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Catching up from Lv. 1 to Lv50 by Combat

Rumors can be pretty intimidating. If you’re reading this guide, you may have heard somewhere that how difficult and just how much there is to do in <Black Desert>. But you’ll soon find out that it’s not really that hard when you start to play the game. Although a ‘little different’, you will experience all sorts of fun throughout it. But take it slowly, step by step, rather than trying to learn everything at once. That’ll make it more enjoyable.

That’s why it’s a good first step to start learning more about how to ‘Level up’. Whether you’re a hard core gamer or just a casual gamer, you’ll start to familiarize yourself with the game once you start to level up by hunting. This guide has been prepared just for that. Do you seek to hit Lv. 50 from the combat-focused battles (hunting) of <Black Desert> first, and then reap the sweetness of the extra game content? Well let’s get moving on our journey from Olvia to Calpheon.

All you need to bring is yourself. Just take a good, deep breath.

Useful Basics

Name Description
Combat EXP EXP required to level up and can be acquired from hunting. Other activities such as gathering and fishing award a small amount of EXP.
Skill EXP Increases through hunting and has no limit. You can continue to gain Skill EXP through hunting and learn various skills using these points.
Energy Points used for gathering. The maximum Energy increases as you fill up Knowledge (H Button), but we’ll stick to the basics for now. There’s a lot more to it, but that can wait till later.
Contribution Points Points used to invest in nodes and purchase houses. You earn Contribution Points by completing quests. Again, we’ll stick to the basics for now and get into the more advanced stuff later.
Quest As you may already know, quests are tasks you need to complete. There are various types of quests, but most quests will be carried out through our friend Black Spirit, City (Town) main story, and inventory reward quests.

Δ To be honest, you can achieve Lv. 50 with relative ease if you can just understand what’s above

Lv. 1 ~ Lv. 10, Path to the Western Guard Camp

This is the area where you can learn the basics. As you carry out the quests given to you by the Black Spirit (Summon it by pressing the slash / key on the keyboard), you’ll soon reach the Western Guard Camp. Make sure to open the Militia Weapon Box and the Militia Sub-Weapon Box you will gain as a quest reward and equip the items.

Note that you must complete the Black Spirit quests in this level section to be able to follow this guide.

Δ You should go along the path shown above

You should be around Lv. 9 ~ 11 by the time you reach the Western Guard Camp. If you had done everything properly, you should be able to receive the [Western Guard Camp Discovered] quest. Now go see the NPC called Jamie and receive the [Meeting Protocol #1] quest.

The most important thing beginners should know here is Knowledge of monsters. In <Black Desert>, you need to have the Knowledge of the monster to be able to see its HP gauge.

Simply put, you will not see the HP gauge when you hunt an ‘Imp Soldier’ for the first time. However, after you hunt it several times and acquire the Knowledge of ‘Imp Soldier’, then you’ll be able to see its HP gauge. You can automatically acquire Knowledge as you hunt, so keep that in mind.

Δ When you don’t have the Knowledge of ‘Gray Fox’ (left) vs. when you do have the Knowledge (right), you can now see the HP gauge.Knowledge can be automatically acquired by hunting the relevant monster numerous times.

Lv. 10 ~ Lv. 13, Ancient Stone Chamber and Tree Spirit

Complete the Western Guard Camp’s consecutive quests that begins with [Meeting Protocol #1]. As you continue to complete these quests, you will receive the [Edan the Explorer] quest from the NPC Jarette Domongatt. Don’t leave for this quest right away, but find the NPC Claus within the Western Guard Camp first. This NPC will give you the [Enthusiastic Claus] quest which involves hunting Gray Wolves around the camp. This quest rewards you one inventory slot, so make sure that you complete it.

Δ Complete this quest from Claus first

Next, go to the Ancient Stone Chamber to complete the [Edan the Explorer] quest. When you meet NPC Edan inside the chamber, complete all the following consecutive quests from him. You will also receive a quest from the Black Spirit called [Awakening] Traces of Edana. Your Black Spirit will slowly grow and mature as you complete these awakening quests, which should be interesting to witness.

After completing this quest, you will receive the [Experience of the Ancients] quest from Edan. Make sure that you complete this quest as it will reward you 2 inventory slots.

As you finish all the Ancient Stone Chamber quests and your Black Spirit boasts to you about having teeth now, you’ll be able to receive the [Defeat Tree Spirits!] quest. The Tree Spirits you need to defeat for this quest are swarming outside, so get rid of them and complete the quest.

The Tree Spirits can be classified into either Small, Medium, or Large, but they shouldn’t be too difficult to hunt. However, the Mature Tree Spirit classified as a large monster can attack from a distance, so you might want be careful.

