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Archer Class Selection.jpg
The Archer uses stylish skills with both the Crossbow and the Greatbow that allow him to be versatile on the battlefield.

Weapon: Crossbow
Sub-Weapon: Ra'ghon
Awakening Weapon: Greatbow

Class Overview

The Archer, one of the sentinels of the sacred tree Kamasylve, uses his crossbow for his stylish ranged attack and skill combos. Unlike other classes, the Archer class starts off with access to its Awakening Weapon and related base skills.

Below, you will find a list of Archer skills, along with explanations of how you can integrate them into your gameplay.

♦You can select skills in game, via the Skill Menu, Default K.
600px-Archer Main.png

Archer ArrowExplosion.png

Hurls a spirit bomb into the air, and fires the Crossbow at the bomb. The bomb will detonate releasing arrows that inflict damage at a wide range.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + F.
  • This skill has a maximum of 6 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 108 skill points at rank VI.

Archer WingedStrike.png

Quickly moves to fire an explosive arrow imbued with energies of a spirit.
  • Activate by pressing D + LMB, A + LMB, W + LMB or S + LMB.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 26 skill points at rank III.

Archer EarthShatter.png

Instills the crossbow with energies from a spirit and fires a powerful space-splitting arrow to the front. Injured enemies are unable to recover.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + E.
  • This skill has a maximum of 5 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 116 skill points at rank V.

Archer BoltofRadiance.png

Gathers the energy of the spirit, and fires a powerful arrow infused with the power of light.
  • Activate by pressing Shift + RMB.
  • This skill has a maximum of 5 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 77 skill points at rank V.

Archer Exhale.png

Each energy of the spirit provides different powers. Uses one of three types of energies to help you in combat.
  • Activate by pressing E.
  • Uses the selected effect of the Breath of the Spirit skill: Recover, Stun or Decceleration.

Archer Main Pose.png


Unlike any other class, Archer can use the Main Weapon and Awakening Weapon from the beginning. However, he cannot learn all the skills. Skill ascension makes his Greatbow skills even more powerful and allow him to learn additional skills. This is the moment when Archer becomes a true Luthraghon.

♦Awakening Skills tab can be found at the top of the Skill Window (K)
600px-Archer Main.png

Archer RighteousSmite.png

Shoots an arrow infused with the power of light. It moves slowly, but has enough power to decimate anything once it explodes upon impact.
  • Activate by pressing F after Flow: Light's Trail.

Archer Watcher.png

Strengthens the Greatbow with the energy of light for 30 sec.
  • Activate by pressing Q.

Archer PiercingLight.png

With steady aim, gathers the energy of the spirits to deliver a powerful arrow strong enough to split light itself.
  • Charge it by pressing S + E. Release with LMB.

Archer RavenousTalon.png

Hits with the Greatbow before stabbing the enemy.
  • Activate by pressing W + E.

Archer FlowLightsTrail.png

Carefully takes aim after certain skills to deliver a finishing blow.
  • Activate by holding LMB after: Radiant Explosion, 2nd hit of Glissade, Uproot, Low Sweep, 3rd hit of Glissade, Zephyr Leap, Ultimate: Zephyr Leap, Luthraghon's Call.
After Ravenous Talon, press W + E.



Year 235 of the Elionian Calendar

The sacred tree Kamasylve was burning in flames due to the greed of one Vedir. This catastrophe caused the sisters to turn their backs on each other. After a bitter struggle, the most extreme faction, the Ahib, placed a powerful sealing spell at the root of the tree on the night they decided to leave Grána. This is how Kamasylvia lost contact with the Watchers of the Roots.

The Ahib left once they sealed the path to the fortress for the Roots of Kamasylve. On the other end of the path lived the untold brothers of Kamasylvia, the sons of the Goddess. They were masters of the bow and built the fortress to protect the roots of Kamasylve from the dark spirits that would come invading through the path. This was the purpose given to them by their Goddess. The sons of the Goddess called themselves the ‘Luthraghon’ and the fortress was called ‘Adùir’.

The voice of the Goddess that echoed through the roots was what gave solace to the Luthraghon and also the source of their strength. Then one day, no one could hear her voice. They also lost contact with their sisters soon after. All this happened after the day the Kamasylve burnt in flames, but the Luthraghon had no way of knowing. When this happened, an elder that had protected Adùir since the beginning stepped up and reassured the Luthraghon. He told them something must have happened to their sisters, but they must rely on their sisters even more during times like these and continue to protect the fortress.

