Basilisk Den

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A region inhabited by the clever but wicked Basilisks. The land is made even more dangerous due to its rocky terrain. Some courageous adventurers have traversed this rocky region to challenge the Basilisks, but very few have survived.

“The land was filled with petrified Humans, without a single Basilisk in sight. I don’t even want to think about that place.”


Category Summary Description
Recommended Level Lv. 56 ~ 57
Distance Efficiency ★★☆☆☆ Between Sand Grain Bazaar and Altinova.
User Density ★★★★☆ It you could only find a spot...
Difficulty ★★★★☆ It can be hard at first.
Hunting Sensation ★★★★★ The most accurate description would be, it’s fun!
Unique Drop Belt Basilisk’s Belt
Mount Parking Depends on location.
Area Classification Not part of the desert.

Monster Types and Level

Basic Information

Mostly Lv. 52 ~ 62 monsters.
Melee: Gorgo Cobra, Petrified Adventurer, Petrified Soldier, Basilisk Ambusher, Basilisk Petrifier, Basilisk Watcher.
Other: Basilisk Statue.


- Monsters are spread diversely through Gorgo Rock Belt and west of it.
- There are both human type and demihuman type monsters. The Basilisk Ambushers, Petrifiers, and Watchers are particularly strong.
- Because it’s not a desert region, there is no need to worry about ailments.

Level/Gear Requirements

If you broadly classify the Monster Zones of Valencia into Level 1, 2, and 3, Basilisk Den would be classified as level 2. Because the Basilisks have great HP and DP, adventurers will find it more efficient to have high AP.

If your character has not been Awakened, then it is best to add +10 to the minimum/recommended requirements.

Level AP DP
Minimum 56 ~ 160 ~ 210
Recommended ~ 57 ~ 185 ~ 230



You mustn't go after the human type, but the demihuman type Basilisks for efficiency purposes. Assuming the place is crowded, it is nearly impossible to confront the monsters head to head, and adventurers should circle around the monsters while attacking. Occasionally, the petrified monsters will inflict stun, so you should eliminate that risk by taking care of them first.

Key Locations and Routes

There is a large group of Basilisks west of the Gorgo Rock Belt node.

They are usually in groups of 3 ~ 4, but it’s better to just pull 2 at a time. A good spot in this area is the cave. It has a decent number of monsters inside.


Must go west of the Gorgo Rock Belt to the Basilisk Den in order to find more monsters.

Major Item Drops

Basilisk’s Belt

Rocaba Armor

Black Magic Crystal - Assault

Scroll Written in Ancient Language

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)

Basilisk's Piece - Ring

Basilisk's Piece - Alignment Pin

Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt (Combine the three pieces to acquire a Basilisk’s Belt)

Ancient Spirit Dust

Caphras Stone

User Density

Basilisks are over Lv. 60, so it may be very difficult for a player that has just graduated from Mediah and came over to Valencia. Thus, it is better to level up in the other Monster Zones of Valencia first, before attempting to challenge this area.

In reality, the Basilisk Den is more sought after by high level players for the purpose of item farming. Despite the rather low EXP efficiency, there is a chance to acquire the popular Basilisk’s Belt item, as well as the overall earnings being pretty decent. The inner area of the den, commonly referred to as the ‘Basilisk Farm’, is always very popular, so it is advised that adventurers switch around the channels to find one that is empty.

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