Δ The target Tree Spirits can be easily found as they are gathered in front of the Ancient Stone Chamber

Lv. 13 ~ Lv. 14, First encounter with a Boss, the Red Nose

Once you defeat the Tree Spirits, you will receive the quest [Uno and the Giant Imp] from the Black Spirit, which will then progress to the next quest, [Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp. This is the first quest that summons a boss and has great rewards, so you must complete it before you can continue. When you accept the following quest, the ‘Imp Captain Summon Scroll’ item will be sent to your inventory. When you use this item (right mouse click) in the quest objective area, the giant Imp Captain, Red Nose, will be summoned.


It’s not too difficult to defeat alone, so make good use of your HP potions and enjoy an exciting battle. The one thing you should be careful of is when Red Nose pretends to gather energy and jump in the air. You should avoid this attack by either dodging or blocking the attack with your shield. When you defeat the boss, you will gain 1 inventory slot and an Elsh weapon box as a reward. Make sure that you open the Elsh weapon box and equip the weapon inside.

When you finally defeat the Red Nose, your Black Spirit will give you the [Velia, Rest Area for Novices] quest. Now your real adventure begins.

Δ Watch out when Red Nose jumps in the air to attack and its combo attack.

Lv. 14 ~ Lv. 16, Fighting the Goblins

As you start the [Velia, Rest Area for Novices] quest series, you will run into general goods vendor NPC Eileen. She will give you two quests, [Eileen’s Request] and [Velia’s Drill Sergeant]. Remember to complete the [Eileen’s Request] quest first as it will award you 1 inventory slot. All you need to do is hunt a few Parasitic Bees around the area.


After you complete the [Velia’s Drill Sergeant] quest, NPC Tachros will give you the [Endless Research for Adventure] quest and your Black Spirit will make its way out by force and give you the [Ah, These Goblins] quest series that involves hunting down goblins. These monsters aren’t that difficult to defeat, so enjoy the view and take some time to learn the action combos as you hunt them down. Make sure that you complete the quest to defeat the leader, Giath the Goblin Chief, as you progress through the quest series.Δ Goblin congested areas. The north has the highest congestion of goblins

You will receive the [Big Fish in a Small Pond] quest once you finish all the goblin related quests, so it’s now time to move on to Heidel. Before you go, you will receive a Donkey Emblem as a reward. Register it at a stable to acquire your first mount, a donkey.

Δ Co-op quests have sweet rewards. Defeat Giath to earn 1 inventory slot and a Azwell weapon box. This weapon is quite powerful as well, so open the box right away and equip the weapon inside.

TIP before you leave Velia
  • Talk to Velia’s village chief, NPC Igor Bartali to receive the [Velia Storage] quest. Complete this quest to find the Storage Keeper NPC. You will have 8 basic storage slots per town, which can be expanded by means such as purchasing a house, PC Cafe effect, or value pack. That isn’t so important for now, but keep it in mind. You might be lacking inventory space in the beginning, so store the items you don’t use whenever you get the opportunity.

Δ Ernill, the Storage Keeper NPC of Velia. Wow, he’s a Demibeast NPC in the form of a deer!

  • You should now be able to collect various crystal items as you hunt. These items can be transfused with your equipment to enhance it. When you summon the Black Spirit after completing the first [Awakening] quest, there will be a ‘Transfusion’ menu’, which you can use to transfuse a weapon. Insert a weapon with an empty slot and right-click a crystal to transfuse them.

Δ Summon the Black Spirit and choose [Transfusion] and the above screen will be displayed.First choose the weapon to transfuse a crystal with, and then right-click an active crystal. Don’t hold back!

Lv. 16 ~ Lv. 18, Entering Heidel

If you’ve acquired your first mount, the ‘Donkorghini’, you need to start making your way to Heidel. Summon your Black Spirit to receive the [Gateway to Heidel] quest and progress through it to meet NPC Kirkley and receive the [Enrico Mancini, Heidel Guard Commander quest. Now you will finally enter Heidel, the hometown at heart for all <Black Desert> players.


As you climb up north riding your donkey, you will reach the Northern Guard Camp where you will find various quests. So we don’t end up aimlessly going all over the place, let’s first accept the 3 quests <code>[Alejandro Farm] [Help Alejandro Farm] [The Most Annoying Bird]. Don’t complete these yet, but first go to Heidel and complete the [Enrico Mancini, Heidel Guard Commander] quest first.

You can consider entering Heidel the first step to entering the true world of <Black Desert>. From here on, the number of monsters you hunt may create greater level gaps, so just consider the recommended level as a reference. As you complete the [Enrico Mancini, Heidel Guard Commander] quest, it is highly recommended that you carry out the quest series starting with [Commercial Power in Heidel]. When you complete up to the [Military Power in Heidel] quest from Grand Chamberlain NPC, Jordine, you will receive 2 inventory slots as a reward.