Much time had passed, then one early dawn, a horde of dark spirits that covered the entire horizon in black came rushing towards the fortress. The Luthraghon began to fall as they were unable to defend against the overwhelming power and numbers. But then, something baffling happened. While the endless waves of attacks came flooding in, a rift stretched out from the center of Adùir all the way up to roots in the sky. A “different light” came in through the cracks of the rift. The dark spirits started to approach to the rift as if they were mesmerized by the light and shattered when they came in contact.

A young Luthraghon witnessed this while the scene in front of him was filled with the blood of his fallen comrades. He thought “hope” was on the other side of the rift. He broke through the battlefield that was soaked in black and red and headed for the rift. Then the elder stood in his way and exclaimed at him with a voice of a hissing serpent.

“You fool! How dare you look back when the will of our Mother is in front of you and covered in blood! Return to your comrades immediately and defend the frontlines!”

In that instant, the young Luthraghon was torn by a dilemma. I am the arrow that shatters the darkness, the eyes that greets the dawn, and the trumpet that announces the rising of the sun. I am the Watcher of the Roots that has pledged his life and honor to the walls of Adùir and the protector of this realm. I have never doubted this once from the moment I was born, and have lived like this with my comrades for the entirety of my life. However, what am I trying to do now? My fellow comrades are bleeding and falling right in front of my eyes at this very moment.

Then suddenly, light came bursting forth from the rift and entered into the young Luthraghon. This was the last of the energy remaining from the Goddess. The moment he was wrapped by the warm energy in the midst of the chaotic battle, he instinctively knew that he was no longer tied down by logic or old obligations. This is what he told the elder in disbelief as he reached for the rift.

“Step aside elder. Our Mother’s will is beyond this rift.”


It was a night when a white moon lighted up the Kamasylvian skies. A young Luthraghon stood in front of the goddess' sacred tree, the Kamasylve.

The Luthraghon stood underneath the moonlight, looking as he if he didn’t know what to do. He stood there, feeling the wind against his face. As he looked at the fluttering leaves of the Kamasylve, he idly wondered whether the answer he was looking for, the answer about his destiny, was written on one of the leaves. He thought about how he was born to protect the roots of the Kamasylve. The Luthraghon came to this realm looking to find out more about his greater purpose in life, but everything he had seen so far seemed all too foreign. When he remembered that those who tried to keep his brothers and him locked up in the other realm were his own sisters, he trembled with rage for the first time in his life.

He was still lost in his thoughts when he heard a rustle and felt someone else's presence. The figure vanished leaving behind black smoke, but he knew exactly who it was. It was one of his Vedir sisters, the one who tried to stop the Luthraghons from ever leaving Adùir. The Luthraghon dashed through the forest, chasing after the trail of black smoke. Taking a deep breath, he drew his Greatbow. The arrow was released with a thundering roar, and as it ripped through the wind it created a gust in its path.

The Luthraghon was confident that his arrow hit the Vedir and started looking for her body. However, the only thing he could find was his arrow. There were no traces of the Vedir to be found. As he pulled out his arrow from the tree, he heard a voice:

"Did you think you could hit me with that sluggish arrow?"

"You should've remained in Adùir, protecting your root..."

"You don't belong here, Watcher."

The Luthraghon quickly turned towards the voice, only to see a powerful spellbound Kriegsmesser embedded in the ground. Then, a dark energy erupted from the ground knocking back the Luthraghon, leaving him with excruciating pain. He felt as if his body was being shredded into pieces, but even in such pain, he used all that was left in him to stab the Vedir with the arrow in his hands.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the Luthraghon looked around as the dust settled around him, but the Vedir was long gone. He lamented:

"Mother, I am doubtful that I will be able to fulfill the purpose that you have bestowed upon me."

Feeling bitter and resentful, he reached for his fallen arrow, which was now broken. His body felt numb from all his blood loss. It was then that a brilliant light entered his body, and he felt a warmth surrounding his body. Then, he saw a white Sylvian Wolf appearing between the trees. The Sylvian Wolf walked up close and paced around the Luthraghon. It was the first time he saw such a wolf, but the wolf felt familiar to him somehow.

The Luthraghon soon realized why the wolf felt familiar. He could feel his Greatbow resonate as the wolf came closer and closer. As he reached out to the wolf, it let out a long howl and dispersed into light, becoming one with the Luthraghon. Then, he heard a voice.

"This is my answer to you. Your destiny is in your hands. Walk the path you believe in, and that is how you will fulfill your purpose."

Gripping his Greatbow, he started walking purposefully, with no hesitation left in him.

"This is the path that I choose to take, so this is my destiny."