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Chat is your primary source of in-game communication with other players, when in Black Desert Online. It has several methods of customization, along with the ability to be moved around your screen via the UI Edit menu.

By default, all chat is enabled in a single window. One of the first steps you will want to take is to set the chat Channel you prefer. Go to your General Settings, under Language. At the bottom of the window, you will see a series of options for Chat Channel: Send and Receive. This allows you to select the main global chat you wish to use. International is a conglomeration of all languages, whereas the others are intended for speakers of those languages. You can change this setting at any time.

Another feature enabled, by default, is the profanity filter. This will censor specific words that are considered inappropriate. You can augment the profanity filter by using the chat filter, as well. The chat filter will allow you to set specific words or phrases that you are not interested in seeing, and any message containing them will be blocked.



If you want to separate your chats, or display different chat types, you can create multiple chat windows. There is a plus sign, at the top of your chat header, which you can use to create new chat windows. Each window will be numbered, to help you easily identify them. Pressing that button will bring up a new window, with all of the chat types, along with several other options to customize your chat.



  • Notice - This will show you server announcements.
  • Server Group - This is the global chat for your server, and is affected by the settings you choose for Chat Channel.
  • Combat - This shows combat related text.
  • General - This is shared with players in close proximity to you.
  • RolePlay - This is the roleplay chat.
  • Team - You can use this to communicate with Team Members in Arena of Arsha, Team Battle, Savage Rift and Red Battlefield.
  • World - This is where worldwide messages are broadcast.
  • Guild - This is a chat just for you and your guild members.
  • Party - You can use this to communicate with players you party with.
  • Whisper - This is where you can see private messages you send or recieve.
  • Arsha - This is specific to the Arena of Arsha.
  • System - This is specific t o system messages and has several sub categories.

  • Header (For all Chat windows) - Show or hide the tab headers for chat.
  • Show Chat Timestamp - Use this to hide or display a timestamp for all messages in chat.

  • Font Size - Make your chat font larger or smaller, depending on your preferences.
  • Display Name - Choose whether messages display the player’s Character Name, or Family Name.
  • Chat Scroll Animation - Choose whether or not to use a scrolling animation on your chat.

If you have difficulty seeing a particular chat color, or simply wish to use something else, you can click on the boxes beside each chat type to select a new color. You can also revert these back to default with the “Reset Colors” button at the bottom of the window.

If you wish to make the chat window more transparent or opaque, you can use the slider bar at the top of the chat settings window to customize it to your preference. You can also check your list of blocked players with the “Block List” button, at the bottom of the window. A new window will pop up where you can see the players you have blocked, delete individuals from the list, or delete all players on the list.


Once you have set up your chat window, you can re-enter settings via the cog wheel at the top left corner of the chat interface. You can also “Pop-out” specific tabs to have multiple chat windows at a glance, or merge all of your chat windows into one with multiple tabs.