Complete the above quest and Skill Instructor NPC, Cruhorn Wyrmsbane, will give you the [Cook at the Heidel Northern Post] quest. Let’s accept it and go to the objective destination.

Δ Hunting map of the entry to Heide (north side). It’s time to go around and explore this area.

When you reach the Northern Post, summon your Black Spirit and accept and complete the [Dopey Imps] quests. Then follow up by completing the three quests you received before, which are [Alejandro Farm] [Help Alejandro Farm] [The Most Annoying Bird]. When you summon the Black Spirit after completing these 3 quests, it will give you the [Servant of Darkness] quest. Complete this to receive the following two quests, [Wasted Pumpkins] and [Pumpkin Ghost] . You should be above Lv. 17. after completing all these quests. If you aren’t there yet, continue hunting monsters until you hit Lv. 17.

Once you’re Lv. 17, the Black Spirit will give you two quests. The first is a quest to learn a class-specific skill, and the second is [The Altar Imps]. Let’s start off by increasing your strength, so go meet Cruhorn Wyrmsbane, the Skill Instructor of Heidel. Note it would be best to go see the Guard Commander NPC, Enrico Mancini, and complete the [Orwen in Heidel] quest first when you reach Heidel.

Δ Altar Imps are excellent monsters to hunt down. They also give good item drops, so don’t forget to loot the monsters.

Then let’s get started with the [The Altar Imps] quest. It’s a quest series, so relax a little and hunt them down. It might also be worth noting that this location is a great hunting ground, so it is highly recommended to defeat a lot of these imps to gain some levels. During all this, you will also receive the [Awakening] Wizard’s Altar quest which you definitely should complete. Tear through the monsters and quests, and by the time you defeat the leader, Dastard Bheg (EXP Reward), you should be around Lv. 19.

※ From monsters that are more powerful than Altar Imps, you can acquire Black Stone (Weapon) and Black Stone (Armor) if you are lucky enough. These two items will be very useful later on, so take good care of them. They also occasionally drop Agerian Armor, which are excellent for the early stages, so make sure to equip them if you do get them. The basic Agerian Armor set is around 150k silver coins in the marketplace (based on March, 2016), so you may consider buying it if you feel the need.


Lv. 19 ~ Lv. 22, Subduing the Rebels

Now summon your Black Spirit again and accept the [Returning to Heidel] quest and go to complete it. After this, remember to see Skill Instructor Cruhorn Wyrmsbane and accept the [Serendia Eastern Gateway] quest.


Then the next NPC you should seek in Heidel is Blacksmith Techthon. He will give you the quest [Techthon and Quality Iron] which awards 1 inventory slot. Also, call your Black Spirit and accept the [Nightmare at the Plantation] quest as you can complete these two quests together. Lastly, go see the general goods vendor NPC, Lara, and exchange the ‘HP Potion (Beginner)’ in your inventory for a better HP Potion.

Note NPC Techthon leaves work when it becomes night in game, so come back between morning ~ dinner and accept the quest if he isn’t there.

Go to the Moretti Plantation and complete the two quests, [Techthon and Quality Iron] and [Nightmare at the Plantation]. Hacking down scarecrows is going to be a lot of fun. If you urgently need the inventory slot, you can complete the [Techthon and Quality Iron] quest right away. Otherwise, you can complete it with the other quests later.

Now summon the Black Spirit and accept and carry out the quest [So This is Anger?]. It’s the same place as the [Serendia Eastern Gateway] quest you’ve accepted earlier. Due to the NPC discovery requirement, you will have to complete [Serendia Eastern Gateway] prior to completing [So This is Anger?] quest. Carrying out these quests should allow you to complete the class-specific skill quest as well.

Complete the above two quests and NPC Hervano Tito will give you the quest series starting with [Gang of Rebels]. As you progress through this quest series, Hervano Tito will give you the [Co-Op] Prize Hunt quest which is a Crossroad quest in the game story line. If you go see Stable Keeper NPC Laurena after accepting the [Co-Op] Prize Hunt quest, she will suggest that you carry out the [Al Rhundi, Hero of the Peasants] quest. If you accept Laurena’s quest, then Hervano Tito’s quest will automatically be deleted.

It is the player’s decision which quest they should accept. The rewards are different for the two quests, and you can acquire the ‘Hope of Peasants’ title by completing Laurena’s quest, while acquiring the ‘Bounty Hunter’ title by completing Hervano Tito’s quest. The decision is completely up to you. Once you’ve taken care of the rebels, summon your Black Spirit and complete the quests up till around the [Creepy Creatures] then return to Heidel.

Δ The Rebels base is one of the more exciting hunting grounds, so it’s not a bad idea to stay and take some time to hunt

Lv. 22 ~ Lv. 24, Stories around Glish

Once you either complete the [Co-Op] Prize Hunt quest from Hervano Tito or reach Lv. 20, you will be able to accept the [Captain of Heidel Guards] quest through your Black Spirit. This quest involves seeking out NPC Enrico Mancini in Heidel once again. When you meet him, there will be a cut scene that will help you understand the basic story behind Glish. After watching the cut scene, Enrico Mancini will give you the [Visiting Glish] quest. Accept the quest and move on to Glish.

※ The Black Spirit can also give you the quest to head to Glish. But note that if you accept the [Glish] quest through the Black Spirit by reaching Lv. 20, you will not be able to accept the Glish quests that are connected with Enrico Mancini.

Talk to Skill Instructor NPC Cruhorn Wyrmsbane and the [Jordine's Summons] quest will pop up. This quest is a main story quest of Serendia, so it is recommended that you accept it. After talking to Jordine and watching a cut scene, you will receive the [Northwestern Gateway Dispatch] quest. You can save some time traveling if you go to Glish first before carrying out this quest.

▲ Paths across all the hunting grounds in south Serendia. It will be easier if you follow the path shown here

When you’ve arrived at Glish, there are two quests that you must carry out. The first is the [The Red-Finned Nagas] quest series from the Black Spirit and the next is a story quest from an NPC in Glish.

The best way to go about this is to accept the [The Red-Finned Nagas] quest first, then accept the [Glazed Naga Oil] quest from general goods vendor NPC Seilane and carry these out together. The naga quest series from the Black Spirit will lead to the [Better Weapon Needed!] quest where you can acquire a Basteer weapon, which is one of the best weapons at lower levels, so this quest is a must. Follow these quests and you will receive the third awakening quest for your Black Spirit, the [Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga.

Seilane’s [Glazed Naga Oil] quest awards you 1 inventory slot, so remember to complete it as you progress through the quest series mentioned above. If you have the time, it’s a great idea to carry out the naga mop-up quest from Caesar.

※ If you’ve received the story quest [Northwestern Gateway] from Jordine, you can visit it as you hunt down the nagas. Then complete the following [Extraction Mill Manager] quest and lastly the following [Odor Treatment] quest to clean the slates.

Δ You can complete four quests at once. There’s also quite a few nagas around, so enjoy taking them down! Happy hunting!

Δ Basteer weapon is the best weapon for lower levels. It will be exchanged for an even better weapon once you graduate from Serendia, so make sure that you don’t throw it away.

Once you’ve completed the above quests, receive the [Ruins Shrouded in Darkness] quest from the Black Spirit, complete it, then go to NPC Kanna. She will give you the [A Hesitant Story] quest which is the story quest series for Glish, so make sure to complete it. When you complete the [Heidel Investigator] quest during this quest series, you will be able to receive the [The Living Mud!] quest from your Black Spirit. Continue through the Glish quest series and remember to complete the [The Living Mud!][What Makes Mudsters Strong!] quests as well.

As you go through these quests, you will finish the Glish story quests ending with the [Donatt's Will] quest. Take your well-earned reward and 2 inventory slots, and then get ready to cross over to Fogan.

Time out! TIP before you go to south Serendia
  • From south Serendia, it may be better for you to exchange the loot you gain from hunting monsters. So don’t forget to loot the monster once you hunt it and make good use of it if it can be exchanged for items. Note that you can right-click the loot to see the [Check NPC Location] and [Check Collection Amount] menus. The [Check NPC Location] menu shows you the location of the NPC that you can exchange the loot, while the [Check Collection Amount] menu shows an additional window like shown below.


  • By the time you reach Glish located at south Serendia, you will begin to feel that the donkey is slowing you down. This is a good opportunity to purchase a horse. If you want to capture a wild horse and train it, make sure to click the Video Guide button on the top right of the screen and take a look at the ‘Training Horses and Stable Registration’ episode. It will be an unforgettable experience.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble, go see the Stable Keeper NPC in Heidel and use the Horse Market. Since it’s your first time, a Tier 1 ~ 2 horse should do fine. The price is only around 20,000 ~ 100,000 silver coins, so it shouldn’t be a big problem, either. You’ll get a Tier 5 Horse Emblem when you reach Lv. 40 as a challenge reward anyway, so it’s not a bad idea to get a cheap horse to use in the meantime.


Lv. 24 ~ Lv. 27, Time to draw out my inner action senses! Fogan and the Monastery.

Well, let’s start off by summoning our cute little Black Spirit again. There should be two quests awaiting you, the [Serendia Southern Guard Camp] and [Smart Froggy Swamp Fogans]. Accept the quests and go see NPC Maul at the Serendia Southern Guard Camp. As you carry out the Fogan hunting quests from the Black Spirit and Maul, you will end up receiving the [Co-op] Frog on Frog quest. This quest involves defeating a leader called Titium and there’s a great reward prepared for you as well, so make sure that you complete it.

