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Are you worn out from wandering through the wilderness like a homeless person?

Then get a Campsite to have a cozy place to rest, anywhere you go.

The Campsite can be set up in any location and can be used to repair equipment, access a shop, and others.

You’ll be able to increase your efficiency while defeating monsters by repairing equipment, buying potions, and helpful buffs right where you are. This’ll save you time since you won’t need leave your spot to find NPCs.


How to Get a Camping Tool

The only way to get a camping tool is by completing a quest.

You can get the Survival Guru quest from the Black Spirit if you’ve completed the the main story questline in Calpheon.

You can get a Camping Anvil and a Camping Tent by completing the repeatable quests from Likke Behr in Behr.

Here is a list of materials needed for the quests. You can bring gathering tools or have the materials ready to complete the quests faster: Fir Timber x6, Melted Iron Shard x5, Flax Fabric x10.

You can get a new Camping Tool or Old Moon Camping Tent if you threw them away.

Go talk with Jensen at Behr and you can buy them.

You can use the Camping Tool permanently once you register it.

The Camping Tent can be dyed and used permanently as well.

However, the Camping Anvil and Camping Shop can only be used for a limited time.

Old Moon Camping Containers allow you to use the storage.

You can buy the containers from Old Moon Manager NPCs and they can be used for 1 week after they’ve been opened. You can still get the items out of the container even if the 1 week period is over, but you won’t be able to put in new items.

You can make the Old Moon Camping Anvils in the workshop at Tarif in the house 2-2, 1F.

Another way to make the anvil is through Processing(‘L’) – Manufacture.


Both methods require the same materials.

However, processing requires more materials to make the anvil than worker crafting. So if you want to mass produce them, then you should consider investing Contribution Points and making them through crafting.

Old Moon Anticorrosive can be bought from Old Moon Manager NPCs for 100,000 silver each.

You will get the ‘Sealed Old Moon Camping Anvil’ when it’s made.

The anvil won’t expire as long as you don’t right click on it.

Once you open the sealed anvil, you can install and use it for 24 hours.

Materials Amount needed for crafting (Workshop) Amounted needed for processing (Manufacture)
Old Moon Anticorrosive 10 10
Steel 20 20
Pure Vanadium Crystal 2 2
Polished Stone 2 2
Golden Pearl 1 2

Old Moon Managers also sell the ‘Old Moon Shop Contract’. You can install the shop after right clicking on the contract. You can use the shop for 7 days. The time starts once you install the shop for the first time.


How to Set up the Campsite

All characters in your family can set up the Campsite once it’s registered.

You need to register the ‘Camping Tool’ to set up the Campsite.

The Camping Tool can be registered by right clicking on it.



To set up a Campsite, left click on the Campsite icon and it will appear on the spot you're standing in.

Campsites cannot be set up in Safe Zones, on top of roads, and in areas too small for it.

Also, they cannot be set up during Node/Conquest War. All Campsites set up before the start of Node/Conquest War will automatically be removed.

The Campsite doesn’t have a function on its own.

If you set up a Campsite without the Old Moon Tent and other items, then you’ll only get a bonfire.

However, if you use a Camping Tent then the bonfire will be replaced by a comfy looking tent. Then if you place a Camping Anvil and Shop, then you can repair equipment and buy items at your Campsite.

You can place the Old Moon Anvil and Shop in your Campsite by pressing ‘R’ near the campsite or clicking on the Campsite icon then right clicking on the Old Moon Anvil and Shop in your inventory. Once they appear on your campsite, you can use the repair and shop functions.


Old Moon Camping Anvil works the same way as getting repairs from the blacksmith NPCs. You must have the silver needed to pay for the repairs in your inventory.

If you’re using the Camping Anvil from the Pearl Shop, then the cost of repairs is much cheaper.

If you’re using the Camping Tent from the Pearl Shop, then you can buy the Villa buff here if you own a Villa Invitation.

Old Moon Camping Shop sells Extra Large potions. Not only that, you can exchange the silver in your inventory for Gold Bars using the currency exchange function.

It also sells buffs that can help you defeat monsters and explore.

There are three 20-minute buffs available: Attack against monsters +10, Skill EXP +10%, Chance of Desert Sickness -40%.

You can only use one of these buffs at a time.

You cannot sell items bought from this shop except for the Gold Bars.

The Camping Shop from the Pearl Shop sells Extra Large Potions and Instant HP Potion (Extra Large).

Old Moon Camping Container allows you to access some of the storage functions.

It has 16 slots with a 200 LT weight limit for you to store items in, but it cannot store silver.

You can store items that are not bound to you but you cannot transport items from here.

Also note that if Character A store items in it, Character B cannot take them out.

* The contents of this wiki are subject to change depending on updates and content changes.