Black Spirit

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Initially the Black Spirit is a floating ball of black smoke with glowing red eyes, but much like yourself, it will grow as you progress through the world of Black Desert. The Black Spirit will be your companion, your guide, and that nagging voice that leads you forward.


The Black Spirit will offer quests and tips throughout the game. Often these are triggered by exploring new areas, accepting quests or reaching specific levels.

Some of the quests will have you explore ancient artifacts that empower the Black Spirit and unlock new abilities.

It can be called upon by pressing the ' , ' key by default.


The Black Spirit changes its appearance as it grows.

Black Spirit Menu

Some features are only available through the Black Spirit.

Go Back

This will take you back to the first screen of any NPC conversation window.


Opens a list of Black Spirit specific quests. They're categorized as Main, Suggestions and Recurring. Read more on it in the Quest page.


Allows you to increase the stats of your weapons, armor or other equipment via Black Stones. Read more on it in the Enhancement page.


Allows you to socket magic crystals into equipment with open slots. Read more on it in the Transfusion page.

Item Reform

You put a gear item and a Reform Stone to increase its tier. There is a chance of getting an inferior item.

You can obtain reform stones via the Central Market or crafting them yourself in a refinery.


Provides various quests that help with the progress of your Life Skills. They're unlocked as you level up each Life Skill.


This closes the Black Spirit menu.

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