Δ Swamp Fogans are very fun to beat on. If you’re a little behind in levels, it’s a good idea to hunt here until you reach Lv. 25

Once you’ve defeat Titium, summon the Black Spirit again and receive the [A Soldier in Disguise] quest. Then you will meet an NPC called Annalynn near the Bloody Monastery. Continue through the next series of quests the Black Spirit will give you, the [A Mysterious Monastery] and [Co-op] Muskan of Madness. The Bloody Monastery hunting ground has great loot and is a blast to hunt, so it is highly recommended that you complete all the hunting quests NPC Annalynn gives you. (They’ll certainly be proven useful later on)

Also, it’s time for you to starting drawing out your action senses. Revise the skills you’ve learned earlier on, and take some time to practice and think about how and when to use the skills. This is what will make the difference between a newbie and a seasoned veteran.

Once you’ve completed [Co-op] Muskan of Madness and the quest series from Annalynn, it’s time to return to Glish.

Δ The cultists in the Monastery are one of the monsters that are quite useful to draw out your action senses.

Lv. 27 ~ Lv. 30, A stand against the Red Orcs!

It’s now time to go pay a visit to the Red Orcs. When you’ve completed all the prior quests, NPC Freharau from Glish will give you the [Freharau's Report] quest. Complete this at Heidel, and it will be followed by the [Lord of Serendia] quest. After receiving the honor of meeting the Lord of Serendia, accept the [A Punitive Operation in Serendia] quest and go to the Southwestern Gateway.

Find NPC Xaviero Vitello at the Southwestern Gateway and he will give you the quest series involving hunting down Red Orcs that start with the [A Casual Scout?] quest. Now, here’s where you have to make a decision. The Red Orc area is quite vast, so there are numerous quests related to hunting down these Red Orcs. If you want to complete all the regular hunting quests, then get the quests from Xaviero Vitello and Moniku. Additionally, our main source of quests, the Black Spirit, will also give you the [Cats Kidnapped by Red Orcs] quest. Don’t forget to complete this one too.

Δ The hunting grounds is very large. It is recommended that you complete a good mix of hunting quests and quests from the Black Spirit.

Once you complete the [Cats Kidnapped by Red Orcs] quest from the Black Spirit, it will be followed by [Bringing the Cats Home]. You will have to go see Oliviero in the Central Neutral Zone for this, so go see the Orc Punitive Force soldier NPC marked on the map above if you want to accept more hunting quests as mentioned before. However you go about here, make sure that you at least complete up to the [Co-op] Org the Greedy quest from the Black Spirit.

Δ Hunting the Red Orcs is a rather interesting experience. So don’t get too hasty and take some time to hunt these monsters.

Lv. 30 ~ Lv. 32, Shadow Knights and Biraghi Den

If you’ve defeated the leader, Org the Greedy, then its time for you to go meet the Shadow Knights face to face. As you complete the Red Orc related quests from the Black Spirit, you will subsequently receive the [Shadow Knight] quest. This is a quest series involving two quests, and it is highly recommended that you complete up to the [Find Edan’s Party] and [Investigating the Watchtower Underground] quests. The wonderful cut scene is a bonus!

Then it’s time to go to the Biraghi Den. There are no regular quests from the Black Spirit at the Biraghi Den. That’s why you will have to accept the relevant hunting quests from the area around NPC Oliviero, the Stable Keeper of the Neutral Zone. Firstly, follow the road in front of Oliviero for a short distance and you will find a frustrated soldier. It’s recommended that you accept and carry out the [Are You Alive, Friend?] quest from him.

Note that once you complete the quest to defeat the Org leader, the Black Spirit will give you the following [Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper quest. But there’s no fun in completing this right away, so go teach those bandits a lesson or two, get to around Lv. 31 to Lv. 32, and then go ahead and complete it.


Δ Once you’ve taken care of the bandits at Biraghi Den, it’s finally time to graduate from Serendia!

Hold Up! You must learn about Enhancement and Extract!

If you’ve defeated the Biraghi leader, then it’s time to progress through the [Skyfall] quest from the Black Spirit. This quest involves going to the Delphe Knights Castle and fighting against the Harpies. There are two significant meanings to this, the first of which is that you’re now graduating from Serendia and moving to Calpheon. The second is that you can make your character stronger through Enhancement Effects.

Firstly, when you complete the [Skyfall] quest, your Black Spirit will give you the wonderful [Desire for Power?] quest. Through this quest, you will practice Enhancements: you can start to utilize the Black Stone (Weapon) and Black Stone (Armor) that you’ve acquired by chance through hunting. However, you must have the Basteer weapon you’ve acquired through the quest to be able to receive this quest and once you accept it, you will be given the quest item, the Black Stone (Basteer).

