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The Central Market is finally here! This new system, which replaces the old marketplace, should make it a little easier to partake in the amazing economy of Black Desert Online.

It is the first step to create a free market economy where you as the adventurer create your own market without much restriction. We wanted to ensure convenience and accessibility to bring more joy to the art of trading.

With the new Central Market, as long as you have silver and items in your warehouse, you’ll be able to purchase and sell items from anywhere in the world of Black Desert through the ESC menu.

How to access the Central Market

It can be accessed in-game the same way the old marketplace was accessed before, through the button on the ESC menu and through a Marketplace Director NPC. These NPCs can be found in the major settlements of each territory:

  • Balenos: Velia
  • Serendia: Heidel
  • Calpheon: Calpheon City
  • Mediah: Altinova
  • Valencia: Valencia City / Muiquun (for negative karma characters)
  • Kamasylvia: Old Wisdom Tree & Grána
  • Drieghan: Duvencrune
  • The Great Ocean: Port Ratt

It can also be accessed outside the game via the Central Market Mobile Web. From your mobile device access our mobile webpage, then press the sidebar menu on the top left corner, select “Central Market” at the bottom of the listed categories. After that, select your region (EU or NA), log in to your account, and you will be able to see Central Market Mobile Web!

  • Please keep in mind you must have logged into your account before accessing your Central Market.
  • You can also login through Facebook and Steam (if you are a Steam player).
  • Of course, when you are on your PC, you can continue to use the in-game Central Market with your PC by accessing your game directly.


The Warehouse acts like an account which allows you access and use from anywhere, at anytime. However, you’ll have to talk to the Marketplace Director, the Storage Keeper or use a Transaction maid/butler to move the items and silver stored in the Central Market Warehouse to your Inventory/Storage. Simply click on the button “Manage Warehouse” and begin your buying and selling process.

The Warehouse is shared by all characters of a family across all territories.

Central Market 01.png
Central Market 02.png

  • All items must go through the Warehouse to be traded at the Central Market. The Warehouse also works as a storage for silver, where you store your silver to purchase items at the Central Market.
  • Unlike the character Inventory or town Storage, the Warehouse does not have any limitations to slots (there are only limitations to the total volume). You can store items such as weapons, armor (including pearl items), and all items are stackable.
  • The Warehouse capacity is measured by volume (VT). All items take up a certain amount of the Warehouse's capacity. You can store up to 5,000VT in your Warehouse.
  • Though you cannot store more items in your Warehouse once it exceeds its volume capacity, if the capacity exceeds due to a certain purchase or sale of an item, the item can be moved into the character's Inventory.
  • You can move up to 100 VT of a single type of item to the Warehouse at a time using Transaction maids/butlers. The item descriptions have the volume of the item.

Central Market 03.png

Purchase & Order

You can use the ‘Purchase’ option to instantly buy any desired item as long as they are in-stock. If you attempt to purchase an item at a price which is out of stock, an order will automatically be placed at your desired price.

Central Market 05.png

  • The ‘Set Desired Price’ window allows you to set the price of the item you wish to buy your item with.
  • The ‘Set Price’ window shows you the current market price and what other Orders of other adventurers are placed. You can also select your desired price to purchase your item here.
  • The ‘Total Cost’ section shows you the total cost you would have to pay in case you decided to select an Enhancement Level of an item which will bring about additional costs.

You will get the item when another adventurer sells the item to the Marketplace Directors. However, if there are a lot of adventurers who place orders for an item at the same price, the items will be sold to adventurers that placed their orders first.

When you place an order for an enhanced item, the item with the lowest enhancement level within its group will be prioritized to be purchased.

Accessories and equipment with enhancement level of +13 and above can only be purchased by placing an order.

For example, if an order is placed for a weapon with an enhancement level within levels +0 - +7, the order will purchase an item with an enhancement level of +0. For +8 - +10, the order will be placed at +8, and for +11 - +12, the order will be placed for +11.

The Central Market categorizes weapons and armor by their enhancement levels.
Central Market 04.png

Based on the group chart above, sellers can expect to earn extra when selling enhanced items, and buyers can expect to pay the higher cost within each group when placing an order for enhanced items. The additional cost is calculated according to the enhancement level and materials of the items.

Remember that the prices of items on the Central Market will fluctuate and reflect the current market situation better so that items can be sold and bought at their appropriate prices. (Certain items are excluded to this rule)

Pearl Items

The number of Pearl items registrable at the Central Market will now depend on Family Fame. Number of Pearl items you can register is limited to 5 by default.

  • Family Fame of 0 - 500 : 0 additional items
  • Family Fame of 501 - 1000 : 5 additional items
  • Family Fame of 1001 - 1500 : 10 additional items
  • Family Fame of 1501 - 2000 : 15 additional items
  • Family Fame of 2001 - 2500 : 20 additional items
  • Family Fame of 2501 - 9999 : 30 additional items

Remember that registration count will reset weekly (Monday, UTC 00:00).


There are taxes for using the Central Market. You will receive 65% of the silver from your sales. If you are using a Value Pack, you will receive 84.5%.

Transaction Maid/Butler

With the new Central Market, the Transaction Maid/Butler will be able to transfer items and Silver back and forth from the character’s Inventory to the Warehouse.

  • You can register quick hotkeys for purchasing/selling at the Central Market through the Transaction Maid/Butler.
  • You can register the quick hotkeys by holding ALT and clicking on the Purchase or Sell buttons.

Blue & Yellow Grade Equipment

For those that have traveled the lands of Black Desert for quite some time, this section explains the changes made to blue and yellow grade equipment on the Central Market.

1. Equipment upgraded to blue grade have been removed. The previous upgraded blue equipment have been changed to the yellow grade (ultimate) equipment.

2. Equipment upgraded to yellow grade can no longer be bought or sold at the Central Market. Yellow grade equipment can be registered after the reform stone has been extracted and downgraded back to green from the Blacksmith or Arms Dealer NPC. For extraction, you need 1 Restoration Stone which is sold for 1,000 Silver from the Blacksmith or Arms Dealer NPC. Extraction will result in the following: the equipment prior to being upgraded and an Ultimate Weapon/Armor Reform Stone.

3. With grades 1, 2, and 3 Reform Stones, you will have a chance to upgrade to yellow grade (ultimate) equipment.

4. When Crafting from the Workshop, you can obtain the original crafting equipment and have a chance to obtain yellow grade (ultimate) equipment.

* The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes.