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General Overview

The Character Window is a useful tool for keeping track of your goals and progress. At a glance, you can glean a large amount of useful information, such as the levels of your professions, or your resistance to certain types of crowd control effects. We will break the Character Window into small sections, and review each aspect, to help you unravel some of the mystery.

When you first open your character window, you will see something similar to this:

♦To open your Character Window, press P (Default)
01 BasicProfile.jpg

There are four tabs across the top: Basic, Title, Journal and Task. Each of these tabs will show you different information relevant to your character progression. The first section of this window is designated as Basic.


Basic is the default tab for the Character Profile Page.

Basic Information

Basic information not only shows the rudimentaries of your character, such as name, but can help you keep track of your level, progress with Energy and Contribution, Attack and Defense, and much more.

Bio - You can create a custom message that other players will be able to read.

Family Name - When you log into Black Desert for the first time, you will be prompted to create a Family, or account name, that your characters will display in game. Please note that the EU and NA servers are considered separate, so if you decide to play on both, you will need to go through the process twice, and may not be able to secure the same name on both.

Character Name - This is the unique name of your character. It cannot be used by anyone else, and there are several naming restrictions you should keep in mind.

Horoscope - Pick your Horoscope at Character Creation to enhance your Amity gain with NPC’s who share it. This cannot be changed.

Karma - This shows your current Karma value, allowing you to keep track of how quickly lawlessness can render you red.

Energy - See how much energy you have available, as well as the maximum Energy you have unlocked.

Contribution Points - See how many Contribution points you have left, as well as your maximum Contribution unlocked.

Level - Not only does this show you your current character level, but you can see your progress through that level with a miniature version of the Level Progress Bar.

02 BasicProfile.jpg

Time Played (Character Specific) - This value shows the time you have spent in game for the day. It begins again at zero, after server reset.

Time Passed (Character Specific) - This value shows you the lifetime time played on your character.

House Fame - House fame is the total accumulation of all fame accrued by the characters on your account, specific to region. You will be given a daily payout based on the fame you have earned.

Combat Fame - This value is based on the total combat levels your characters have reached. Characters above level 56 with receive double the points of lower level characters, while 60 and up will receive 5 times the points.

Life Fame - This value is based on the Life Skill levels of all of your characters.

Special Fame - This value is determined by your maximum Energy and Contribution gained.

Health(HP) - This shows you your current HP, alongside your maximum HP.

MP/WP/EP - This shows you current MP, alongside your maximum MP.

Weight - This shows your current weight, maximum weight and breaks down the weight allocation based on Silver, Equipped items and Inventory Items.

Attack(AP) - This shows your current Attack Power.

Awakening AP - This shows your Awakening Attack Power.

Defense(DP) - This shows your Defense.

Stamina - This shows your Stamina, which is consumed by sprinting, as well as some combat maneuvers.

03 BasicProfile.jpg


This section allows you to see the ranks of modifiers to your character. Each has 5 ranks total, and affect the speed at which you complete specific tasks, perform skills and move.

04 BasicProfile.jpg

Attack Speed - This increases the speed at which you attack and applies to skills, in addition to auto attacks. This stat is only used by Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Kunoichi, Dark Knight, Striker and Mystic. Remaining classes will receive no benefit from this stat.

Casting Speed - This increases the speed at which you cast skills, in addition to other magical attacks. This stat is only used by Sorceress, Valkyrie, Wizard and Witch. Remaining classes will receive no benefit from this stat.

Movement Speed - This increases the speed at which you walk, run and sprint.

Critical Hit - This increases the rate at which you perform critical hits.

Fishing - This decreases the time it takes to catch fish.

Gathering - This decreases the time it takes to gather with tools.

Luck - This stat increases your item drop rate.

Fitness and Resistance

The Fitness section will show your progress in the three forms of fitness. Each one has a different method of leveling, but all can be tracked via this section. If you mouse over each of these stats in game, you will be shown the method of leveling, and the bonus your character has gained for those levels.

05 BasicProfile.jpg

Breath - Leveling this will increase your stamina pool. Walk or run around to level.
Strength - You can increase your weight by small amounts, if you level this skill. Walk around with a Trade Pack to improve your strength.
Health - This will increase your HP pool. Eat any form of food to level this skill, however, be aware that higher quality food will have a larger impact.