Once you’ve accepted this quest, summon your Black Spirit and click the ‘Enhancement’ menu. Insert the Basteer weapon and Black Stone (Basteer) here, and then click the ‘Enhance’ button to make it into a +1 Basteer weapon. The performance of your equipment is increased with higher enhancement levels, allowing you to hunt monsters with more ease.

※ If this quest does not show up for you, then you’ve either thrown away your Basteer weapon or it is currently in your storage. In this case, you can go see the quartermaster NPC Granbill at the Delphe Knights Castle and exchange 1 Black Stone (Weapon) for a Basteer weapon.


When you’ve successfully enhanced your first weapon, you will get an extraction quest right away. This quest involves extracting Black Stones from an enhanced weapon and has a 100% success rate. However, note that the weapon used for extraction will be destroyed. You will also learn this through a tutorial like process, so get going and receive the Ultimate Basteer weapon, the best weapon after around Lv. 30.

The Ultimate Basteer weapon can be used up to Lv. 50, so don’t hesitate to enhance it to a +7 Ultimate Basteer weapon if you have some extra Black Stones (Weapon) lying about. If you have some quality armor such as the Agerian armor, it’s a good idea to enhance them to around +5. When it comes to enhancing your equipment, there’s no need to hold back.

Lv. 32 ~ Lv. 35, Delphe Knights Castle and Khuruto

There’s nothing for you to fear with your brand new Ultimate Basteer weapon. Complete the [Skyfall] which leads to [The Delphe Knights in Chaos], then continue through all the main quests of Delphe Knights Castle. As you go past the beautiful NPC Margaret and meet Captain Brego Williar, he will give you two quests, [Calpheon Arrival Report] and [Delphe Knights Outpost].

Complete [Calpheon Arrival Report], and then summon the Black Spirit and carry out the quests [Falling Harpies] and [Habits are Formed Young]. Then, you can go to the Delphe Knights Outpost to complete the [Delphe Knights Outpost] quest. Note that when you finish the Harpy quest from the Black Spirit, it will give you the [Wild Khurutos Appear] quest next, which you can complete at the same time.


▲ Accompanying the Calpheon’s Trina Knights is a thrilling experience.

If there is a regular hunting quest that you must complete, then it’s the [Khurutos' Fallen Morale] quest from NPC Elgriffin at the Delphe Knights Outpost. This quest series involve 5 quests that leads to NPC Karcenov, and you must continue completing the quest series until you receive the [Northern Wheat Plantation of Calpheon] quest.

Once you’ve reached this stage, complete the quest series from the Black Spirit until you finish off with the [Co-op] Kelcas, the Giant Khuruto quest. It’s a good point to leave once you defeat Kelcas and you’re around the Lv. 34 ~ Lv. 35 mark.

※ The Kelcas co-op quest awards a tremendous amount of EXP and the Black Stones also come in quite handy.

Lv. 35 ~ Lv. 38, Northern Calpheon

▲ Paths that should be taken across Northern Calpheon. It’s quite simple, so just follow the map.

When you get to the quest objective destination for [Northern Wheat Plantation of Calpheon] , you will end up going to NPC Benil Ordo. Benil will give you quests to hunt some Boars and Locusts, and then finally give you the quest to go see NPC Norma Leight. Accept this quest, and then go to the Northern Wheat Plantation located at the center of Northern Calpheon. There will be quite a few quests available to take care of the various things (?) that are damaging the Northern Wheat Plantation, so take your pick.

Once you complete the quest to meet NPC Norma Leight from Benil Ordo, you will be able to accept the [Aura of Losers] quest from the Black Spirit. This quest involves going to the Refugee Camp near the Northern Wheat Plantation.

After arriving at the Refugee Camp, complete both quests the Black Spirit will give you. This is also very good hunting ground, so it’s a good idea to stay a while and take some time to hunt the monsters. The Refugee Camp NPCs must be aware of this as they will give you a large number of hunting quests. The Refugee Camp is a good place to stay until you’re around Lv. 37, so level up a bit and take some time to enjoy completing some of the hunting quests.

▲ Although it may not seem that way, the Refugee Camp is a good place to level up.

After you’ve reached a certain level, the Black Spirit will give you a quest called the [The Origin of Mystic Power]. You will go to the Bree Tree Ruins as you progress through this quest. As you complete the following quest, you will be able to accept both [Co-op] Tower Offense boss quest and the [Awakening] Bree Tree Cave quest.

The co-op quests are like a boon when you’re leveling up, so show them what you’re capable of and complete the quest. Make sure to carry out the Awakening quest as well. Note that you will have to face off against a powerful Ancient Weapon monster during this Awakening quest, so it is recommended to take some HP potions with you.

Lv. 38 ~ Lv. 40, The Giant Troll Monster!

If you’re around Lv. 38 and you’ve defeated the leader of the Bree Tree Ruins, you will be able to accept the [Mask Owl Rumor] quest from the Black Spirit. As you seek out Valentine, the objective of the quest, you will pass by Florin and run into some unique looking Mask Owls. Complete some of the relevant quests or reach Lv. 39 to be able to accept the [Big Muscle, Big Brain] quest from the Black Spirit. This quest is about hunting down Trolls and you will receive the Ultimate Styd Weapon box, which contains a powerful weapon, when you complete it. If you’re currently using a non-enhanced Basteer weapon, the Ultimate Styd weapon could make a good alternative as they have high basic stats at the cost of not being available for enhancement.

Whichever choice you make, the Trolls are more powerful and have very high HP compared to the monsters you’ve faced against before. So, take this opportunity to reorganize your equipment.

Additionally, if you go see NPC Norma Leight at the Northern Wheat Plantation between Lv. 36 to Lv. 42, you will be able to receive the [Mrs. Leight and Gorgath] quest, which involves hunting Trolls and is the main story quest for the Trina Knights. It is recommended that you also take this quest and carry it out together. As you reach Lv. 40 hunting down Trolls, it’s now time for you to go to Calpheon.

▲ The [Mrs. Leight and Gorgath] hunting quest series from Norma Leight involves a total of 6 steps. If you complete it up to the 4th step, you can continue with the remaining step through the soldier shown across the image above with the [Troll Cow Operation] quest. Complete this and you will be able to accept the [Calpheon Military Representative] quest and earn 1 inventory slot as a reward. If you summon the Black Spirit, it will give you the [Defense Captain of Calpheon] which you can carry out together for a nice clean finish.

Lv. 40 ~ Lv. 42, To Keplan!

When you’ve cleared all the troll related quests mentioned above (including the quest that leads to NPC Delphad Castillion from Normal Leight), you will be able to accept the [Calpheon Resource Report] from Delphad Castillion. This is the quest that will lead you to Keplan. However, before you leave for Keplan, you should summon the Black Spirit and complete the [Co-op] A Large Living Tree quest first.

▲Paths that should be taken across Southeastern Calpheon that begins from Keplan

As you arrive in Keplan and continue through the [Calpheon Resource Report] quest series, you will begin to have a general understanding of Keplan’s situation and story. Summon the Black Spirit and carry out the [Stronger Than Humans] quest as well. Progress through the main quest of Keplan (7/8steps) until you reach the [Defeat Petrifying Dwarves] quest. However! If you are finding the main quests of Keplan too difficult, then like always, you can just skip it and only carry out the quests from the Black Spirit. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you do carry out the story quests.

Complete the [Defeat Petrifying Dwarves] quest and the Black Spirit will give you the[Voracious Eaters] quest. Go to the objective destination and fight against Glutoni, and it will lead to the [The Identity of Energies] where you will have to go to the Marni’s Lab. There’s nothing holding you back, so let’s go and defeat the mutant monsters there. Carry out the quests and finish off with the [Co-op] The Mad Scientist’s Vestiges quest. The leader quest is, as always, welcome icing on the cake.

※ Marni’s Lab has been designed like a maze, so it may be confusing the first time around. If you let go of your sense of urgency, and just take it nice and slow, then it’ll be a fascinating and unique experience.

Lv. 42 ~ Lv. 44, Clash against the Saunil!

Once you’ve finished off up to the [Co-op] The Mad Scientist’s Vestiges quest, let’s return to Keplan for a moment. Take some time to reorganize your equipment, and then go meet NPC Marco Faust, the Lord of Keplan. If you had completed the preceding main story quest of Keplan, then this Lord will give you the [Trina Fort] quest. It is recommended that you complete this quest, as it is one of the main hunting quests involving the suppression of the Saunil with the Trina Knights. Call the Black Spirit as well and accept the [Man-Hunting Lizards #1] quest before you head off to the Saunil hunting grounds. Enjoy yourself and have some fun with these two quests.

▲ The Saunil battlefield also has a huge number of monsters, making it a great place to hunt. Find a suitable place and hunt them as you will.


Keep fighting against the Saunils and you will receive the [Co-op] Saunil Siege Captain from the Black Spirit. This is a leader quest, so make sure that you complete it and prove your strength. Note that when you complete all the Trina Knight quests that begins with [Trina Fort], NPC Duras will give you the [Marni’s Test Site Investigators] quest, which is better completed at a later time. You have to go to Marni’s Lab again after having just gone there, so let’s leave it for now and return to Keplan.

※ At this stage, a leader of this size feels more like a baby. The encounter shouldn’t be that difficult if you recall everything you’ve learned and experienced until now.

