Alchemy Stones

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The Alchemy Stone is an item that can be equipped to provide a buff for a short time.

You can equip only one Alchemy Stone, but it is possible to swap them for different situations. There are three kinds of Alchemy Stones that you can equip.

  • Destruction
  • Protection
  • Life

The effects are subdivided by not only the three kinds of effects but also four grades and 8 stages. It is no exaggeration to say that the Alchemy Stone is the last stage of alchemy. Crafting and upgrading these stones are difficult. However, an improved Alchemy Stone exerts intense power similar to that of upgrading your weapons.

01 alchstone.jpg

Crafting an Alchemy Stone

You can craft an Alchemy Stone by combining materials with alchemy tools installed in your residence

‘Shining Powder’ is one of the most important materials in crafting an Alchemy Stone, and this is a rare material that can be obtained as a by product of crafting alchemy items. In other words, its a random item you get by doing alchemy. You cannot choose the type of alchemy stone that you craft, as they require the same material, but are random. There is also some chance that you create a ‘Broken alchemy stone shard’ that can only be sold to a vendor for 5,000 silver.

While you can attempt to craft an Alchemy Stone at level 1, the higher your alchemy level the better chance you have at success.

02 alchstone.jpg

A High Level of Alchemy will make a big difference in your success rate!

Rarity and Level of Alchemy Stones

Alchemy Stones are distinguished by ‘rarity’ as the color of the item name and ‘level’ as a prefix.

Just like other items white rarity is the most common and progressing to green, blue, and yellow colors.

The prefix indicates the level of alchemy stone. ‘Imperfect’ is the poorest performance for an Alchemy Stone, so you will obtain an incomplete Alchemy Stone when you succeed in crafting.

After ‘imperfect’, the level progresses to ‘rough’, ‘polished’, ‘sturdy’, ‘sharp’, ‘resplendent’, ‘fancy’, and ‘shiny’ in order.

Alchemy Stones with the yellow colored prefix ‘Shiny’ has the most powerful effect. It is possible to level up your alchemy stone from ‘polished’ to a higher rarity.

03 alchstone.jpg
The highest level of Alchemy Stone is the most powerful, almost as if the harder to craft the item the better it is!

Using and Charging Alchemy Stones

After you place an Alchemy Stone in your equipment slot, press the shortcut key ‘U’ to use it. One durability of Alchemy Stone will be consumed, and your character will receive a buff for a limited amount of time.

Destruction and protection will last 3 minutes. Also your Alchemy stone will on a 3 minute cool down. Therefore, you can keep using the buff permanently. However these two Alchemy Stones share a cool-down so you can only have one at a time.

The Alchemy stone of life will last 10 minutes, and it will also take 10 minutes to cool down.

When you equip an Alchemy Stone and click the checkbox for auto-activation, the buff will be reactivated continually.

Consumed durability for Alchemy Stones can be charged by using oil, blood, or reagent. Depending on durability, the required amount of oil varies with the level of the Alchemy Stone. It is better to use the ingredients that are easy to make and find because there is no difference in the required amount to replenish the alchemy stone durability.

Using or recharging a stone is not influenced by your alchemy level so even at Beginner Lv. 1 you can maintain a stone.

04 alchstone.jpg
Press the Alchemy Stone button in your inventory to maintain your stone

Polishing and Growth

You can attempt to grow an Alchemy Stone when the EXP reaches 80-150%. This is achieved by polishing your alchemy stone. The higher EXP percentage the better chance at success.

‘Polishing’ gives EXP and each stone requires different ingredients depending on the type of Alchemy Stone. Ore should be used for an Alchemy Stone of Destruction. Timber should be used for an Alchemy Stone of Protection. High-quality crops should be used fo an Alchemy Stone of Life.

05 alchstone.jpg
High-quality ore, timber, or crops are required depending on the type of stone you have

If a polished Alchemy Stone reaches EXP between 80%-150% you can attempt a growth. With 1 Blackstone (Weapon) in hand you will either increase the rarity (color) or level (prefix). If you're lucky you can get both! After the upgrade the EXP will reset to 0

When the rarity increases, the effects of the stone will increase.

As the Alchemy Stone reaches a higher level, the required level of alchemy for growth will increase. It is possible to grow Alchemy Stone from Alchemy Beginner Lv. 1,but you will have a lower chance of success. When you fail to grow an Alchemy Stone, the rarity (color) will not decrease but the level (prefix) could decrease. Furthermore, ‘resplendent’ and ‘splendid’ grade of Alchemy Stone have a chance of being destroyed upon failure. The higher rarity and level of the stone the more costly your failures will become.

Every time when you fail for growth, half of your of Alchemy Stone EXP will be consumed. For example, if you attempt to grow with 150% of EXP, you will see that 75% of EXP will remain. When you attempt in the minimum requirement 80% of EXP, only 40% of EXP will remain.

06 alchstone.jpg
The price of materials consumed for polishing is quite expensive, and there is a risk of decreasing level. Therefore, You must be careful about attempting growth. 

A Substitute for Alchemy Stone, Spirit Stone

If you don't want to deal with polishing and growing you could also try a Spirit Stone.

Spirit stones once drained of all durability, cannot be replenished. Also, the effect of a spirit stone is lower than that of an Alchemy Stone. So for all intents and purposes: Spirit Stones are lesser versions of Alchemy stones.

Spirit Stones cannot be crafted directly, but they can be obtained from monsters while adventuring.

You can use a spirit stone the same way you would an Alchemy Stone. When you right-click the spirit stone in your inventory, it will appear in the Alchemy Stone slot. This means you will not be able to use it simultaneously with an Alchemy Stone. Press the shortcut ‘U’ key to use the effect of a spirit stone.

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08 alchstone.jpg