Abandoned Monastery

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The abandoned monastery is known to be visited by the Elionian Priests for repentance. Occasionally, adventurers disappear, but Kalis Parliament does not intend to investigate at all.

Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 50~51Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★★☆☆ Close to Trent
User Density ★☆☆☆☆ Quite Peaceful
Difficulty ★★★☆☆ You Should Always Get Tense...
Hunting Sensation ★★★☆☆ Not a Lot of Fun for Hunting Up, but...
Unique Drop Ring Mark of Shadow
Mount Parking Abandoned Monastery

Monster Types and Level

Basic Information

  • Mostly 50Lv monsters(Human Type)
  • Melee: Calpheon Shadow Knight, Calpheon Shrine Priestess
  • Ranged: Calpheon Shadow Wizard
  • Violent (Star): Calpheon Shadow Knight


One of the three shrines to visit before you go to Mediah. It is the place people sometimes accept the continuous quest for ‘Necklace of Sealed Magical Power’.

Level/Equipment Requirements

There are not a lot of monsters in comparison with the other Calpheon hunting area. However, it is good to challenge with appropriate equipment and level because monsters are grouped very close together for efficient hunting.

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 50Lv 60 80
Recommended Stats 50Lv 70 100


You need to be careful of Calpheon Shadow Knight and Sturdy Calpheon Shadow Knight because they are immune to status effects such as knockdown and stiffness. This is also where ‘Mark of Shadow’ is dropped, which is an expensive ring, so sometimes high-level adventures will visit this place. There is no particular good or bad hunting route because it is a narrow dungeon.

02 abandoned.jpg

Major Drop Items

  • Shadow Knight Badge - Trade Item
  • Corrupt Crystal - Miscellaneous
  • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
  • Black Stone(Armor)
  • Black Stone(Weapon)
  • Ancient Magic Crystal - Viper
  • Mark of Shadow

User Density

This is the place where adventurers come to proceed the quest or to obtain ‘Mark of Shadow’. We recommend you to visit this place if you want to challenge a difficult dungeon before you leave the Calpheon area. Furthermore, you can obtain a nice accessory by proceeding the quest related to ‘Earring of Sealed Magical Power’.