Lv. 44 ~ Lv. 48, Enormous Giants and Graduating Keplan

Complete all the Saunil quests above and the Black Spirit will give you the [Strange Giants] quest. If you find NPC Lilvanos in Keplan, you will also be able to receive the [An Enemy Behind Keplan] story quest that involves hunting down the Giants. For your reference, the [An Enemy Behind Keplan] quest series reward is an inventory slot, so completing it is a must.

Progressing through the [Strange Giants] quests will in the end lead to the [Co-op] A Possessed Giant quest. As the last step of the [An Enemy Behind Keplan] quest, you will receive the [Lord of Keplan's Recommendation Letter] , where you need to report to Herman Feresio, the Chairman of Calpheon. Accept the [Lord of Keplan's Recommendation Letter] quest for now and complete it later on when you get a chance to visit Calpheon.

※ Note that it is difficult to achieve the discovery knowledge for NPC Herman Feresio, so you can complete it after Lv. 50 when you have some free time.

▲ The Giants are very enormous, which also makes them great punching bags.


By the way, the Giants are one of the monsters in <Black Desert> that are very fun to hunt. Not only are do they travel in crowds, but it feels very satisfying to beat them. They’re great for relieving your stress, so enjoy knocking them out.

As you reach the [Co-op] A Possessed Giant quest, the Black Spirit will give you the [Co-op] The Giant Queen right away. Think of it as a bonus stage. Isn’t it wonderful? Once you finish these quests, you’re on the verge of graduating from Keplan.

You need to be at least Lv. 48 in order to move on to the quests for the next area, so hunt a few more of the Giants if you’re not there yet.

※ As a leader of the Stoneback Crabs, it has high DP and HP. Remember to utilize all your skills in order to defeat it.

Lv. 48 ~ Lv. 49, Contact with the Monsters of Southwestern Calpheon!

As you complete the[Co-op] The Giant Queen and reach Lv. 48, the Black Spirit will give you a quest called [A Familiar Aura]. It involves going to the Southwester Calpheon and eliminating the Manshas. One thing you should note is that from the Southwestern Calpheon, the number of quests given by the Black Spirit is significantly reduced. So rather than relying on the Black Spirit, it’s now time to take matters into your own hands as you head towards Lv. 50.

After completing the [A Familiar Aura] quest in the Mansha Forest, the Black Spirit will give you two quests, [Rhutums Love Hunting] and [Moving Trees]. First go to the nearby Rhutum Outstation and complete [Rhutums Love Hunting], and then go to Trent and complete [Moving Trees]. It’s worth noting that you’ll have to defeat these Rhutums and Ents again after reaching Lv. 50, so just get a feel for them for now.

Once you complete [Moving Trees], the Black Spirit will give you the [An Earthquaking Sound] quest, which involves defeating the huge Cyclops monster. It has extremely high HP and uses a powerful skill, but you should manage to take it down if you use everything you learned from experiences until now. If you’ve defeated the Cyclops, it’s time to move on to the final destination, the Hexe Sanctuary.

▲ One of the more difficult monsters you will have to defeat. You only need to hunt down 2 of them, so use everything that you can, including any HP potions and all your skills. The Cyclops will occasionally prepare itself and unleash a skill that damages its surrounding area. Make sure that you stay a safe distance away during this, and then close the gap again once it’s over.

Lv. 49 ~ Lv. 50, Defeating Hexe Marie and the First Step to Glory


When you’ve completed the [An Earthquaking Sound] quest, the Black Spirit will give you the [Border Between Life and Death] quest. This quest will take a reasonable time to complete as the chance to acquire the quest item is rather low. So don’t stress yourself, but rather relax and enjoy the anticipation of reaching Lv. 50. So once you complete the [Border Between Life and Death], you’ll be able to accept the last quest in your journey towards Lv. 50, [Co-op] Witch-Hunting. The grand finale before your graduation, Hexe Marie.

Hexe Marie uses a number of frightening and deadly skills and can be considered to be your graduation test. Use everything you have learned and experienced until now to defeat Hexe Marie. When you’ve defeated this leader, you’ll find yourself at Lv. 49.9999.

※ Hexe Marie, the end to the journey towards Lv. 50

Huh, but why can’t I reach Lv. 50, you ask? There’s just one step remaining. When you’ve reached Lv. 49, you will be able to receive the [Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn! quest from your Black Spirit. The door to Lv. 50 will finally be opened once you complete this quest. Needless to say, you should accept it and take care of Belmorn. After you complete this quest, hunt any monster around the area and you will finally reach the glorious throne that is Lv. 50.

▲ Accept the Weakened Belmorn quest, and then use the item above to summon Belmorn. You will be able to achieve Lv. 50 once you complete this.