Abandoned Mine

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A mine that is found inside the Helms Post. It used to belong to the Altinova Merchants Guild, but it seems like it’s been abandoned after the Helms took it over. It is said there are many strange dwarves infused with some sort of power here.

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Category Summary Description
Recommended Level 54 ~ 56Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village ★★☆☆☆ No towns nearby
User Density ★★☆☆☆ Lot of players one day, not so much the other
Difficulty ★★★★☆ Requires reasonable amount of preparation.
Hunting Sensation ★★★☆☆ Skirmish against more powerful Helms
Unique Drop Necklace, Ring, Earring Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring, Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring
Mount Parking The outer area of the Helms Post is best
Type of Monster Zone Hunting for growth When a character’s AP is above a certain level, the efficiency does not increase. It is recommended to visit more efficient hunting ground.

Monster Types and Level

  • Basic Information
    • Mostly 50~59Lv monsters (human type)
    • Melee: Helm Devourer, Helm Crusher, Helm Destroyer
    • Ranged: Helm Hunter, Helm Devourer
    • Violent (Star): Helm Golem
  • Features
    • A path inside the Helm’s Post leads to the Abandoned Mine Dungeon.
    • There are monsters from the Helm’s Post as well as those unique to the Abandoned Mine.
    • The efficiency of this intriguing hunting ground is determined by whether you can defeat the Helm Golem.

Level/Equipment Requirements

You will need to defeat the Helm Golem, so the hunting efficiency is even better when an adventurer’s specification is higher than the recommended requirements.

Level AP DP
Minimum Stats 54Lv 90~100 150~160
Recommended Stats 55Lv 110~ 170~



The Helm Devourers and Crushers are powerful and also immune to status effect skills such as knockdown, bound, and floating. Try and use skills that inflict stun or stiffness when defeating them. It is advised that adventurers be cautious, even those that satisfy the recommended requirements for the dungeon because there are several Helm Golems that spawn around the area.

Key Locations and Hunting Route

The Helm underground dungeon has a spiral structure with the Helm Golems bunched up near the bottom. There is quite a lot of other monsters there as well, so hunting the monsters at the bottom is recommended for those who are confident enough in their ability.

02 helm.jpg

Major Drop Items

  • Fighter’s Helm Ornament - Miscellaneous
  • Shattered Golem Fragment - Miscellaneous
  • Grunil Helmet
  • Grunil Armor
  • Black Stone(Weapon)
  • Black Stone(Armor)
  • Forbidden Book
  • Scarla Necklace
  • Ancient Guardian’s Seal
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring
  • Mediah Merchants Union Helm

User Density

Despite the low efficiency, there is a constant stream of adventurers that come here for the reasonable loot and a chance to hit a ‘jackpot’.

This hunting ground could be a great option if you are powerful enough to take down the Helm Golems without a sweat. Try aim for both the ‘Scarla Necklace’ and ‘Ancient Guardian’s Seal’.