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Chat Group is a newly added function within Black Desert Online where you can discuss various topics with fellow adventurers.

How to Access

Chat Group can be accessed via Menu (press ESC), under the Community tab for the new menu, and at the bottom line for the old menu.

Chat Group2.png Chat Group3.png

Discussion Topics

There are currently 5 topics available:

Lunar Halo Inn (New Adventurers)

This is a cozy nook for new and returning players. Here you can seek help from other adventurers well versed in the world of Black Desert.

Don't be shy and ask away any questions you have about the game!

Battle Arena (PvP)

Have any questions on PvP? Are you looking for those worthy to face in PvP battles? Or are you looking for the best gear for PvP?

Battle Arena is where you'll find your answers.

Hystria Ruins (PvE)

Where is the best place for me to level up with my current gear? Where should I go at this level? Where can I get these items from?

All questions and answers on Monster Zones can be discussed at Hystria Ruins!

Florin Neighborhood Meeting (Life Skills)

Do you prefer the peaceful and fulfilling way of mastering Life Skills? Then the Florin Neighborhood Meeting is the place for you!

How do I make this piece of furniture? Where can I catch Yvrugs? The Florin Neighborhood Meeting is for all Life Skill enthusiasts.

Dancing Marlin Tavern (Sea Content)

Obviously for all you sea dogs out there sailing the Great Ocean! Looking for shipmates to hunt down sea monsters? Or are you seeking help in building ships?

Come to the Dancing Marlin Tavern and hear the stories of veteran captains of Black Desert!

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How to Use

When you select the Chat Group topic you like, you will receive a system message indicating you joining the group.

You can toggle Chat Group text with the "Chat Group" option in the Chat Window Settings.

Note: When you create a new family, you automatically enter the Lunar Halo Inn Chat Group.

Chat Group6.png

Only one Chat Group per family can be joined at a time. If you wish to join a different Chat Group, simply choose another topic.

You will automatically leave the previous group and join the new one.

Also note that you may not be able to join a Chat Group if the group is at full capacity.

In such cases, please wait until there's room for you to join!