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The Adventure Logs are a new modality of content in which you learn about the past adventures of various known characters of Black Desert's world and obtain Family Bonuses.

For example, some of the bonuses you will receive range from additional AP or inventory slots to +2 permanent enhance chance.

Adventure Log 01.png

You can access them from the menu (ESC). In the new menu they're located under the Adventure tab.


Here are the conditions that must be met to try this content:

-Bartali’s Adventure Log: Must be Lv.51 or above, must have completed Main Quests (Storylines) of Calpheon. Then accept ‘Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit.

-Rulupee’s Travel Log: Must be Lv.55 or above. Then accept ‘Travel Log: Traces of a Courageous Adventurer’ from the Black Spirit.

Bartali's Adventure Log

Igor Bartali, Chief of Velia, was once an adventurer. Nowadays he offers free lodging and food to travelers and fantasizes about reliving his youth.

What did the kind Chief live through that made him yearn so much to go back to those days? Bartali's Adventure Log answers some parts of that mystery.

This adventure log contains records of all the fantastic adventures Igor Bartali experienced all over the world some 50 years ago. If you can trace back to his tracks, you will be given certain quests to complete.

These tasks explore various aspects of the game, like defeating monsters, obtaining knowledge, partaking in various Life Skills or joining a guild.

Upon completing quests on the chapters of Bartali’s Adventure Log, you will be rewarded a character stat. bonus which will be implemented on your entire Family.

The 1st chapter of Bartali’s Adventure Log can be opened after having completed all main quests up to the end of the territory of Calpheon and having reached Lv.51.

Bartali’s Adventure Log contains 15 chapters, and completing chapter 1 will open up chapter 2 and so on consecutively via Black Spirit’s quests.

Upon completing the 10th chapter and the last chapter you will receive special gifts through the Black Spirit.

Adventure Log 02.png

Adventure Log 03.png

Left-click on the Bartali’s Adventure Log chapters to read the journal entries and see the conditions necessary to complete the quests.

Rulupee's Travel Log

This travel log contains all the travels of Rulupee, the world explorer. You can enjoy reading through all the fun adventures of Rulupee while achieving goals for awesome rewards.

The goals that can be achieved from the Rulupee’s Travel Log are decided upon the number of quests completed.

Every time a quest is completed (except for Daily and Recurring Quests), a ‘count’ will be added to the Rulupee’s Travel Log where reaching a certain number of quests completed would mean you accomplish a goal for Rulupee’s Travel Log.

Rulupee’s Travel Log can be received from the Black Spirit after your character reaches Lv.55.

As you progress through the Rulupee’s Travel Logs and complete more quests, you can expect additional rewards the more chapters you complete.

Adventure Log 04.png

The rewards for the first 8 pages.

There are a total of 11 pages on Rulupee’s Travel Log, and the number of quests you have already completed before receiving Rulupee’s Travel Log count.

This means if you have completed let’s say 420 quests before starting Rulupee’s Travel Log, you will be able to claim the rewards for pages 1, 2, and 3 once you first open Rulupee’s Travel Log!

Deve's Encyclopedia

Deve's Encyclopedia is an unconventional encyclopedia filled with stories about peculiar items Deve has collected and unusual ways of using them. Collect the types of items mentioned in the stories, then talk to Deve to complete the pages of the encyclopedia.

You can accept the Black Spirit quest for Deve's Encyclopedia if your character has reached Lv. 56, completed the awakening quests, and reached family fame of 601.

Deve's Encyclopedia consists of 6 chapters. You must start from chapter 1 and complete each subsequent chapter in order.

Herald's Journal

A journal kept by Calpheon’s loudest herald Rubin. It contains news he gathered from all over the continent.

You can accept the Black Spirit quest for Herald's Journal if you have the knowledge about Rubin and have reached Lv. 56.

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