - Open a shipyard at the guild house.
  • Ample Storage - Increase Guild Storage.

Guild War

It is a function that allows PvP anywhere on the world, no matter the level of the guild members, between 2 guilds after a declaration of war.

It is possible to declare war without the opposing guild’s consent, and can declare war upon 6 guilds at the same time at most.

If the Guild Master or commander who started the war presses the ‘stop’ button, they can stop the war right away.

But calling off Guild War can only be done 1 hour after the declaration of war.

Declaring and ending Guild Wars, and checking war status can be done through guild window.

During a Guild War, if you are positive karma, you won't be affected by death penalties.

Disband Guild

Guilds cannot be disbanded while guild items are still contained in guild member inventories or guild storage. Additionally, members cannot leave the guild while they have possession of such items.

Delegating Guild Master Position

If a guild leader fails to log in for an extended period of time, greater than 15 or 30 days, the guild can choose to transfer leadership to another player.

There are two procedures in delegating the Guild Master position, and the amount of guild funds that will be consumed and the necessary condition differs.

First, if the Guild Master does not log in for 15 days, the commander can use 20 million guild funds to delegate the rights of the master.

The Guild Master can delegate the master role to the commander voluntarily.

But in this case, there are more conditions to be met than not having to log in for a while.

• Delegation is not allowed if you have territory, node, or guild house.

• If there are items in the guild storage and guild stable, delegation is not allowed.

• If there are guild items in the master’s inventory, delegation is not allowed.

• When delegation happens, 50% of the guild’s fund will be deducted.

If an elephant in the stable is wearing an equipment or the Guild Master has a guild item, delegation is not allowed so you must look into see if the conditions are met.

Guild Rank

You can check the guild rank by pressing ESC and checking the guild rank menu.

Basically, the list is displayed in the order of guild with highest point coming first, and if the guild score is the same, the rank is decided based on experience point.

Number of guild members, if the guestbook and the guild description have been updated, and the Life Skill level of the guild members can be used to look at the guild rank so if you check the guild rank you can see which guild focuses on what to enjoy Black Desert.

In guild rank, if you put your mouse over a guild name, you can check the simple guild description, and if you click the guild name, you move to the relevant guild page and read the detailed guild introduction and guest book.

These various standards will help each adventurer on selecting the guild based on their play style.

* The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes.