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Fishing in Black Desert World is about catching fish just like in real life. It is a popular life skill in many ways because you can make some a decent profit after just having a little bit of practice

Fishing can be divided into four types: auto-fishing, manual fishing, harpooning, and swarm or “hotspot” fishing. Auto-fishing is automatically done when you leave your character alone after some time. Manual fishing is catching by playing the fishing mini game. Harpooning is catching fish by using a fishing rod. Hotspot is for catching fish in special spots that are marked in the world such as a group of seagulls out in the ocean.

01 AdvFishing.png
Fishing can be very relaxing.

Fishing Rods and Floats

You definitely need a fishing rod to catch a fish. There are many types of a fishing rods in Black Desert and along with these rods are floats that can help make your fishing more profitab

Item Effect
Old Fishing Rod None
Thick Fishing Rod Fishing Speed + 1
Steel Fishing Rod Fishing Ability + 2
Triple-Float Fishing Rod You can catch several fishes at once randomly
Balenos Fishing Rod Reduce require time for auto fishing
Epheria Fishing Rod Durability is greater than another fishing rod
Calpheon Fishing Rod Increase the rate of catching big fish
Mediah Fishing Rod Increase the rate of catching rare fish
Ash Tree Float Increase the rate of catching big fish
Maple Float Increase the rate of catching rare fish

Triple-Float Fishing Rod is literally a fishing rod with three floats. This means 3 fish at a time! Those who are lucky can catch a fourth.

It is only given as a reward when you complete the quest for ‘Fish for Villagers’. The triple-float fishing rod is hard to obtain because quest can only be obtained once per day. You can receive the quest from Abelin at Velia Wharf. The condition for this quest is: [Abelin, the Fishing Body] - Igor Bartali

The balenos fishing rod will reduce the time for ‘auto-fishing’ which is catching fish after 180 seconds if you do not touch it. This makes the Balenos Fishing Rod very popular because you can also enhance it for a greater effect.

Mediah Fishing Rod increases the rate to catch rare fish. It is popular because there are profitable rare fishe such as Coelacanth, Porgy, Sea Bass, and so on.

Maple Float also has same effect. Most adventurers use it for manual fishing to take to the Imperial Fishing Delivery.

Calpheon Fishing Rod increases the rate to catch big fish. This makes it easier to catch big fish such as Swordfish and Marlin in the faraway open sea of Eltro or Zenato.

Ash Tree Float also has a same effect as the Calpheon Fishing Rod. Combine the Ash Tree Float with the Calpheon Fishing rod to catch fish which will fetch a high price.

Balenos/ Calpheon/ Epheria/ Mediah Fishing Rod, Ash Tree/ Maple Tree/ Cedar Tree Float can be enhanced with a Black Stone. Furthermore, the durability of Balenos and Epheria fishing rod increase as you succeed enhancement, so you can fish for a long time once you repair.

However, be careful that the enhancement level may decrease when you fail to enhance after you reach + 7. If you want to avoid these decreases, there is a way to consume several black stones to do a forced-enhance.

Even though Triple-Float Fishing Rod shows the best efficiency as you can catch several fishe at once, it is impossible to repair and enhance. You can check the detailed information about rare fish and big fish by pressing ‘H’ and clicking ‘Life Skill’ → ‘Fishing’.

02 AdvFishing.png

Fishing Points

You can sometimes find out people talk about ‘fishing point’ or a hotspot in the world chat. The term point is and area where fish are crowded, and people also use the term in real life. In Black Desert, a fishing point is not just about amount of fish but about abundant ‘expensive fish’. Fishing points are usually somewhere in the middle of the sea, so it is hard to distinguish just by watching.

It is can be difficult to find a fishing point, but you may feel a sense of accomplishment when you find your own area no one knows. If you want to earn money with fishing head to coastal cave. This is the best-known way to find a fishing point easily.

03 AdvFishing.png
04 AdvFishing.png
You may consider a place where there are many adventurers as a fishing point. 

Fish Swarm

Fish Swarms are great for fisherman because it allows you to catch guaranteed yellow quality fish.

It is simple to find a fish swarm. Taking your ship to the river and ocean, and throw your fishing rod where the fishes are bouncing and the seagulls are going crazy!

This ‘fishing point’ is hard to find with your eyes, but the fish swarm is easy to locate..

In fresh water area you will only experience a normal rate of fish but in the ocean these swarms encourage you to go out and explore. You can easily find a fish swarm where seagulls are flying above even in the distance. As your fishing level increases, the probability of finding fish increases. Therefore, you may expect to make a big profit with your growth as an adventurer.

A swarm of fish will decrease after a period of time or when the fish are depleted. They randomly appear in anytime and any place from the coast to the sea. The fish species varies with the fish swarm.

Some fish are only caught among fish swarm, so you should try fishing them if you want to complete your fish guide or gain knowledge. It goes without saying, you’ll earn some silver as well..

05 AdvFishing.png
06 AdvFishing.png
Fishing swarms can appear in the rivers or oceans

Trading Fish

You can sell the fish you catch to a trade manager or imperial fishing delivery manager. Therefore, the origin of the product should be connected to the node you are using to sell for trading. If the nodes are not connected, you will only earn 30% of the selling price You will see the origin of the fish that you caught when you move your mouse over the item.

07 AdvFishing.jpg
08 AdvFishing.jpg
You can see the origin in the fish tooltip.

As you can see, you will get only 30% of the item price when the selling area and node are not connected. When the nodes are connected, you will get 100% (Imperial delivery: 250%) of the selling price.

Fishing Level

You will reduce the time waiting for fish to take a bite when you increase your fishing level.

There are various ways to raise your fishing level such as food, elixir, clothing, guild skills, and so on. The guild skill is the easiest way to raise fishing skill. Of course, joining a guild is necessary to get benefit of the guild skill. So go make some friends!

You can also get a benefit from ‘Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes’. Enhancing these to +2 increase your fishing level by 2 as well.

09 AdvFishing.jpg


Including fishing levels and a rod, you may also consider a boat. There are four kinds of ships in Black Desert: Raft, Rowboat, Fishing Boat, and Epheria Sailboat. The raft and rowboat are cheap and easy to produce compared to a fishing boat, but they have very little stamina and slow starting speed.

The Epheria Sailboat is big and fast, but it is hard to produce because it requires a huge amount of materials. Therefore, adventurers who like to fish have a few ships that can be produced easily.

Of course, a boat is not necessary for fishing. Fishing on the freshwater or a coastal cave does not require a ship. You can also hitch a ride and fish on another adventurers boat, this can alleviate some of the stress especially if your guild members are there with you. Be warned that if another player logs out of the game and you are on their boat it will disappear and you will fall into the water. Having a boat makes this something you won’t need to worry about.

A prow, decoration, or cargo can be equipped on a rowboat or fishing boat. One of the most important stats for a boat is speed, which will increase with a prow or totem. The prow and totem not only increase the movement speed of ship but also enable enhancements. As you succeed with enhancement, the movement speed bonus will increase.

10 AdvFishing.jpg
A shiny prow that can be attached to a fishing boat.

Epheria Sailboat and the Open Ocean Fishing

While a fishing boat is enough to fish swarms of fish between the islands, if you want to sail into the wide open sea, you're going to need a bigger boat.

In the ocean, giant sea monster roam and phantom ships will attack. The Epheria Sailboat is equipped to deal with these threats.

The Epheria Sailboat is one of the best boats in the game. It can hold a large amount of product for trade or crafting in its hull, and can shoot cannons to help against enemies.

While the Epheria Sailboat can specialize for ocean combat, we’re here to talk about fishing, which this boat is perfect for! It comes equipped with 25 inventory slots compared to the Frigates 12.

11 AdvFishing.png

It takes a lot of time and effort to build an Epheria sailboat. The Epheria sailboat can only be built in Port Epheria in house 3-5 on the second and third levels of the shipyard.

A significant amount of crafting materials is required to craft The Epheria Sailboat. One of which is the blueprint which you will need 20 of. You can acquire one per day through a daily quest so assume that building this sailboat will take at least 20 days. Beyond the blueprints you will also need logs, steel, plywood, and flax fabric. The number of workers required is also vast. Needless today, while it is worth it, be prepared to plan ahead of time as it will take you some time before you can finish this boat. Once you complete the Epheria Sailboat, you will be able to instantly take it into the open sea.

  • Blueprint: The quest to acquire an Epheria sailboat
Quest Accepted NPC Acceptance Condition
Dream Crushed by Cox Pirates Yiscule Proceed Main Quest from Margoria
Grotesque Trench Sihuram Proceed Main Quest from Margoria
Completed Map, Toward the Ancient Shrine Katio Proceed Main Quest from Margoria
[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness Philaberto Falasi Lv. 11 or more, Initialize every day at midnight
12 AdvFishing.jpg
The Epheria sailboat is the end of a large-scale production. It requires a lot materials. 

Once you have your Epheria Sailboat, you can begin to swim. If you notice that your icon is not on the minimap that means you're in the open ocean.

Fishing in the ocean is actually quite fast and many adventurers will manually fish choosing only to keep high quality fish to use for trade. Once their ship is filled to the brim they make for land to trade or use in other applications.

While fishing is typically calm and serene, the ocean never is. Sea monsters will appear to attack your boat, phantom ships will chase you down,, tornados suck you up, and lightning may even strike! When the phantom ship appears the skies will grow dark and you will be unable to navigate away until you are either killed, or fight back with your cannons.

13 AdvFishing.png
When a phantom ship appears around the ship, the Margorian ghost will rise over the ship and start attacking. 

There is also a risk of facing a natural disaster. Tornados will swill around your boat if you're too close and reduce your durability. If you ignore it, there is a possibility that the ship will be destroyed, and you will be cast away. Therefore, you should always look ahead and detour when you see a tornado in the ocean.

While chances are slim, you can be hit by a lightning strike. The lightning does not damage you but if you are fishing it will stop you in your tracks

14 AdvFishing.png
If you encounter a tornado during the voyage, quickly bypass it. Or your ship may be destroyed. 

Imperial Delivery and Bargain

The imperial fishing delivery manager purchases certain fish at a higher price than the trade manager. So does that mean it’s better to deliver to the imperial fishing delivery manager than to the trade manager? Not always!

The trade manager will purchase fish indefinitely while the imperial fishing delivery manager stops buying after receiving a specified quantity of fish. In addition, It is hard to deliver fish such as Tilefish or Moray on time because of competitive adventurers. Don't be discouraged because this quantity does reset at specified times. So plan ahead, don't let your fish expire, and make some money!

Also, as you fish, you will naturally increase your trade level. As your trade level rises, the amount you can sell your fish through the bargain mini game will increase. It is also more profitable to trade fish far from their origin. Therefore, we recommend desert trading once you have enough contribution points to connect the trade nodes so you can make the most money possible for your efforts.

15 AdvFishing.jpg
NPC location of Imperial Fishing Delivery. The more distant the region, the more opportunities for delivery. 	
16 AdvFishing.jpg
The the desert trading buff will severely increase the amount of money you can make from trading fish.