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Featured within Black Desert is a host of different Boss encounters, ranging from solo to group fights, and a few raid bosses that require the effort of a multitude of players to bring down.

Most bosses are clearly indicated by their immense size and glowing red eyes, along with signature moves that require extra coordination and a keen eye. If grinding Sausans or Nagas is starting to bore you, try your luck with the bosses!


Note the intimidating red glow of the eyes indicating a Boss.

Boss Types

Wild Boss

These are harder tier monsters than normal ones you frequently encounter, and as a result have a better loot table.

Summoned Boss

These bosses are summoned via items that are provided to you from daily and weekly Black Spirit quests.

Scroll Boss

Only accessible from scrolls created from items dropped by NPC's that are region specific for each unique boss.

World Boss

The toughest bosses with the best loot. They are not always available so you have to plan ahead for when these killers spawn! Exact location of the boss spawns can be seen from your map by pressing shortcut 'M'

Note: As of the the May 30, 2018 Patch the World Bosses are now on a set schedule, read below to see the best time to fight your favorite boss!

01 boss karanda.JPG
Press 'M' to open your world map and find the location of the World and Field bosses!

Field Boss

Smaller versions of the World Bosses you can also see their locations from the world map by pressing shortcut 'M'

Summoning Scrolls

Most of the bosses you will encounter in game are summoned via scrolls that you collect when adventuring.

  • Please bear in mind the items used to create the summon scrolls typical require a specific shape to be formed inside your inventory in order to combine them into a scroll.
  • Utilizing a summon scroll requires you to be in the correct area of the world to spawn the boss. (Right clicking the scroll with auto way point your map to the correct location)

Group Fights

In many instances you can enlist the help of a group to take down bosses, however in order to do so you must have the group formed prior to summoning. This only applies to bosses that don't naturally spawn in the world, and require the use of an item to summon them.

Boss Schedule

As previously mentioned the World bosses are now on a set schedule with some spawning multiple times a day!

Note: These times are subject to change in the future to better accommodate our adventurers

Accurate as of 13/02/2019