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<br/>''Specific gathering level is required to wear Gathering Clothes.''
<br/>''Δ Specific gathering level is required to wear Gathering Clothes.''
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and you can enhance the clothes with the same item. Their effect is improved on enhancement.
and you can enhance the clothes with the same item. Their effect is improved on enhancement.
==Gathering Enhancement==
==Gathering Enhancement==

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Every collecting activity starts from collecting ingredients.

There are many ways to collect ingredients. Gathering is the act of collecting these ingredients from nature on your own.

Natural environment of Black Desert might seem like a beautiful background,

but it is a rich repository of resources.

How to Gather

You will see an interactive interface when you get near an object that can be gathered.

Press the Shortcut of Interaction (R) to collect the ingredient.

If you don’t see any interactive interface, it means that the ingredient was 

collected by another character, but you can collect it after a period of time.

If you don’t have the correct gathering tool, then it shows what you need.

The ingredient you obtain can differ, even from the same object, depending on the tool you use.

For example, you need a lumbering axe or fluid collector to try interaction with a tree.

You can obtain ingredients from a tree such as timber or logs from by using a lumbering axe, or collect sap by using a fluid collector.

You can also collect the blood of a hunted animal with the fluid collector.

Δ First equip a tool suited for what you want to gather before gathering.

For instance, you need to equip a butcher knife for butchering.

Δ For butchering, after hunting the animal and picking up all items you can obtain

(or if there is no item to pick up), press “Interaction (R)” for gathering.

Δ Then, you will obtain the result for gathering.

Types of Gathering

Sometimes, a gathering tool is required, depending on the target of gathering.

You can also process the output in many ways to turn it into something more valuable.

Δ You can purchase gathering tools from the Material Vendor or receive one as a quest reward.

The following are the types of gathering, which differ depending on the target of gathering.

Target How to Gather Gathering Tool Gathered Resource Relevant Processing
Tree Lumbering Lumbering Axe Log, Timber Chop
Collect Sap Fluid Collector Tree Sap Alchemy
Beast Collect Sap Fluid Collector Beast Blood Alchemy
Tanning Tanning Knife Hide, Feather Dry
Butchering Butcher Knife Meat Dry, Cook
Crops Gathering with Bare Hands Not Required Crops, Seed Cooking
Bush, Thicket, Fruit Tree, Shrub Gathering with Bare Hands Hoe Seed None
Wild Herb Gathering Gathering with Bare Hands Herb Alchemy
Herb Gathering Gathering with Bare Hands Herb, Seed Alchemy
Mushroom Gathering Hoe Mushroom, Stalk Alchemy
Water Scooping Water Empty Bottle Water Bottle Heating, Thinning
Mineral Mining Pickaxe Ore Heating, Grinding
Desert Sand Digging Shovel Ore, Crystal, Muddy Water Pouch Heating, Grinding, Thinning

Gathering Level

Production includes 9 subordinate concepts: gathering, processing, cooking, training, alchemy, fishing, hunting, trading, and cultivating. Production activities have levels, and you get additional effects at higher levels. You can check the level of your production activities (shortcut P) in “My Information” window.

You can equip gathering tools at higher levels when your gathering level increases. Gathering tools at higher level reduce gathering time, and you have to make them by yourself in the house.

Δ Specific gathering level is required to wear Gathering Clothes.


Gathering clothes have low defense power, but defend against preemptive attacks from some monsters in specific situations.

When you sit down while wearing gathering clothes, monsters will not start attacking first.

You get attacked, however, when you stand up. (including standing up for gathering)

Also, gathering clothes offer increases in gathering enhancement level and gathering EXP,

so they’re very useful in production activities, especially when you focus on gathering.

The easiest way to obtain gathering clothes is completing production-related quests.

You can also craft and wear Silver Embroidered Gatherer's Clothes in the house (Costume Mill) instead of gathering clothes.

They do not have the effect of defending preemptive attacks from monsters, but have some effects similar to those of gathering clothes,

such as increasing gathering enhancement level and gathering EXP.


There is no requirement of level for wearing Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes,

and you can enhance the clothes with the same item. Their effect is improved on enhancement.

Gathering Enhancement


You can check the gathering enhancement level in My Information (Shortcut P) Window when you check Life Skill level.

You can level up gathering enhancement with food, clothes, elixirs, and alchemy stones, and

gathering time is reduced at higher gathering enhancement levels.

Therefore, you need to take advantage of gathering enhancements to gather more in shorter periods of time.


Sub-items Obtained by Gathering

You can obtain items other than the resource you targeted during gathering activities, such as

trade items, alchemy ingredients (various powder, monk’s branch, etc.), and hard or sharp black crystal shards.

The type of trade item varies according to where and which resource you gather.

What is important is that when you sell the item to trade manager,

the nodes of origin and sales area must be connected.

If they are not connected, you only get 30 percent of the sales price.

Δ You need to check the origin and whether the nodes of origin and sales area of the trade item are connected.

Some sub-items you obtain while lumbering serve as important ingredients for alchemy.

However, if you are not interested in alchemy, you can sell them in the marketplace to earn some money.

You can heat Sharp Black Crystal Shards and Hard Black Stones with Black Stones (Weapon), (Defense Gear), respectively, to make

Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon), (Defense Gear).


Concentrated Magical Black Stones are very important items that are used for enhancement, so

some adventurers might go through the trouble to gather Black Crystal Shards.

Gathering Quest

You can receive various quests related to gathering from different NPCs in the world of Black Desert.

It is recommended that you start with the gathering quest in the Town of Velia.

It takes some time and effort to complete gathering quests, but

you can receive contribution points, gathering EXP, and other precious items such as Sharp Black Crystal Shards as a reward.

Also, you must complete the Advancement Quest if you want to level up your gathering abilities.

You can earn lots of gathering EXP at once when you complete the Advancement Quest.

You can accept the Advancement Quest when your level is Beginner Lv. 10 or higher.

Using the Black Spirit Guide Menu will lead you to the requester NPC, and it will explain the quest to you more clearly.