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Alchemy is a natural magic that started from the ancients’ desire to make precious metals from nonmetals. Although there have been many attempts to make gold in the past, there is a saying that the energy required to produce such items is equivalent to the supernova explosion.

Alchemy in Black Desert can be a mysterious topic of study, but there is a difference with the alchemy in history. Alchemy in Black Desert can be defined as refining and cleaning items to make them pure.

Alchemy Procedures

To begin alchemy, you must install an alchemy tool in your residence.

01 AlchemyTool.jpg

02 AlchemyTool.jpg

Determining and putting each of the materials to find the golden ratio is the beauty of alchemy. Similar to cooking you have to follow specific recipes, but unlike cooking increasing or decreasing the amount you require will yield different results. If you only put two materials when a recipe asks for three, the probability of success will reduce. However, when you put more than three, you can be 100% sure of its success.

The more you put in, the easier it will be. However, it is important to find correct proportions because putting too many materials will increase the cost to produce these items. Items used as materials for alchemy have a wide range such as plants, animals, ore, and items that monsters drop.

You can even try using equipment items in your alchemical pursuits, but if these fail the item will be lost.

As with cooking if you select continuous production you will continue to make items until your stores are complete.

Alchemy Results

Items made from alchemy are mostly supreme materials rather than intermediate materials. In addition, high-efficiency magic crystals or various potions can be produced only through alchemy.

Alchemy experience points are granted when you create an item, but even failure will add a small amount of experience.

The higher grade of items you put in, the higher grade your results will be. The type of items that can be produced increase according to the grade. As with other forms of processing and crafting, if you run out of materials or fill up your inventory, the practice of alchemy will stop until you are able to make some room.