The Resistance section breaks down each type of resistance into its own category and shows the percentage chance to avoid, or ignore these condition types. The four categories for Crown Control Conditions are listed on the Profile Page, and mousing over them in game can reveal further information.

Professions (Life Skills)

This section will show you your ranks and levels in Professions, along with the percentage you have completed for that level. If you mouse over each Profession, you will see a tooltip describing the benefits of leveling it up further.

06 BasicProfile.jpg

Ranking - Clicking this button will open the Server Rank Window. You can check your ranking compared to the other players in your channel for life skills, level, wealth and Red Battlefield.

Gathering - Level this up to consume tool durability at a slower rate.
Processing - Level this up to increase the number of items produced, as well as the types of items that can be crafted.
Cooking - Level this up to increase the number of items produced, as well as the types of items that can be crafted.
Alchemy - Level this up to increase the number of items produced, as well as the types of items that can be crafted.
Training - Level this to increase the amount of EXP earned by your horses, as well as your horse capture rate.
Fishing - Level this to discover more flocks of seagulls for deep sea fishing, in addition to consuming fishing pole durability at a slower rate.
Hunting - Level this up to equip better muskets.
Trading - Level this to increase the number of items you can trade, as well as the bonus you earn from successful bargains.
Farming - Level this to speed up the rate at which you harvest, prune, kill pests and breed plants. This will also cause you to consume less energy when doing farming related tasks.
Sailing - Level this to increase the amount of sailing abilities you can use.


The Title not only shows you the titles you have earned on your adventures, but allows you to see the bonus you have earned for your accumulation of titles. You can also see titles you have not yet unlocked, hints on how to get them, the percentage breakdown of titles based on category, and you can select a title for your character to display.

♦The Title Page is the second tab of the Character Profile.
06 TitleFull.png

In the top left corner of your screen, you will see how many titles you have acquired total. These titles are account wide, specific to region. Under this, you will see a progress bar, with a percentage to the right. This indicates your overall progress on attaining all available titles in the game.

Gaining titles allows you to unlock buffs for your characters, depending on how far you have progressed, and is not connected to a specific title. Instead, it is based on your total of unlocked titles and is active whether your character is displaying a title or not.

07 TitleInfo.png

The right side of the title page is where you can find and select specific titles for your character to display. You can also see titles you have no yet unlocked, which are dark gray, and missing the Apply button to the right. Titles are broken up into four categories: World, Combat, Life, and Fishing.

World titles are unlocked by exploration, gaining knowledge and contribution, leveling and much more. You can also unlock world titles via Enhancement and Quests.

Combat Titles are accumulated by killing certain amounts of specific monsters.

Life Titles can be unlocked by performing tasks related to Professions, such as cooking a specific food, or mining a type of ore.

Fishing titles can be unlocked by catching the requisite number of a specific type of fish.

If you are unsure how to unlock a specific title, click the tile in the list, and look at the tip displayed on the bottom left side of the window. This will provide you with information regarding the title’s acquisition method, as well as some flavor text.

To have your character display a title, simply press the Apply button next to the title of your choice. There is a short cooldown before you can apply a new title, or clear the title completely.

08 Title Tips.png


The journal is used to track notable events your character has experienced, such as enhancements successes or failures and title acquisition.

09 Journal.png


The Task page of your character profile is to show, track and claim rewards for different accomplishments. It contains 5 sections, separated into their own tabs.


This tab will show you achievements you have not yet unlocked, along with their rewards. You can also see which requirements you must meet in order to unlock the rewards with flavor text. There are a variety of rewards to unlock, from leveling your character, to advancing your professions.

10 Goal.png


The Time tab specifically shows achievements related to playtime and days logged in. Additionally, like the Goal Tab, it will only show those achievements you have not yet unlocked, with the rewards you will earn for doing so.

12 Time.png


The Event Tab is a special tab that shows rewards related to special in game events. If none of the associated events are currently running, this tab will display an empty page.

11 Event.png


The Complete Tab will show you the achievements you have already unlocked, along with the rewards you earned for doing so. As you unlock new achievements, they will be added to this tab after you have collected the rewards for them.

13 Complete.png


The Rewards tab shows you achievements you have unlocked, but have not yet collected the rewards for, as well as your daily login rewards. Daily login rewards include Loyalty, and leveling bonuses for your character. Login rewards refresh at server reset.

14 Rewards.png