Blackstar Armor

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Crafting Blackstar Armor

Blackstar gear contains rather exceptional power within the gear itself. Therefore, only adventurers who have grown quite familiar with Black Desert are aware of it and make it their goal to obtain this gear.

01 BSLongsword.png

▲ A Blackstar Weapon (Main Weapon)

Blackstar gear requires a bit of preparation and can be obtained only once per character through quests. Then, shall we take a look at which quests we need to complete and what preparations we need to make?

What to Prepare

1. Remnants of the Rift

02 RemnantsoftheRift.png

▲ Remnants of the Rift

You will need Remnants of the Rift, which you can obtain at a low chance by defeating the first monster that emerges from the Dark Rift. You can also purchase Remnants of the Rift from the Central Market.

2. Knowledge of “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah”

You can learn about the “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah” after completing the main quest series in Mediah, then accepting and completing “The Three Blacksmiths” quest series from Tulem, the Arms Dealer in Altinova.

03 tulem (1).png

▲ Tulem, Arms Dealer in Altinova

There are a total of 13 quests, which, for an adventurer who has already completed the Mediah main quest series, will be a rather quick set of quests to complete.

Once you’ve obtained the Remnants of the Rift and learned about the Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah, you have completed the condition to accept the quest to craft the Blackstar gear. Yet to finish crafting the Blackstar gear, there are a few additional items required. Those are the “Concentrated Boss's Aura”, and “Specter's Energy”.

3. Concentrated Boss's Aura

You can use Heating in the Processing window (L) on one of the following items to get Concentrated Boss's Aura x1.

Boss weapons: (Kzarka, Kutum, Nouver, Offin Tett, Dandelion) Boss defense gear: (Giath's Helmet, Bheg's Gloves, Griffon's Helmet, Leebur's Gloves, Red Nose's Armor, Muskan's Shoes, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, Urugon's Shoes).

04 Concetrated Boss aura.png

▲ Concentrated Boss's Aura

4. Specter's Energy

To craft Blackstar awakening weapon and armor, you will require the “Specter’s Energy”. While you can easily obtain other items from purchasing on the marketplace or from a quest reward, this item is the most difficult material to acquire due to its low chance to drop from only defeating monsters.

Defeating monsters in the Thornwood Forest have a slightly higher chance to drop Specter’s Energy. Also, combining the Venomous Night Fang obtained from looting monsters in O’dyllita into a [+] shape will create the “Ibedor's Scroll” item, which you can use to summon a boss that has a low chance of dropping Specter’s Energy. Crafting Blackstar main weapons does not require Specter’s Energy.

05 Specter's Energy.png

▲ Specter's Energy

Let’s tidy up all the necessary materials and means to obtain them for crafting Blackstar gear:

Tab 1.PNG

Quest Progress

Once you’ve obtained Remnants of the Rift and learned about The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah, you can accept the quest to craft Blackstar gear from Martha Kiyen. (Martha Kiyen can easily be found by right-clicking the Remnants of the Rift item and selecting the NPC Location option)

06 Marthakiyen (1).png

▲ Martha Kiyen of the Northern Wheat Plantation has the quest for crafting Blackstar gear

Follow the quests to interact with NPCs and engage in combat. For quests that require you to engage in combat, you can select the appropriate difficulty level based on your personal AP/DP.

Adventurers with high AP will face a powerful boss monster in a quick bout, while adventurers with lower AP will have to deal with a large number of monsters in a hunting ground, then face a weakened version of the boss monster.

Once you’ve completed all the tasks, you may finally claim your very own Blackstar gear.

07 Black Start weapon.jpg

▲ Exceptional power and an impressive appearance! Craft one today!

In closing, here are the words of an adventurer who crafted the Blackstar gear:

"Crafting Blackstar gear is not so difficult! If you have Specter’s Energy, that is…’